How I Fixed My Corrupted Love Software

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Just like other parts of life, we can fall into patterns when it comes to how we love. For example, many people choose partners that reinforce the limiting beliefs that they have about themselves and their lives.

I’ve discovered this about myself over the years and worked with a coach to rewrite my corrupted love software. Today, I’m excited to share a conversation with that person, Lauren Zander, who has been a strong force in my life for positive change.

The process has never been easy, but working with Lauren has taught me how my own experiences have led me to my beliefs, how to be kinder to myself, and how to find deeper and more meaningful love.

We dive into so many powerful topics throughout this episode. One that I find most people struggle with is loving yourself in order to find the type of love you’re looking for in a relationship. She explains that we have three voices inside us that drive our relationship choices and how to work with them to get what we need.

Many of us seek love without asking what we actually want from it, or we forget to check in with ourselves and ask what we want in the present moment. Lauren and I break down how to dial in this process and why telling ourselves the truth is essential for creating the kind of loving relationships we really want.

When we do the inner work, we are so much more able to connect with another person on a meaningful level. Lauren has been such a powerful guide for me in this process and I hope you gain as much from this conversation as I did.


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Topics Covered

  • My personal journey to understand and improve my beliefs and patterns in love


  • Creating a pathway to deal with our corrupted love software


  • Learning from our past relationships and experiences


  • Loving yourself for better love relationships


  • The three voices inside us that drive our relationship choices


  • How Lauren’s personality has changed and led her to develop Inner.U Love


  • Asking yourself what you want from love today


  • How we manifest our inner dialogue


  • The value of telling the truth to yourself


  • Expanding through love


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Lauren Handel Zander:
Your heart has a lot to talk about, and feel, and wants to be known, and wants to play.
Speaker 1:
A quick note before we get into today's episode, this conversation includes some mature language and topics. Listener discretion is advised.

Dr. Mark Hyman:
Welcome to The Doctor's Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's Farmacy with an F, a place for conversations that matter, and if you've ever struggled with love, if you want to figure out how to find love, keep love, have love, and figure out your love software, well, this is the podcast for you, because it's very special with someone very special to me, who's helped..

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Ep. 644 - How I Fixed My Corrupted Love Software