A Conversation with Kimbal Musk

How His Trauma Led to Helping Fix Our Food System Through Community Episode 869 1h 8m


Food has the power to change everything, from our health to family dynamics, the environment, and so much more. And it all starts with one bite. Today I’m thrilled to sit down with a good friend and an inspiring food activist and entrepreneur, Kimbal Musk. Kimbal is co-founder of the seasonal and thoughtfully sourced restaurant The Kitchen, co-founder of the non-profit Big Green, and a crusader for real food. How we choose to eat and prepare our food has implications for more than just our bodies. My conversation with Kimbal is sure to inspire you to leverage the power of real food in your own family, community, and beyond.


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Topics Covered

  • Kimbal’s surprising journey from the tech industry to becoming a food activist


  • How 9/11 forever changed Kimbal’s relationship with cooking


  • The experiences that inspired Kimbal to open a restaurant


  • Kimbal’s determination to provide healthy food with local sourcing


  • Food as the secret weapon for fighting the loneliness epidemic


  • How he started building a community of farmers from the ground up


  • The skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and his work with Big Green


  • Kimbal’s life-changing accident and his revelation


  • How kids are impacted when they’re taught about growing and preparing food


  • Creating a family connection container through mealtimes and home cooking


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Ep. 869 - A Conversation with Kimbal Musk: How His Trauma Led to Helping Fix Our Food System Through Community