The Hidden Epidemic Of Muscle Loss: The Real Cause Of Obesity And Chronic Disease

Episode 796 1h 20m


Skeletal muscle is a widely overlooked part of our metabolic health. From how well we control glucose and insulin to how well we age, skeletal muscle regulates many processes. One of the most important factors for how much muscle we create and retain is our protein intake, which has become a divisive topic in the nutrition world and one still hotly debated in some dietary camps.

My guest on today’s podcast, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, is the perfect person to sort through the facts about skeletal muscle and how to consume protein for optimal impact. Dr. Lyon discusses why we don’t have an obesity crisis and why we actually have a mid-life muscle crisis. We talk about obesity as a disease of insufficient skeletal muscle because of the metabolic role it serves, and how this ties in so closely to our diet. Muscle mass is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, but it is also a key factor in reducing the risk of chronic disease and improving our healthspan and longevity.

Throughout this episode, we learn about the biological activities of muscle, how it changes as we age, and why we can’t afford to ignore it. Dr. Lyon expands on research showing better body composition, insulin control, satiation, and more, in those with higher protein intake. You might be surprised at her recommendations for how much protein to include in your daily diet, and the benefits are sure to make you want to try.

Weight-bearing exercises are another important ingredient for building skeletal muscle, which Dr. Lyon breaks down into easy-to-follow guidelines. There’s no set weight that everyone should lift, but working our muscles to exertion at whatever level that might mean has some big payoffs for creating and maintaining functional strength. I hope you’ll tune in to learn more.


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Topics Covered

  • Why America’s obesity crisis is really a muscle crisis


  • How skeletal muscle has been overlooked in medicine


  • What muscle does and why it’s so critical


  • Muscle loss and aging


  • There’s no such thing as a healthy sedentary person


  • Prioritizing dietary protein to improve your health and body composition


  • How much protein and what types should we eat?


  • Can you be a healthy vegan, and is meat good or bad for us?


  • Protein intake as you age


  • The best types of exercise to build muscle


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Introduction: Coming up on this episode of the Doctor's Pharmacy,

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: I recommend not going below a hundred grams of protein a day. That is the bare minimum that anyone should have.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome to the Doctor's Pharmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's farmacy with an f, place for conversations that matter. And if you've ever felt concerned about what it is that's the root cause of our obesity epidemic and are confused. Well, hopefully this will explain everything because it turns out the problem is not fat, it's muscle

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: Or

Dr. Mark Hyman: The lack thereof. And today we have an expert to help guide us through why muscle is the most..

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Ep. 796 - The Hidden Epidemic Of Muscle Loss: The Real Cause Of Obesity And Chronic Disease