How Protein Reduces Cravings, Supports Muscle, And Promotes Health

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Many people are confused about how much protein they should be eating and where to get it. Adequate protein is vital in building muscle mass, an essential component of maintaining a healthy weight. It’s also a key factor in reducing the risk of chronic disease, which improves our healthspan and longevity. Research shows that higher protein intake is correlated to better body composition, insulin control, satiation, and more.

In today’s episode, I talk with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Dr. David Heber, and Dr. Frank Lipman about why it’s necessary to get adequate protein in your diet every day and how to do that, whether you’re a meat-eater or not. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is an integrative physician who completed her fellowship in nutritional sciences and geriatrics at Washington University, St. Louis. She is board certified in family medicine and completed her undergraduate work in human nutrition vitamin and mineral metabolism.

Dr. Lyon works closely with current and retired Special Operations military operators as a part of the Task Force Dagger Foundation. Dr. Heber is the founding director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, a professor of medicine and public health, and the founding chief of the Division of Clinical Nutrition in UCLA’s Department of Medicine. Dr. Heber also directs the National Cancer Institute-funded clinical nutrition research unit and the National Institute of Health’s nutrition and obesity training grants at UCLA. Dr. Frank Lipman is recognized as a vocal pioneer of integrative and Functional Medicine (or what he calls “good medicine”).

Dr. Lipman is the founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and the Chief Medical Officer at The Well. He is a sought-after international speaker and the bestselling author of six books—How to Be Well, The New Health Rules, Young and Slim for Life, Revive, and Total Renewal—and his newest book, The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality.⁣

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Ep. 667 - How Protein Reduces Cravings, Supports Muscle, And Promotes Health