How This Gut-Protective Bacteria Can Help Prevent And Treat Chronic Disease

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Our gut bacteria regulate many of our bodily functions, from creating vitamins to regulating our immune system, our brain function, and of course, our metabolism and weight. They are critical to our long-term health. One such bacteria is Akkermansia muciniphila, which accounts for 1%–5% of our gut microbiome—or at least it’s supposed to!

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I dive into Akkermansia—what it is, what role it plays in chronic disease prevention, and what you can do to increase it.


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Narrator: Coming up on this episode of the Doctor's Farmacy. Dr. Mark Hyman: If you have good levels of it, it's a link to weight loss, to improve insulin sensitivity, to lower inflammation, to better metabolic health, to less autoimmune disease, better cholesterol, and so forth. Welcome to Doctor's Farmacy, I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's pharmacy with an F. And today we're going to talk about something really important, which is your gut, again, because it's probably the most important thing you need to figure out to create a healthy life and to avoid so many of the chronic diseases that we suffer from. And today, the form of this podcast is in a health bite, little bits of health information that can help you optimize your health in small..

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Ep. 766 - How This Gut-Protective Bacteria Can Help Prevent And Treat Chronic Disease