The Science of Living Longer: Diet, Supplements, & Sleep

Episode 920 1h 33m


Believe it or not, data can empower you to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. In this episode, I’m joined by Bryan Johnson, a health optimization pioneer. Bryan shares his meticulous approach to tracking and measuring every aspect of his health to make informed lifestyle choices. We break down his structured diet, supplement regimen, and sleep optimization techniques, all designed to enhance longevity and well-being. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of rigorous measurement and data-driven interventions to optimize health
  • Maximizing nutrient density and minimizing unnecessary calories
  • How chronic inflammation and insulin resistance drive disease and accelerate aging
  • The Blueprint program, a systematic approach to health optimization that others can follow, incorporating diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements

Don’t miss our fascinating discussion of the “don’t die” philosophy and how it could revolutionize our approach to health and aging.


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Topics Covered

  • Tackling Death and Longevity

  • Bryan Johnson's Background and Motivation

  • Bryan Johnson's Experimentation and Data Collection

  • Blueprint Protocol

  • Challenges and Criticisms

  • Social Aspects and Balance

  • Health Data and Measurement

  • Philosophical and Ethical Considerations

  • Future of Health and Technology

  • Personal Practices for Optimal Health

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Bryan Johnson
And so I was trying to look into negative space to say, what could I do? And I couldn't see anyone trying to tackle death. And I want and I wondered and I wondered, is it possible in, you know, 2020? That one could say with a straight face, I'm going to go after death.

Mark Hyman
So, Brian, welcome to the doctor's warranty podcast. It's great to have you here.

Bryan Johnson
I'm really excited to be here.

Mark Hyman
I'm excited to hear too because, you know, you're you're kinda everywhere now. You're in Time magazine. You're in every major outlet. You're on podcast everywhere. People probably heard a lot about you.

I heard your story. And and imagine a similar goal,..

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Ep. 920 - The Science of Living Longer: Diet, Supplements, & Sleep