Why Fatty Liver Is So Common And How To Heal It

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“Fatty liver” literally means your liver fills with fat, which paves the way for chronic disease and inflammation. Fatty liver is a dangerous yet misunderstood disease. It is also very common, affecting 90 million Americans alone. You need a healthy liver to combat toxic junk and chemicals in your environment. A healthy liver means your body stays healthy, you don’t get sick, and you maintain plenty of energy.

A fatty liver, on the other hand, has numerous repercussions including inflammation, which triggers insulin resistance and prediabetes, meaning your body deposits fat in your liver and organs, including your belly (called visceral fat). Fatty liver can also lead to more serious problems including high triglycerides, low HDL (“good” cholesterol), and high amounts of small LDL (dangerous cholesterol particles that can cause heart attacks). Fatty liver also increases your heart attack risk.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I am talking about how to identify if you have fatty liver, what’s causing it, and how to fix it.


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Narrator: Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Pharmacy. Dr. Mark Hyman: Inflammation isn't just there randomly, it's there because there's something causing it. So what are the causes and drivers of inflammation? Well, basically, number one, two, and three is diet. And guess what? The number one, two and three in diet thing is sugar, sugar, sugar. Hi everyone, it's Dr. Mark Hyman. Welcome to The Doctor's Pharmacy, a place for conversations that matter. And today I'm bringing you a new feature of the doctor's pharmacy called Health Bites, little nuggets of health information to improve your health by taking small steps daily to lead to significant changes over time. And today we're talking about one of my favorite subjects, inflammation and how it's linked to everything from..

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Ep. 611 - Why Fatty Liver Is So Common And How To Heal It