How Our Food System Harms Humans and the Planet

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The way we grow food now is destroying our ability to grow it in the future. And the way we’re growing it now is making us sicker and more broke than ever before.

Food is our #1 killer, even more so than smoking and guns.

Our government supports the over-production of the top crops for processed foods—corn, soy, and wheat—and Big Food reaps the benefits by turning them into sugary, starchy, highly addictive foods that cause chronic diseases. Diseases that are killing us and could be prevented.

This all comes down to our food system. The way food is grown, transported, processed, consumed, and wasted in our country is contributing to these problems and so much more—especially some of our most urgent ones like climate change.

That’s why I wrote my new book Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet—One Bite at a Time. And today on The Doctor’s Farmacy I’m excited to trade places and be the interviewee with my good friend, business partner, and host of The Broken Brain Podcast, Dhru Purohit to talk about this recent passion project.

When I got very sick decades ago, I took on the mission to use Functional Medicine to help myself and my patients get over needless suffering. There are so many things we can do to prevent unnecessary health struggles and related deaths, and food is one of the most powerful.

Food is also connected to everything. End to end, the food system accounts for half of all climate change. I was stunned to learn that too. The amount of carbon, heat, and greenhouse gases emitted every day is equivalent to 400,000 Hiroshima bombs going off, every day. It’s no wonder the future of food is at stake when you think about how dramatically this impacts our growing climates and extreme weather events like floods, droughts, and fires.

And even if you aren’t concerned about the climate or environment, this is something that impacts the future for all of us. This is a national security issue everyone in America should be concerned about.

Take the economy for example—by 2048 it’s estimated that there will be no money left for anything except chronic disease. Not education, defense, roads—all our federal funds would be needed for the associated medical costs of chronic disease. This can be traced back to our promotion and accessibility of refined, high-sugar, high-starch foods. And it’s something we can change.

Dhru and I talk about these issues and so much more on this episode. I hope you’ll tune in to hear about my new book Food Fix and why it’s the most meaningful project I’ve ever worked on.

Visit for more information about my new book, Food Fix, and for bonus material including the Food Fix Action Guide and my Longevity Masterclass.


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Topics Covered

  • When I realized I had to get out of the doctor’s office to get my patients healthy

    (5:46 - 11:12)

  • Who is most affected by our food system?

    (8:40 - 14:06)

  • The lack of nutrition guidelines in our Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNAP), or food stamps

    (17:55 - 23:21)

  • How the way we grow food is destroying our ability to grow food in the future

    (25:28 - 30:54)

  • The connection between our food system and climate change, as both a cause and a solution

    (29:55 - 35:21)

  • The solution to food waste

    (42:27 - 47:53)

  • Why your participation is needed to bring about global food policy shifts

    (47:23 - 52:49)

  • How my early life experiences and education led to my advocacy energy and interest in social justice and spirituality

    (52:52 - 58:18)

  • The biggest threat to global economic development

    (1:02:46 - 1:08:12)

  • How starting at the seed level solves all of our global crises

    (1:06:43 - 1:12:09)

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Ep. 94 - How Our Food System Harms Humans and the Planet