Top Tips For Managing Your Blood Sugar And Avoiding Insulin Spikes

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Blood sugar is one aspect of our biology that has major implications for how well we feel and function on a daily basis. When it is out of balance and our insulin spikes, it can set us up for health problems down the road. Luckily, there are many simple, realistic hacks that can help to successfully manage blood sugar without leaving you feeling deprived.

In today’s episode, I talk with Jessie Inchauspé, Max Lugavere, and Dr. Casey Means about the best hacks to reduce insulin spikes and why managing your blood sugar is necessary if you want to be healthy.

Jessie Inchauspé holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from King's College London and a master’s degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University. Her work at a genetic analysis start-up in Silicon Valley made her realize that, as the key to good health, food habits beat genetics. In her first book, Glucose Revolution, Jessie shares her startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, from cravings to fertility, and the surprising hacks to optimize it while still eating the foods we love.

Max Lugavere is a health and science journalist and the author of the New York Times bestseller Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life, now published in 10 languages around the globe. His sophomore book, also a bestseller, is called The Genius Life: Heal Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Become Extraordinary. Max is the host of a number-one iTunes health and wellness podcast called The Genius Life. His new cookbook is Genius Kitchen.

Dr. Casey Means is a Stanford-trained physician, Chief Medical Officer and cofounder of metabolic health company Levels, an associate editor of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and a guest lecturer at Stanford University. Her mission is to maximize human potential and reverse the epidemic of preventable chronic disease by empowering individuals with tools that can facilitate a deep understanding of our bodies and inform personalized and sustainable dietary and lifestyle choices.

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Ep. 657 - Top Tips For Managing Your Blood Sugar And Avoiding Insulin Spikes