How To Reverse Memory Loss With Diet And Lifestyle

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Scientists now call Alzheimer’s disease “Type 3 diabetes.” What’s the link between Alzheimer’s and diabetes? Well, new research shows insulin resistance, or what I call diabesity (from eating too many carbs and sugar and not enough fat), is one of the major factors that starts the brain-damage cascade that robs the memory of millions of people.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I discuss the link between insulin resistance and memory loss and the top strategies I use with my patients to reverse or prevent dementia.


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Narrator: Coming up on this episode of the Doctor's Pharmacy, Dr. Mark Hyman: What the research is showing is that the brain actually is very sensitive to sugar and that too much insulin, too much sugar is actually what's driving this cascade, which causes this epidemic of alzheimer's we're seeing. Welcome to the Doctor's Pharmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's pharmacy, and then have a place for conversations that matter. If you're worried about your mind and your memory, if you know anybody with Alzheimer's or have anybody in your family with Alzheimer's, I think this podcast is going to be an important one for you because we're going to talk about how to help your brain and how to prevent alzheimer's, what causes it, and actually the reality about..

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Ep. 822 - How To Reverse Memory Loss With Diet And Lifestyle