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How To Break Through Loneliness



Studies have shown that loneliness can be extremely detrimental to our health. Posing a higher health risk than smoking, loneliness can lead to inflammation and a host of other precursors to disease. And we know that loneliness does not only result from being alone; even those who live with others can feel lonely and isolated, meaning the quality of our relationships is extremely important to our health. While it might seem intimidating to branch out of loneliness, it can do wonders for your health, attitude, and mindset.

In Dr. Hyman’s recent conversation with Dr. Vivek Murthy, Dr. Murthy shares some of the common challenges that keep us stuck in a rut of loneliness, and he walks us through some really simple ways to become more connected.

Dr. Vivek Murthy served as the 19th Surgeon General of the United States between 2014-2017. As the Vice Admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, he commanded a uniformed service of 6,600 public health officers globally. During his tenure, Dr. Murthy launched the TurnTheTide campaign, catalyzing a movement among health professionals to address the nation’s opioid crisis. He also issued the first Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health, calling for expanded access to prevention and treatment and for recognizing addiction as a chronic illness, not a character flaw.

In 2017, Dr. Murthy focused his attention on chronic stress and loneliness as prevalent problems that have profound implications for health, productivity, and happiness. His book Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World was just published in April 2020.

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Find Dr. Hyman’s full-length conversation with Vivek Murthy, “Why Loneliness Is A Public Health Issue,” here:

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