Brain on Fire: How Dietary Induced Neuroinflammation Causes Mental Illness, Aggression, Violence and Dementia

Episode 899 1h 28m


We live in a time with more money, medical interventions, and knowledge than ever before—so why are we getting sicker? While this might seem depressing, there are actually many exciting discoveries changing the future of wellness, like our increased understanding of the microbiome and how it interacts with the brain. This dynamic has profound implications for mental health, reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, and even supporting most positive behavior in our children. I’m excited to talk to board-certified internal medicine physician, bestselling author, published researcher Dr. Austin Perlmutter about all this and more on this episode of the podcast.


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Topics Covered

  • Why don’t we try to prevent brain dysfunction the same we do cardiovascular disease and other illnesses?

  • Neuroinflammation and how to modulate it to improve mood, behavior, and neurodegenerative diseases

  • Having an “adult in the room” versus our lizard brain

  • The inundation of Big Food and Big Pharma marketing we’re up against

  • Psychobiotics: The future of probiotics for brain health

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Dr. Mark Hyman: Coming up on this episode of the doctor's pharmacy.

Dr. Austin Perlmutter: So what happens in the gut and, impacts the brain and vice versa? There's a a couple of pathways that have been isolated down bottom up. Right. I guess bottom up being more specific in this case to the cut to the brain, but, sure, both ways. And again, I think we will learn in the future that maybe this part is not in as much control as we thought.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome to doctors' farmacy. I'm doctor Mark Hyman. That's farmacy will have a place for conversation that matter. And the truth is this conversation relates to everyone because we are having an epidemic of..

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Ep. 899 - Brain on Fire: How Dietary Induced Neuroinflammation Causes Mental Illness, Aggression, Violence and Dementia