Why You Always Feel Tired and Bloated: The Truth About Ultra-Processed Foods

Episode 918


Have you ever wondered why you constantly feel tired, achy, or bloated? In this episode, I delve into "Feel Like Crap Syndrome," a term I coined to describe the chronic low-level systemic inflammation that affects so many of us. I’ll share my clinical insights on how ultra-processed foods and other dietary choices may explain why you’re feeling so run down. Plus, find out how a 10-day elimination diet can help you reset your health and live your best life.


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Mark Hyman
Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy. Let me ask you this. Would you rather be made of doritos or maybe grass fed steak? Would you rather be made of Coca Cola? Or wild blueberries.

It's not too hard to figure that out. Now before we jump into today's episode, I'd like to note that while I wish I could help everyone by my personal practice. There's simply not enough time for me to do this at scale, and that's why I've been busy building several passion projects to help you better understand Well, you, if you're looking for data about your biology, check out function health for real time lab insights. And if you're in need of deepening your knowledge around your health journey,..

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Ep. 918 - Why You Always Feel Tired and Bloated: The Truth About Ultra-Processed Foods