Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity: Sharing Insights into My Daily Diet, Fitness, and Lifestyle Routines

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I'm turning 65 this year and feel younger, fitter, and more vibrant than ever. Thanks to my longevity routine, I’ve been able to reverse my biological age by 20 years, plus an additional year in the past five months alone! As I grow older, I’ve learned that what’s possible when we nourish our bodies, get regular exercise, quality sleep, and manage our stress – we can effectively turn back our biological clock. Add a supplement stack and hormetic stressors to activate our longevity switches, and you’re setting a solid foundation for lasting health. So, how does someone in their 60s build muscle and sport abs that could rival their younger selves? In today’s Health Bites episode, I’m sharing the exclusive details behind my longevity routine that anyone can try on their journey towards a healthier, longer life. Whether you want to sharpen your mind, enhance your physique, or simply feel younger, this episode is for you. Remember, it’s not just about adding years to your life, but life to your years.


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Topics Covered

  • My morning routine for longevity


  • How I get the benefits of exercise in minimal time


  • A look at the ingredients in my Healthy Aging Shake


  • What I eat in a day (lunch and dinner) to support longevity


  • The role of dietary protein for longevity and how much to eat every day


  • How to activate your longevity switches using the power of hormesis


  • Top tips for active relaxation and rejuvenation


  • My nightly routine for sleep optimization


  • The supplement I take for optimal health and longevity


  • Why lab testing is crucial for longevity and optimal health


  • Personal experience and experimentation with advanced longevity therapeutics


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Ep. 885 - Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity: Sharing Insights into My Daily Diet, Fitness, and Lifestyle Routines