How Can You Wake Up To Your Highest Intelligence?

Episode 92 1h 6m


You are the creator of your mind, body, and universe. Our experience of the world, our identity, and our physical reality are based on our learned perceptions. But when we get aware of our own awareness and ask ourselves some important questions, we can break down false beliefs of our own experience in this life to end suffering and find infinite joy and possibility. If this sounds pretty deep, it is. But as my guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy explains it can actually be quite simple.


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Topics Covered

  • What is the universe made of and how do we know?

    (3:48 - 6:51)

  • The basis of conscious experience, how we know that anything exists, and the effects of this on our identity

    (9:54 - 12:57)

  • How our learned perceptions create our reality

    (14:38 - 17:41)

  • The five reasons humans suffer according to the great wisdom traditions of the world

    (17:41 - 20:44)

  • The four things that create all experiences

    (21:29 - 24:32)

  • The questions you can ask yourself to break out of your conditioned mind and contribute to a collective awakening

    (24:52 - 27:55)

  •, a digital version of himself that Deepak created to interact with other luminaries and provide the latest understanding of consciousness, science, evolution, and biology

    (27:17 - 30:20)

  • The phenomenon of synchronicity

    (30:22 - 33:25)

  • Applying consciousness to the understanding that we are never actually alone

    (40:32 - 43:35)

  • The question to ask yourself next time you’re stressed

    (54:19 - 57:22)

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Ep. 92 - How Can You Wake Up To Your Highest Intelligence?