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*For context, this interview was recorded prior to the World Health Organization’s declaration of the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic.
Sometimes we need to get quiet to really find the answers we’re looking for. What better time to do that than during this down-time at home? Artists, creators, and dreamers have always been our best teachers on breaking free from the distractions of life and just “being” with ourselves. They take facts and turn them into stories from which we can gain new perspectives. We can all learn many different lessons through various mediums—one of my personal favorites is poetry. This week on The Doctor’s Farmacy I sat down for a deep talk with poet IN-Q. Throughout our talk, I am truly touched by the way he weaves his view of the world and our most human issues—from love to climate change—into words that touch the heart and soul. We also talk about the power of nature. After college, I grabbed my backpack, filled it up with a week’s worth of food, and went hiking in the Shenandoah Valley to figure out what I wanted out of life. This is how I discovered I wanted to be a doctor. Nature offers an open invitation for us to step into the present moment and be present with ourselves. Taking space from our plugged-in lives is another topic we talk about. I find so much freedom from ditching my phone for the weekend and spending time with my wife, listening to jazz, and playing with my cats. It’s things like this we can all make more space for right now as we get comfortable in our own homes and minds. IN-Q also recites several of his poems, bringing tears to my eyes in this episode. It’s extremely moving and I hope you’ll join me in enjoying the beauty of his words and finding comfort in art during this time. You can pre-order his book, Inquire Within, here. This episode is sponsored by Joovv, AquaTru and AirDoctor purifiers, and Farmacy. I recently discovered Joovv, a red light therapy device. Red light therapy is a super gentle non-invasive treatment where a device with medical-grade LEDs delivers concentrated light to your skin. It actually helps your cells produce collagen so it improves skin tone and complexion, diminishes signs of aging like wrinkles, and speeds the healing of wounds and scars. Check out the Joovv products at joovv.com/farmacy and use the code FARMACY at checkout. Once you’re there, you’ll see a special bonus the Joovv team is giving away to my listeners. We need clean water and clean air not only to live but to create vibrant health and protect ourselves and loved ones from toxin exposure and disease. That’s why I’m teaming up with AquaTru and AirDoctor to offer you the AquaTru Water Purification System and AirDoctor Professional Air Purifier systems at a special price. Learn more at www.drhyman.com/filter. Everyone gets off track from time to time, that’s why I founded a new company Farmacy to create best in class protocols that combine food, lifestyle habits, and supplementation to support true wellness. Our first protocol, The 10 Day Reset is a systems-based approach designed to help you get back on track and reclaim your health. Learn more at getfarmacy.com.

Topics Covered

  • Why IN-Q named his book Inquire Within

    (3:04 - 7:27)

  • The value of putting down our phones to just be with ourselves

    (9:03 - 13:26)

  • The week I spent alone and decided to become a doctor

    (11:06 - 15:29)

  • How we can feel connected by connecting with nature

    (13:00 - 17:23)

  • Reframing our pain

    (13:56 - 18:19)

  • IN-Q shares his poem “85”

    (22:49 - 25:55)

  • Examples of American’s creating Victory Gardens and coming together during World War II

    (35:28 - 38:34)

  • IN-Q share his poem about climate change, “One Little Dot”

    (37:20 - 40:26)

  • Being vs. doing

    (44:54 - 48:00)

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Ep. 99 - Time To Go In