How Silent Inflammation Accelerates Aging

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If you’re interested in health, you’ve heard the term inflammation quite a bit. But did you know there are different kinds of inflammation? Some of them are more alarming than others. Acute inflammation happens when you cut your finger and it gets red and a little swollen. This is helpful inflammation and usually resolves in about a week. But the inflammation that naturally happens as we age, called sterile-inflammation, sets us up for less resiliency against things like autoimmunity, cancer, and other forms of chronic disease.

Today, I’m excited to dive deep into the topic of inflammation and its role in aging with Dr. David Furman. I love speaking with Dr. Furman because of his unique perspective on how systems work throughout the body. We break down the different types of inflammation, how systemic inflammation drives the hallmarks of aging, and what the main causes of chronic inflammation are. The exposome—which is the totality of biological, chemical, and social exposures throughout our lifetimes—is actually responsible for 95% of chronic disease, as opposed to the genome we’re born with.

Dr. Furman also explains the immunome, all the genes and proteins that constitute the immune system, and how his research is helping humans better understand new biomarkers of disease and aging. One of his discoveries is a new type of inflammatory clock, created using newly discovered immune biomarkers, which can accurately predict increased or decreased health risks. For example, it can predict frailty seven years before it actually happens. That means by using these immune biomarkers we can identify the rate of aging and have early detection of age-related diseases in order to pursue early interventions.

Dr. Furman is an incredible wealth of knowledge about the future of aging and medicine. His research could play a part in helping us proactively avoid chronic diseases and the symptoms of aging that so many people have come to accept as normal.


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Topics Covered

  • The origins of Dr. Furman’s unique thinking about the immune system and aging


  • Types of inflammation


  • How systemic chronic inflammation drives all of the hallmarks of aging


  • Causes of inflammation


  • The immunome and the 1000 Immunomes Project


  • How inflammatory age can be used to predict disease


  • Predicting frailty in individuals years before they become frail


  • Newly discovered biomarkers that can be used for early detection of age-related disease


  • How the iAge test will be used in the future


  • Learnings from centenarians


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Dr. David Furman::
Every single one of the hallmarks of aging are driven by elevated systemic chronic inflammation in the body as a response to multiple triggers that have to do with how we treat our bodies.

Dr. Mark Hyman:
Welcome to Doctor's Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's farmacy with an F, a place for conversations that matter. If you are wondering about how fast you're aging and if there's a way to test and track it, if there's new science that's telling us how we can identify hidden inflammation that's linked to all the chronic disease of aging, then you're going to love this podcast because I am excited to bring to..

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Ep. 647 - How Silent Inflammation Accelerates Aging