Functional Medicine Psychiatry – Getting to the Root Cause of Mental Illness

Episode 902 1h 6m


The world is experiencing a mental health crisis like never before. While that is rightfully scary, it’s important to recognize that many of our daily choices can up-level our brain function and mental health. The inadequacies of current psychiatric disease and care models require urgent attention to address root causes such as nutrition, toxins, and gut health. In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Dr. James Greenblatt, who draws on his four decades of experience in studying functional psychiatry to highlight the importance of a personalized approach to mental health.

Join us to discover how Functional Medicine can transform mental health care and offer new hope for those struggling with mental health disorders.


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Topics Covered

  • The pressing need for a new model of mental health care.

  • How is functional psychiatry different from conventional psychiatry?

  • Root causes of mental health issues and the importance of addressing nutrient deficiencies, toxins, and gut health.

  • Success stories using the personalized approach with low-dose lithium, ketogenic diets, and nutraceuticals to treat psychiatric symptoms.

  • Encouragement for those suffering from mental health disorders to explore Functional Medicine approaches.

  • Integrating Functional Medicine principles into mainstream psychiatry.

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Dr. Mark Hyman: Coming up on this episode of the doctor's pharmacy.

Dr. James Greenblatt: Between the environmental toxins between the malnutrition, the sugar, I believe the genetic vulnerability catching up with us, it's just a kinda perfect storm that has resulted in this mental health crisis. Although, you know, I always stress that I I'm tired of hearing the term, mental health crisis. Yeah. Because I I think the better term is for us, it's a crisis of care. It's the model.

Dr. James Greenblatt: Yeah. Because it is treatable. It's not just numbers going up.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Everybody. I think We all know that we have a mental health crisis, but we also know that our current..

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Ep. 902 - Functional Medicine Psychiatry – Getting to the Root Cause of Mental Illness