Is Anxiety All in Your Head, Or Is It In Your Body? with Dr. George Papanicolaou

Episode 8 55m


The body and brain are one interconnected system, which means you can’t treat anxiety effectively by using only drugs or psychotherapy. You need to treat the body, because the body and brain are one interconnected system. Unfortunately, conventional medicine plays the name and blame game. It says, you are “anxious;” you need an “anti-anxiety” medication. But saying you are anxious explains nothing about why you have anxiety. Functional Medicine takes a different approach. By taking a detailed history and personalized approach, it seeks to get to the root of the issue.

In this episode, Dr. Hyman sits down with his colleague, Dr. George Papanicolaou, to discuss how they treat patients suffering with anxiety.

George Papanicolaou is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and is Board Certified in Family Medicine from Abington Memorial Hospital. He is also an Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner. Upon graduation from his residency he joined the Indian Health Service. He worked on the Navajo reservation for 4 years at the Chinle Comprehensive Medical Facility where he served as the Outpatient Department Coordinator. In 2000, he founded Cornerstone Family Practice in Rowley, MA. He practiced with a philosophy centered on personal relationships and treating the whole person, not just not the disease. He called that philosophy “Whole Life Wellness”. Over time as the healthcare system made it harder for patients to receive this kind of personal care Dr. Papanicolaou decided a change was needed. He began training in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine. In 2015, he established Cornerstone Personal Health – a practice dedicated entirely to Functional Medicine. Dr. Papanicolaou to join The UltraWellness Center in 2017.

In this conversation, Dr. Hyman and Dr. Papanicolaou discuss:

  • The conventional medicine vs Functional Medicine approach to treating anxiety
  • Why making yourself more psychologically resilient makes you more physically resilient
  • How Dr. Papanicolaou treated a patient with panic attacks, difficulty focusing, and bloating
  • DNA testing to determine how your genes might be influencing anxiety
  • How gut issues, including SIBO, IBS, and gluten sensitivity, can lead to anxiety
  • Urine peptide testing
  • How Dr. Papanicolaou treated a patient with, anxiety, brain fog, hair loss, and fatigue
  • How anxiety can be related to hormones and autoimmune issues

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Ep. 8 - Is Anxiety All in Your Head, Or Is It In Your Body? with Dr. George Papanicolaou