Maria Shriver's Journey: Redefining Women's Health and Alzheimer's Prevention

Episode 908 1h 9m


Did you know women and Black people are disproportionately impacted by Alzheimer’s? And did you know that targeted diet and lifestyle choices can offer significant protection for better cognitive function? I’m excited to dig into all this and more today with bestselling author, award-winning journalist, Former First Lady of California, founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, and Strategic Advisor on Women’s Health and Alzheimer’s at Cleveland Clinic, Maria Shriver.

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Topics Covered

  • Maria’s advocacy work in women's health.

  • Why we’re both on the quest for longevity and better health.

  •  Comprehensive biomarker testing for early detection and better long-term outcomes.

  • The devastating and disproportionate impact of Alzheimer's on women and Black people.

  • Leveraging lifestyle in preventing chronic diseases and cognitive decline.

  • Why she created a brain health food company.

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Dr. Mark Hyman: Coming up on this episode of the doctor's pharmacy.

Maria Shriver: You can actually eat for your brain.

Dr. Mark Hyman: That's right.

Maria Shriver: And and you can actually live a life that will be as long as you possibly can. And I wish someone had talked to me about this when I was thirty or when I was a young mother.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Are you ready to prioritize wellness? Maybe you wanna make more informed choices on the latest health trends or simply understand the science. I'm doctor Mark Hyman. I'm a wellness expert, and I wanna welcome you to my podcast health hacks. In every episode, I'll provide guidance on how..

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Ep. 908 - Maria Shriver's Journey: Redefining Women's Health and Alzheimer's Prevention