How To Create A Happy Mind And Happy Life with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Episode 557 1h 16m


As humans, we’re natural storytellers. We like telling our friends the funny thing that happened at work, but we’re also really good at making up stories about things that happen in life and applying them to our identity and worldview. We can start believing these stories all too easily. But, they’re actually just stories! And we have a choice about what we believe and how we create our reality.

I’m so excited to share this conversation I recently had with my good friend Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, all about cultivating greater health and happiness by breaking down the barriers we’ve put up in our own minds. Dr. Chatterjee and I dive into the episode with this concept of Core Happiness, which is built from the three pillars of alignment, contentment, and control. These are principles he uses himself and with his patients to create optimal health and greater happiness, which he explains with life-changing examples.

Our conditioning, fears, and traumas impact the stories we create and how we react to things. Dr. Chatterjee and I talk about some truly inspiring tips for how to stop the negative self-talk and rewire our responses so that we can experience the world in an empowering way and ditch our junk habits in the process. You might be surprised to hear that seeking friction is one of Dr. Chatterjee’s go-to methods for rewriting negative stories. He explains what this means and why it’s an essential practice for growth. If you’re wondering how mindset and self-compassion tie into physical health, we cover that too. Negative self-talk produces physiological stress in the body and raises cortisol, among other things. So not only can we feel happier and mentally lighter when we retrain the brain towards love and acceptance, we are creating better whole-body health at the same time. There’s so much uplifting information in this episode.


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Topics Covered

  • The three pillars of core happiness


  • What we can learn from Holocaust survivors about happiness


  • Using moments of social friction to your own benefit


  • How happiness affects our health


  • The connection between illness and forgiveness


  • How your brain reacts when you’re triggered


  • Training your brain for happiness


  • Dr. Chatterjee’s morning routine


  • How your inner voice is affecting your happiness and health


  • Toxic positivity and happiness in the midst of grief and loss


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Ep. 557 - How To Create A Happy Mind And Happy Life with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee