Getting To The Root Causes Of Why We Are All Tired with Dr. Elizabeth Boham

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Twenty to thirty percent of patients visit their primary care physician with the chief complaint of fatigue; they're tired all the time and want to feel better. Unfortunately, conventional medicine rarely allows for physicians to spend enough time with patients to explore the many reasons someone might be experiencing fatigue. Functional Medicine, on the other hand, uses an extensive personal history to look at a patient’s patterns over his or her entire lifetime and connect the dots. In this episode, Dr. Hyman sits down with Dr. Elizabeth Boham to discuss the common drivers of fatigue and the Functional Medicine approach to treating it. Elizabeth Boham is a physician and nutritionist who practices functional medicine at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. Through her practice and lecturing she has helped thousands of people achieve their goals of optimum health and wellness. She witnesses the power of nutrition every day in her practice and is committed to training other physicians to utilize nutrition in healing. Dr. Boham has contributed to many articles and wrote the latest chapter on Obesity for the Rankel Textbook of Family Medicine. She is part of the faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine and has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and in a variety of publications and media including Huffington Post, The Chalkboard Magazine, and Experience Life. Her DVD Breast Wellness: Tools to Prevent and Heal from Breast Cancer explores the functional medicine approach to keeping your breasts and whole body well This episode is brought to you by Essentia. I didn’t even realize how bad my old mattress was until I upgraded it to an Essentia Organic Mattress. From now until September 8th, Essentia is offering Doctor’s Farmacy listeners an exclusive offer 25% off your purchase along with two free pillows (a $300 value)! Just go to In this episode, Dr. Hyman and Dr. Boham discuss:
  • The importance of getting a patient’s full-life timeline when treating fatigue
  • How factors such as lifestyle, sleep, diet, exercise, stress, gut health, chronic infections, environmental toxins, hormones, and more can influence energy levels
  • Dr. Hyman’s personal experience with chronic fatigue syndrome due to mercury poisoning
  • Common drivers of fatigue, including nutritional deficiencies, genetic variations, digestive issues, sleep apnea, and more
  • Specific patient cases in which they have treated fatigue
  • How acid blocking drugs (PPIs) can affect amino acid absorption and lead to energy loss
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Dr. Elizabeth Boham (00:00): We're seeing nutritional deficiencies. I see a lot of genetic variations that influence somebody's energy level. We see digestive issues that influence energy level. We see chronic infections. Dr. Mark Hyman (00:14): Welcome to the Doctor's Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman, and that's Farmacy with an F. F-A-R-M-A-C-Y. A place for conversations that matter. And if you've ever been tired, you have fatigue, you better listen up, because this conversation's going to make a lot of sense to you when nothing else does, because it's with our leading physician, the medical director at the Ultrawellness Center, my good friend and colleague for decades now, Dr. Elizabeth Boham. She is a star in her own right. She's an M.D., or a nutritionist, or exercise physiologist. She went..

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Ep. 25 - Getting To The Root Causes Of Why We Are All Tired with Dr. Elizabeth Boham