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Do Our Computers Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves?



Studies have shown humans only actually remember 0.05% of our memories, whereas databases can remember it all! It’s a scary realization, but computers can know us in a way we don’t even know ourselves. We like to think we aren’t easily persuaded, but when companies know our likes, wants, needs, and purchase history it all adds up to an easier sale. Earlier this year, Dr. Hyman sat down to discuss this topic with Andy Russell. Andy explains how big companies like Google and Facebook access and use our data. He also shares what we can do to maintain control over the content we see. Andy Russell is a digital media, ad-tech, marketing-tech, and data science innovator and pioneer as well as a self-taught Behavioral Economist. He has invested in, incubated, or run over 50 technology companies, including Daily Candy, Thrillist, Tasting Table, Idealbite, PureWow, Zynga, Betaworks, Business Insider, Sailthru, RapLeaf and LiveRamp, SpongeCell, AdRoll, and Bounce Exchange. He is the Founder and Chairman of Trigger Media, InsideHook, and Fevo. This episode is brought to you by Perfect Keto. Right now, Perfect Keto is offering Doctor’s Farmacy listeners 20% off plus free shipping with the code DRMARK. Just go to, and make sure you try their Nut Butters and Keto Cookies. Find Dr. Hyman’s full-length conversation with Andy Russell, “How Your Free Will And Data Are Being Hacked By Micro-Targeting Of Your Personality,” here:

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