Why Food Matters More Than You Think: From Plate to Planet

Episode 66 1h 2m


Food impacts everything, which is why changing the way we eat and working towards a new food system can be so powerful and far-reaching.

Cooking at home used to be the norm but it’s become the exception. Food marketing has convinced us our kitchens are holding us hostage and that true freedom is convenience, found in packaged and fast foods. In fact, 50% of meals are now eaten away from home.

That’s why cooking at home is a revolutionary act. When we prepare our own meals, we can control what’s really going into our bodies, and we also get to buy ingredients that meet our standards and values, like humane treatment of farmworkers and animals.

Today’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy is one of my personal mentors and idols as a leader in the food movement. Mark Bittman is the author of more than 20 acclaimed books, including the How to Cook Everything series. He was a food columnist, opinion columnist, and the lead magazine food writer at the New York Times, where he started writing in 1984 and still writes occasionally.

Mark is currently a member of the faculty of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and is writing a new cookbook called Dinner for Everyone to share how simple and delicious it can be to cook at home, no matter what your dietary preferences are.

Find Mark Bittman online and subscribe to his newsletter at https://www.markbittman.com/ and follow his work on Heated by Medium and Mark Bittman at https://heated.medium.com/.

I urge you to tune in to this valuable discussion and start taking action on the food system through your own diet.


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Topics Covered

  • How Mark came to think about food as a solution to global issues

    (2:36 - 5:50)

  • The true cost of the food we eat

    (15:30 - 18:47)

  • Antibiotics in our food supply

    (20:38 - 23:52)

  • Junk food and soda marketing to kids

    (22:13 - 25:27)

  • What Mark would do to shift a national food policy

    (27:50 - 31:03)

  • The dichotomy between the idea that eating meat is bad and regenerative agriculture

    (30:56 - 34:09)

  • Good food purchasing policy and fair labor practices for individuals working in the food system

    (38:07 - 41:20)

  • Mark’s new book, Dinner for Everyone, and its focus on recipes that are fast to make, can be easily adapted to be vegan, and are great for company

    (40:33 - 43:45)

  • Overcoming the myth that it’s a hassle and time-intensive to cook at home

    (43:18 - 46:31)

  • Why if you care about food, you have to care about agriculture

    (51:38 - 54:55)

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Ep. 66 - Why Food Matters More Than You Think: From Plate to Planet