Key Takeaways from January 2024: Episode Recap

Episode 850 36m


In today's episode, I’m sharing key takeaways and powerful moments from episodes that aired last month, January 2024. Links to each episode can be found below, so you can easily go back to any episode you might have missed.

Full-length episodes of these interviews can be found here:


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Topics Covered

  • How mental health issues are tied to diet with Dr. Uma Naidoo


  • The importance of protein


  • The brain-microbiome connection with Dr. Steven Gundry


  • Magnesium deficiency


  • Probiotics and fermented foods with Raja Dhir


  • Childhood nutrition with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


  • How our hormones make us hungry


  • How the food industry hurts our health


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Ep. 850 - Key Takeaways from January 2024: Episode Recap