Bugs To Brain: How Infectious Diseases May Precipitate Neurodegeneration

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The gut and brain are strongly interconnected. That’s why in Functional Medicine we always take the gut into account, along with the rest of the body, when trying to understand a brain disease. Unfortunately, conventional medicine likes to look at each part of the body separately, which may be why doctors have a hard time effectively treating neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. Knowing that the gut affects the brain and understanding the far-reaching role of the microbiome has led this week’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy to approach neurodegenerative conditions with a whole new perspective. Dr. Jay Lombard is an internationally acclaimed neurologist, author, and keynote speaker specializing in neuroimmunological conditions and medical mysteries. Dr. Lombard integrates biological, psychological, and existential components in his holistic treatment approach. This episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is brought to you by Thrive Market. Thrive Market has made it so easy for me to stay healthy, even with my intense travel schedule. I never let myself get into a food emergency. Instead, I always carry enough food with me when I’m on the go, for at least a full day. I order real, whole foods online from Thrive Market. Right now, Thrive is offering all Doctor’s Farmacy listeners a great deal: you will receive an extra 25% off your first purchase plus a free 30-day membership to Thrive. There’s no minimum amount to buy and no code at checkout. All you have to do is head over to http://thrivemarket.com/farmacy. You can learn more about Dr. Lombard at DrJayLombard.com and find his book, The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul here. I hope you’ll tune in to this week’s episode.

Topics Covered

  • Dr. Lombard’s introduction to the idea that gut bacteria may be associated with ALS

    (5:28 - 8:43)

  • The common factor in every neurological disorder

    (10:24 - 13:39)

  • The two things that have to happen to prove that Clostridium difficile (or C. diff) causes neurodegenerative diseases

    (13:47 - 17:02)

  • Why bacteria love the brain

    (20:20 - 23:35)

  • How hyperthermia treatment works to fight infection

    (23:19 - 26:34)

  • Hyperthermia and hypothermia treatment for neurological diseases

    (27:53 - 31:08)

  • Fecal transplants for treating C. diff

    (36:17 - 39:32)

  • The molecule Dr. Lombard recommends for neuro-protection

    (39:40 - 42:55)

  • Leaky brain and leaky gut

    (45:38 - 48:53)

  • Using artificial intelligence to synthesize scientific data

    (52:20 - 55:35)

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Ep. 70 - Bugs To Brain: How Infectious Diseases May Precipitate Neurodegeneration