Why You Probably Need More Omega-3s In Your Diet

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Omega-3 is a fatty acid your body uses in all kinds of ways. Its benefits for our body are hard to overstate. But unlike most fats, your body can’t manufacture omega-3. Instead, it’s an “essential nutrient,” which means the only way to get it is through your diet.

In today’s episode, I talk with Paul Greenberg, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and Dr. Daniel Amen about the importance of essential fatty acids like omega-3 for sleep, brain and heart health, and more. Paul Greenberg is the bestselling author of Four Fish, American Catch, and The Omega Principle. A regular contributor to the New York Times and many other publications, Mr. Greenberg is the writer-in-residence at the Safina Center, a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation, and the recipient of a James Beard Award for Writing and Literature.

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a McKnight Foundation and Pew Foundation Fellow and was awarded the Cogan Award in 2017, which is given to the scientist making the largest discoveries in the study of vision. Work from the Huberman Laboratory at Stanford University School of Medicine has been published in top journals including Nature, Science, and Cell and has been featured in TIME, BBC, Scientific American, Discover, and other top media outlets.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a physician, double-board-certified psychiatrist, 12-time New York Times bestselling author, and founder and CEO of Amen Clinics, with 10 US locations. Dr. Amen is the author of many books including the mega-bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, as well as The End of Mental Illness, Memory Rescue, Healing ADD, and Your Brain Is Always Listening. His new book, You, Happier: The 7 Neuroscience Secrets of Feeling Good Based on Your Brain Type, is now available.

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Ep. 618 - Why You Probably Need More Omega-3s In Your Diet