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Healing Long-Covid With Functional Medicine



Approximately 20 million people are suffering from prolonged post-covid symptoms, with cases increasing daily. My guest on today’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Leo Galland, is one of the most incredible resources on Covid and long-Covid syndrome and is someone who has had an immense impact on my own health and my career in Functional Medicine. In many people, lingering symptoms are still present (or reoccur) 6 to 9 months after Covid infection, hence the term long-haulers syndrome. While Covid-19 was originally viewed as a respiratory disease, we’ve now gained a new understanding of its impact on our blood vessels and how that affects the entire body. Among the most common lasting symptoms are fatigue, body aches, difficulty breathing, racing heart, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. Dr. Galland shares some really interesting facts about Covid and the gut microbiome. If we’re lacking the protection of a robust and diverse microbiome, the risks of long Covid are greater. For those who have had Covid, we see a loss of beneficial bacteria with an expansion of bad bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Dr. Galland also talks about a key microbe we should all be thinking more about during this time. Many studies have shown that in the year after having Covid-19, there is double the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, neurologic problems like stroke or neuropathy, or psychiatric problems such as depression. Dr. Galland explains how all of these conditions are related to Covid-19 infection through a pattern he calls, The Web of Long Covid. Conventional treatments offered to people with long Covid are designed to reduce symptoms. Dr. Galland’s goal is to address the root cause. We take a deep dive into his approach from re-establishing a healthy gut microbiome to viral eradication and repair of organ damage. Dr. Galland also shares his go-to supplements to prevent and heal from Covid, which cover everything from supporting ACE2 and the microbiome to boosting mitochondrial function. We talk about all this and so much more; I hope you’ll tune in and share this with anyone you know who is struggling to overcome long Covid.

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Ep. - Healing Long-Covid With Functional Medicine