Farmer's Juice

People are always asking me if green juice is healthy, and the answer is that most of them aren’t. But Farmers Juice is different.

Many juices labeled as “healthy” can act like sugar bombs, spiking your insulin and leaving you feeling like crap. In fact, it’s pretty crazy to think that a typical pre-made green juice can contain as much sugar as a can of soda!

When you drink green juice, you want it to be as clean as possible—green vegetables, herbs, and maybe some spices. Farmers Juice green juice checks all of those boxes.

Five Reasons Why I Love Farmers Juice:

  1. One and a half pounds of organic produce in a juice: Made with organic vegetables, herbs, spices, and functional ingredients in every single bottle. That means they are packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants to support your health down to the cellular level. 
  2. Keto-friendly & tested on CGM: Most juices are sugar bombs. Farmers Juice’s green juices are keto-friendly and even stand up to the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) test—I can drink them without seeing any major rise in my blood sugar!
  3. Support focus, mental calmness, digestion, and more: Their green juices contain organic functional ingredients like lion’s mane, matcha, maca, curcumin, apple cider vinegar, and other health-enhancing compounds. 
  4. No more pain with home juicers: We can all make juice at home, but it’s a hassle. It takes a lot of time and can get messy. Farmers Juice has taken all the hard work out for you and delivers it straight to your door. 
  5. Pulp fed to cows to enrich our soils. Farmers Juice is made with nutrient-rich “ugly produce” and the pulp generated from their juicing is eaten by dairy cows, so it’s good for you and the planet.

Only about 9% of adults meet the federally recommended daily intake of vegetables, which, in my opinion, isn’t even the optimal amount of vegetables for excellent health. Green juices can expand our veggie intake, but up until now, most of them have been poorly executed with high-glycemic fruits and low-quality produce.

Farmers Juice figured out how to do green juice right, and they’ll deliver it directly to your door. Cold-pressed, high-pressure processing means their juices stay fresh and nutritionally intact in your fridge for 4 weeks or longer.

They’ve got five different blends, but my personal favorite is the Focus Greens with matcha, cucumber, celery, fennel, romaine lettuce, mint, lemon, purple cabbage, ginger, turmeric, and basil.

If you’ve been looking for a nutrient-dense green juice you can enjoy that will serve your health without spiking your blood sugar, check out Farmers Juice’s Greens Only Box.

Click here to order your box.

PS – I love what Farmers Juice is up to so I’m happy to be an advisor in the company! With using this link, I receive a small commission, but the price is the same for you. I personally vetted Farmers Juice’s green juices and genuinely recommend their quality.