Is Self-Love Medicine?

Episode 77 1h 8m


It might sound too good to be true, but there are tools waiting within all of us, that can improve everything from depression to addiction, anxiety, discontent, or numerous other unbeneficial feelings or states of dis-ease. We just have to open ourselves up to them and be willing to dig deeper. Tapping into creativity and passion is one key component; another is slowing down and taking the time to meditate, reflect, and practice self-care. So many of these tools are at our disposal, any time of day, any day of the week—but we have to realize their potential and prioritize their practice before the magic can happen.

This week on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m joined by Dr. Andrea Pennington to talk about how we can begin this process, and so much more. Dr. Pennington is an integrative physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, and #1 international bestselling author. She received her Doctor of Medicine from Washington University School of Medicine, trained at Georgetown University Hospital, and received certification in Age Management Medicine with the Cenegenics Medical Institute. Her extensive study of medical nutrition, positive psychology, and neuroscience-inspired biohacking led her to create a holistic media platform, In8Vitality, to teach people how to blend ancient wisdom and modern science for enhanced vitality and life mastery. In Andrea's latest book, The Real Self Love Handbook, she explores her personal journey from depression to real self-love and how The Cornerstone Process, a 5-step self-discovery framework, is setting people free from the drama of past trauma.

Learn more about Dr. Pennington’s work with In8Vitality here and join the #RealSelfLove Movement and get free masterclasses and meditations by visiting

We each hold powerful medicine within us; I hope you’ll tune in to learn how to begin tapping into it and creating true happiness.


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Topics Covered

  • How Dr. Pennington came to teach and practice a bio/psycho/social approach to health

    (2:50 - 7:07)

  • Why Dr. Pennington believes that reconnecting to music got her through medical school

    (8:33 - 12:50)

  • The pivotal moment in which Dr. Pennington shifted from a depressive state to a peaceful sense of oneness

    (14:33 - 18:50)

  • How illness can be tied to our belief systems and past childhood experiences

    (23:13 - 27:30)

  • Disidentifying with our ego

    (24:34 - 28:51)

  • Accountability as the key to authoring and designing your own life

    (32:08 - 36:25)

  • How you can impact your brain and tune into your body in 8 minutes

    (37:35 - 41:52)

  • Why appreciation and gratitude is the fifth step of Dr. Pennington’s Cornerstone Process

    (46:06 - 50:23)

  • Changing your brain waves through neurofeedback to get out of burnout, breakdown, and slow the aging process

    (49:35 - 53:52)

  • Why Dr. Pennington is educating her daughter using a worldschooling approach

    (56:34 - 1:00:51)

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Ep. 77 - Is Self-Love Medicine?