How Do Stem Cells Heal?

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Stem cells are a major player in the future of medicine. They have the potential to become many other types of tissue—they are essentially like a smart-bomb that we can use to target a specific problem. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Not only can stem cells home in on damaged cells and tissues, they then send signals to those damaged cells or tissues encouraging them to heal. As someone who is always trying to improve my own health, and since I want to live to be 120, I love to seek out the latest therapies and try them myself so I can truly understand the benefits and improve my longevity. 27 years ago I had surgery for a ruptured disk and I’ve been plagued with issues from that as I’ve aged (which I know many of you can relate to); I was excited to try stem cell therapy as a treatment option for my own pain and mobility. So today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m going to share my conversation with the very doctors I trusted to do my own stem cell makeover. Dr. Harry Adelson, Dr. Amy Killen, and Dr. Duckworth sat down with me at Docere Clinics in Park City, Utah to talk about regenerative medicine and what stem cell therapy can do for every part of the body from joints to hair and even our sex organs. Dr. Harry Adelson was one of the early adopters of the use of stem cells for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain. He has performed over 6,000 stem cell procedures and has injected stem cells into over 1,000 intervertebral discs, placing him solidly among those most experienced in the world. Dr. Amy Killen is a nationally recognized anti-aging and regenerative physician specializing in aesthetics and sexual optimization. Dr. Killen merges diet, lifestyle, and integrative medicine with stem cell medicine to give her patients the most effective, cutting edge therapies currently available. Dr. Mitchell Duckworth, is an experienced general dentist and residency-trained dentist anesthesiologist and has experience working in cardiology, pain management, ambulatory anesthesia, post-anesthesia care, as well as internal and pediatric medicine. Be sure to tune in to gain a better understanding of the increasingly accessible options stem cell and exosomal therapy have to offer.

Topics Covered

  • The two superpowers of stem cells and how they are used in regenerative medicine


  • What happens to stem cells as you age


  • Who are the best candidates for stem cell therapy


  • Using stem cells for healthy aging, skin health, hair restoration, and sexual optimization


  • The two main categories of stem cells


  • Exosome therapy


  • The difference between general anesthesia and sedation


  • The conditions that respond best to stem cell therapy


  • How to activate your body’s stem cells on your own


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Ep. 58 - How Do Stem Cells Heal?