How Your Sex Drive Is Influenced By Hormones, Diet, and Lifestyle

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In our recent Health Bites episodes, we’ve delved into the research on how our dietary choices and lifestyle impact our hormones and sexual health. From disruption caused by our sugar-heavy diets to the stressors of modern life and invisible threats of environmental toxins, our hormones often bear the brunt of our daily decisions. The good news is that there are many things we can do to bring our hormones and sexual health back in balance.

Today, I’m delighted to bring back a standout Health Bites episode, which offers a brief overview of our sexual health series along with actionable strategies to enhance your sexual health, starting now.


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Topics Covered

  • The biggest killer of sex drive


  • How sugar messes up our hormones


  • The link between insulin resistance, hormones, and sexual dysfunction


  • How dietary fat plays a crucial role in our sex hormones


  • Environmental toxins as a hormone disruptor and driver of sexual dysfunction


  • Strategies to activate your sex drive


  • Peptides for optimizing sexual function in men and women


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Narrator: Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy. Dr. Mark Hyman: All your sex hormones are made from fat. They're made from cholesterol in fact. The building block for all sex hormones is cholesterol. Hey everybody, it's Dr. Mark Hyman. Welcome to The Doctor's Farmacy. That's Farmacy with an F, a place for conversations that matter. And today we have a special feature called Health Bites, where I'm bringing you little steps that can improve your health over time. Today we're going to talk about sex and sex drive and what messes it up and how to increase it. So listen up. This is a topic that's interesting to all of us. First, I want to just say the biggest killer of sex drive is something you might..

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Ep. 876 - How Your Sex Drive Is Influenced By Hormones, Diet, and Lifestyle