Healing Childhood Trauma Can Fix Your Relationships, Happiness And Physical Health

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So many of us struggle with relationships. In fact, our relationships determine the quality of our life more than anything else. Unfortunately, the relationships many of us grew up around–and might consider “normal”--are, in fact, dysfunctional, creating a negative cycle we often don’t even realize we’re in.

Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m excited to talk to Nedra Tawwab about how to identify dysfunctional patterns in our relationships and what we can do to break the cycle and move forward. Personal boundaries are essential in healthy relationships because they provide the foundation for our expectations, behaviors, and communication with others. Yet, sometimes setting boundaries can be challenging and difficult, especially if you want everyone to be happy.

Nedra and I talk about why it’s so hard to set boundaries, what gets in our way, and how to manage our relationships when boundaries are crossed. Nedra talks about the importance of unlearning dysfunction. She explains what dysfunction looks like, and how you can recognize and manage it in family relationships. Parents who haven’t dealt with their own family trauma often intentionally or unintentionally inflict trauma on their children. Nedra shares some examples of the types of trauma parents can repeat with their children, how generational trauma manifests, and what we can do to break it. As it turns out, the old adage "forgive and forget" isn't as accurate as we'd like to believe.

Nedra explains how the pressure we place on ourselves to “let go” can actually be toxic forgiveness. Forgiving to keep the peace or people-pleasing is not healthy for our mental health or our relationships. We talk about how to get out of the loop of toxic forgiveness and become better communicators in our relationships. We dive into so many powerful topics throughout this episode. I hope you’ll tune in to learn more.


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Topics Covered

  • Setting boundaries as a people-pleaser


  • How to recognize and unlearn family dysfunction


  • How childhood trauma impacts adult relationships


  • Changing relationships by setting boundaries


  • The connection between sleep issues and relationship issues


  • Tools for shifting our relationships and patterns


  • Toxic forgiveness


  • Impacting change in others


  • Breaking family patterns in parenting


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Introduction: Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy.

Nedra Tawwab: When we think about mental health, there are so many physical aspects to that show up in a treatment space. The number one being sleep issues. So many people with relationship issues have sleep issues.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome to The Doctor's Farmacy. That's a pharmacy that have a place for conversations that matter. And if you've ever struggled with family relationships, with challenges with your parents, with your children, with drama, then you're going to love this podcast, because I know I need it. And certainly there's been plenty of drama in my family and I've struggled to figure out how to deal with it. And I'm sure many of you..

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Ep. 765 - Healing Childhood Trauma Can Fix Your Relationships, Happiness And Physical Health