How Our Health Suffers Because Of Corruption In The Food System

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Obesity rates have climbed by over 400 percent in the last 60 years. More than half of US adults are overweight or obese, and one in five children has been clinically diagnosed with obesity. What the heck is going on to cause this rapid decline in health that’s also impacting our children at such an alarming rate?

Today on the podcast, I sit down with my friend and business partner Dhru Purohit for part two of our conversation. We discuss the need for a radical shift in food policy at the federal level, why fixing the food system is a bipartisan issue, and the need for transparency to stop corruption in industry-funded nutrition research and academia in favor of Big Food’s agenda.


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Dr. Mark Hyman:
It is the biggest cause of chronic disease, period, and it kills more people than anything else. So why aren't we studying it? It's all because of how the system is set up.

Dhru Purohit:
Mark, welcome back to the podcast. Pleasure to have you here. I want to jump right in. We've done a couple episodes recently where we've talked about food corruption and just how kind of messed up the whole industry is, and with big food. You have your own story in this area that you wrote about in the book Food Fix, but I'd love for you to share it with our audience here.


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Ep. 679 - How Our Health Suffers Because Of Corruption In The Food System