Reverse Brain Aging: Tools and Techniques You Need to Know with Dr. Leroy Hood

Episode 917 1h 20m


What if we could predict diseases before they occur? Dr. Leroy Hood joins me on this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy to shed light on the future of brain health and scientific wellness. 

We examine the crucial role of regular exercise and diet in maintaining brain health, and how early detection methods like metabolic PET scans can identify changes in brain metabolism years before symptoms of disease appear. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The significance of tracking biomarkers to understand what's happening inside the body and how it relates to health and disease.

  • How big data and AI are transforming medicine by enabling highly personalized care through tools like knowledge graphs, digital twins, and machine learning.

  • The concept of biological age as a metric for wellness, with the potential to reverse biological aging through personalized health interventions.

  • Tom Brady's use of Brain HQ to improve his reaction time and depth of field, showcasing the practical benefits of cognitive training.

Don’t miss our conversation on groundbreaking advancements in personalized healthcare, including how phenomics, AI, and brain health innovations can transform your wellness journey.


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Topics Covered

  • Biomarker tracking

  • AI medicine

  • Biological age

  • Cognitive training

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Mark Hyman
Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy.

Dr. Leroy Hood
I'll tell you the most famous of all the users of brain HQ is, Tom Brady, who in his later years used Brain HU 1 to increase his reaction time and 2 to increases depth of field, and it worked magnificently.

Mark Hyman
Now before we jump into today's episode, I'd like to note that while I wish I could help everyone by my personal practice, there's simply not enough time for me to do the scale. And that's why I've been busy building several passion projects to help you better understand. Well, you, if you're looking for data about your biology, check out function health for real time lab insights. And if..

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Ep. 917 - Reverse Brain Aging: Tools and Techniques You Need to Know with Dr. Leroy Hood