Eat Smart: Quality Foods to Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress

Episode 910 1h 3m


Food is more than just fuel – every bite we take has a profound impact on our biology. In this episode, I explain the principles of the Pegan diet, emphasizing the importance of quality, nutrient-dense foods. Joining me are some incredible guests: Dr. Cindy Geyer, a renowned expert in functional medicine, and Dr. Elissa Epel, a leading stress researcher. Together, we’ll explore how chronic stress and poor sleep are intricately connected to major health issues like obesity, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. Learn how specific dietary choices can serve as powerful medicine, improving your overall health and longevity. Plus, explore actionable tips and expert insights on integrating these health-boosting foods into your daily routine.

Dr. Geyer received her bachelor of science and her doctor of medicine degrees, with honors, from the Ohio State University. She completed residency in internal medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y. and is triple board certified in internal medicine, integrative medicine and lifestyle medicine.

Elissa Epel, PhD is an internationally renowned health psychologist who focuses on how to live well and thrive with existential stress, despite the challenges we face personally and globally. She is a professor at UCSF and the director of UCSF’s Aging, Metabolism, and Emotion Center.

She is a member of the National Academy of Medicine, past president of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine, and serves on scientific advisory committees for the National Institutes of Health. She has received awards from Stanford University, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the American Psychological Association. She is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Telomere Effect which is in 30 languages. Her new book is THE STRESS PRESCRIPTION: Seven Days to More Joy and Ease. 

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Ep. 910 - Eat Smart: Quality Foods to Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress