The Surprising Causes of Autism & Why It's On The Rise

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The prevalence of autism has risen a shocking 400% in the last twenty years. Increased awareness and diagnosis are one piece, but there are also so many other factors to consider. The hopeful news is that we’re seeing a shift paradigm in how we view and treat autism, with some truly amazing improvements possible. I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Suzanne Goh, a board-certified pediatric behavioral neurologist, behavioral analyst, neuroscience researcher, Rhodes scholar, and author. Using a whole-child approach and investigating the intricate connections between metabolism, mitochondrial function, and nutrition we can better understand what types of support autistic children need most. I hope you’ll listen in to learn more.


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Topics Covered

  • Shaking things up around the autism paradigm


  • The connection between the brain and mitochondria


  • Can autism be reversed?


  • The biggest mistake made in autism


  • What creates the inflammatory fire in the autistic brain?


  • Exercise and its tremendous impact on autism


  • The role of diet in autism treatment


  • Functional tests for assessing brain function and how to best support kids with autism


  • Mitochondrial dysfunction and autism


  • Vaccines and autism: A controversial topic


  • "Magnificent Minds" - A book on autism by Dr. Suzanne Goh


  • Autism survivors and kids that can experience massive improvements


  • Fecal transplants and what we might see from them


  • What do we know about autism triggers?


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Coming up on this episode of the doctor's pharmacy.

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We need to look deeper. So I I think of autism as an autism diagnosis a starting point because there's so much more to understand and learn about a child.

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Ep. 881 - The Surprising Causes of Autism & Why It's On The Rise