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What is Glutathione and How Do I Get More of It?

What is Glutathione and How Do I Get More of It?

GLUTATHIONE (pronounced “gloota-thigh-own”) is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. I called it the mother of all antioxidants.

The good news is that your body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that toxins from poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione.

This leaves you susceptible to unrestrained cell disintegration from oxidative stress, free radicals, infections and cancer. And your liver gets overloaded and damaged, making it unable to do its job of detoxification.

How does it work? The secret of glutathione is the sulfur (SH) chemical groups it contains. Sulfur is a sticky, smelly molecule. It acts like fly paper and all the bad things in the body stick onto it, including free radicals and toxins like mercury and other heavy metals. Normally glutathione is recycled in the body — except when the toxic load becomes too great. And that explains why we are in such trouble.

But as I said, there is also good news. You can do many things to increase this natural and critical molecule in your body and here are four ways to start today:

4 Tips to Boost your Glutathione Levels

  1. Consume sulfur-rich foods. The main ones in the diet are garlic, onions and the cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, etc).
  2. Try bioactive whey protein. This is great source of cysteine and the amino acid building blocks for glutathione synthesis. As you know, I am not a big fan of dairy. But this is an exception — with a few warnings. The whey protein MUST be bioactive and made from non-denatured proteins (“denaturing” refers to the breakdown of the normal protein structure). Choose non-pasteurized and non-industrially produced milk that contains no pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. Immunocal is a prescription bioactive non-denatured whey protein that is even listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference.
  3. Exercise boosts your glutathione levels and thereby helps boost your immune system, improve detoxification and enhance your body’s own antioxidant defenses. Start slow and build up to 30 minutes a day of vigorous aerobic exercise like walking or jogging, or play various sports. Strength training for 20 minutes 3 times a week is also helpful.
  4. Take Glutathione Supporting Supplements. One would think it would be easy just to take glutathione as a pill, but the body digests protein — so you wouldn’t get the benefits if you did it this way. However, the production and recycling of glutathione in the body requires many different nutrients and you CAN take these. Here are the main supplements that need to be taken consistently to boost glutathione. Besides taking a multivitamin and fish oil, supporting my glutathione levels with these supplements is the most important thing I do every day for my personal health.

Read more about glutathione in the full article here: Essential Glutathione: The Mother of All Anti-Oxidants.

Please leave your thoughts by adding a comment below – but remember, we can’t offer personal medical advice online, so be sure to limit your comments to those about taking back our health!

To your good health,

Mark Hyman, MD

Mark Hyman MD is the Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author.

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  • Glutathione supplement was thought to be a whitening and dieting agent. In some countries in Asia, It is now being controlled by these countries’ health officials, because of ‘uncontrolled’ use for skin whitening especially by the rich and celebrities. But I myself use it as IV here in the US because of my blood disorder (not so sure if medical specialists really don’t categorized this disease as cancer even if there is no cure). It helps me a lot to maintain my blood chemistry. It can’t make my skin fairer or whiter (I am Asian too) though but I could see a remarkable glow in my complexion. I can tell it helps my liver a lot and my kidney knowing that the medication I take daily is as strong as ‘chemo in capsule’ form.
    Even Suzanne Sommers’ alternative medicine in her books, has glutathione shot being taken once a week.
    The hematologists I always visit in my country don’t oppose the idea of me taking glutathione IV’s even if they don’t recommend it. Other doctors, like one general practitioner advise me to take glutathione once the antibiotics I would be taking is finished so as to detoxify myself.
    I take glutathione after a thorough research of what ever side effects or harm it can cause but luckily, I didn’t find any except that it can make the skin whiter.. I like that.. (check it out at for some info)
    I am prone to blood clots but thank God, I can manage this disease properly. But we need to bear in mind that different people have different state of health and mind..

    • Since I got my Glutathione levels up 300% I no longer have heavy metal poisoning. I found a very simple & easy way to do it and it works

      • Aloha Thaddeus,

        Are you willing to share the simple and easy way to increase the Glutathione level in my body? I would appreciate any help you are willing to offer.

        Mahalo and Thank you, Kate

        • Cellgevity™ provides your cells with patented nutrients that have been clinically shown to raise intercellular glutathione levels more effectively than any other supplement. Cellgevity features the patented nutrient RiboCeine™* combined with 12 synergistic ingredients scientifically selected to support and enhance the natural functions of glutathione.

          *The National Institutes of Health (NIH), The Veteran’s Administration Department of Medicine and other scientific institutions have funded, peer-reviewed and published twenty studies that have demonstrated the unsurpassed effectiveness of Cellgevity’s patented RiboCeine™ in glutathione enhancement and cellular protection.

        • Just bought glutathione cream by Neurobiologix out of austin, tx. As a cream its applied on the skin(behind the knee is a good place) and its absorbed that way, thereby avoiding the processing of the stomach and intestines. They also make a great cream for people who need help with methylation.

      • Hi there .Thaddeus .interested in heavy metal detox from this supplement….please let me know …..Have heavy metal due amalgams and redistribution due to hybrid car!!…..

      • Hi,

        Do you mind sharing how you raised your glutathione levels by 300 percent?


    • I take glutathione after a thorough research of what ever side effects or harm it can cause but luckily, I didn’t find any except that it can make the skin whiter.. I like that..

      I have few questions:

      Is Liposomal Glutathione is same as L-Glutathione.

      what is the potency to achieve the side effects, as i am intending to take L-Glutathione just for skin whitening effects.

      Does Pure Encapsulations brand works best to achieve skin whitening.
      product name is:

      Liposomal Glutathione
      Order Code: LSG3, LSG6

    • I used to have haemophilia and thrombophilia but totally cured it by following an alkaline diet.
      Doctors say vitamin K is bad for this condition, but if you go 100% alkaline, vitamin K is safe
      and I lived on green juices for a while. The book sick and tired – by Robert Young has a whole
      chapter on the cure for abnormal clotting.

  • Wondering what else beside boosting my glutathione levels (which I am working on), you can recommend for underarm Hidradenitis suppurativa. I’ve had 2 outbreaks in past 2 months so think I’m in Stage 1. When I changed my diet to mostly vegan (due to obesity – 200+ lbs and suspected RA – age 52/female) it subsided greatly. I did much research and have diagnosed myself at this point. Do you think yeast overload has anything to do with it?

    • Hi G.L,
      Thank you for your interest in Dr Hyman’s work. In order to ebst serve your needs we would suggest you work with Dr Hyman’s nutrition team. For more personalized nutrition advice, Dr Hyman’s nutrition coaching team would be happy to work with you on an individual level to help you reach your goals. To work with the nutrition coaching team please go to: OR call (800) 892-1443 to get started.

  • I’m incredibly sensitive to most high slufur foods…pretty much all the ones you list including cabbages and all that group, onions and allicillins etc, I do eat a small amount of water cress from time to time.

    How much of these foods is it suggested one should consume as a minimum (given my poor health a minimum is a bare min of course and needs significantly increasing).

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your interest in Dr Hyman’s work. For more personalized nutrition advice, Dr Hyman’s nutrition coaching team would be happy to work with you on an individual level to help you reach your goals. To work with the nutrition coaching team please go to: OR call (800) 892-1443 to get started.

  • glutathione was the key to my son’s recovery. since his premature birth my son has always struggled to metabolize and detoxify the never-ending bombardent of toxins in his environment and sadly from vaccinations. a year ago a great doctor recommended some testing which revealed several discrepancies in my son’s metabolic profile, including a deficiency in glutathione. Despite already having him on a daily regimen of supplements that included probiotics, cod liver oil, green smoothies, regular attempts at detoxification using zeolites, and completely organic whole foods we still weren’t seeing much improvement in his autistic-like behavior. I researched the deficiencies and decided to add a whole whey protein from pasture raised cows to up his glutathione and hence his bodies ability to detox itself. For the first 3 weeks or so, every time i gave him a smoothie made with the whey he suffered from intense hot flashes, and despite 60 degree weather, would feel the need to take off his shirt for the next hour or so. This scared me at first, but I put some thought into why this was happening and surmised that it was a sign that his metabolism was finally kicking in. A few days after starting the glutathione (whey), my son began holding my gaze for longer and longer periods, and he began holding more cohesive conversations (while looking me in the eye!). It’s been almost 4 months now, and he’s practically a different child. The stimming behavior is nearly completely gone. His lucidity brings tears to my eyes, he’s a normal 6 yr old now! He doesn’t have any hot flashes anymore, he’s incredibly healthy, he sleeps MUCH better, he looks me in the eye when he talks to me, and he doesn’t walk in circles anymore, or hum and flap his hands while bouncing back and forth across the room. Glutathione saved my son from long term neurological damage due to the inability to metabolize heavy metals and toxins, I can’t even express how happy I am that I discovered it.

    • Andrea, Can you be more specific in what kind/ brand glutathione you are giving your son? Great to hear he is so much better!

    • Hi Andrea – What an incredible story! I knew undenatured whey protein had the potentional to work wonders
      but never heard such an inspirational story about it. I work at a company that produces a product
      called Vitality Whey – we talk constantly about the incredible things increasing gluatatione levels
      can do and one of the biggest things right now is increasing awareness. I’m so happy you found it
      and hope others start to learn about it too. Thank you for sharing your story. Here’s a link to our site
      which also has some great information on glutathione and the science behind taking whey protein.

    • Hi Andrea, How are you? Please also find out about 4life supplements, I would especially recommend glutamine prime. Find out about this great line of products and which concentrates on immune boosting in our bodies. If you need any clarification you can contact me on my email for more information. Evelyn

  • Yes I have read it is the master anti-oxidant! Can everyone produce it, or are there any conditions which mean the person can’t produce it themselves? Thanks for all your great info!

    • Hi MrsM.

      Thank you for your interest in Dr Hyman’s work. There are many conditions which can deplete your glutathione from autoimmune conditions to mercury toxicity. For more personalized nutrition advice, Dr Hyman’s nutrition coaching team would be happy to work with you on an individual level to help you reach your goals. To work with the nutrition coaching team please go to: OR call (800) 892-1443 to get started.

    • Glutathione is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and foods rich in glutathione do not appear to contribute to increases in intracellular glutathione levels. Cysteine appears to be the limiting amino acid in the intracellular synthesis of glutathione and supplementation with up to 2000 mg daily of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine appear safe. Supplementation with cysteine is not recommended as it may be poorly tolerated by many patients. (SpectraCell Labs)
      Glutathione is deficient in many diagnoses, incl celiac patients. Whey protein is a non-option b/c most celiac and gluten intolerant individuals (due to wheat being genetically modified) also are casein/dairy intolerant.
      I’m a Culinary Medicine Clinician- Nutritional Psychologist and Somatic Therapist with an out of this world salvation story having recovered from severe PTSD, Dual Diagnosis Eating Disorders and much, much more. I’m on a mission to deliver accurate knowledge for accurate holistic treatment.
      Excellent news about your son Andrea! I had a Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Autoimmune Disorders, etc etc and this antioxidant played a critical role in my recovery as well.
      God Bless
      Your Culinary Rehab Food Evangelist
      Amira Rajput, M.A.

  • Thank you again for more education… I have learned so much from you Dr. Hyman and am much healthier because of it. Thank you so much for teaching in a way that we can understand and apply to our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

  • I took MaxGXL for about a year and have never been healthier with a lot of energy, I stopped taking it and started getting a lot of colds and respiratory diseases again!

  • I have done some research on Glutathione because I had asthma. I found the only product proven to naturally fuel my immune system and eliminate my health challenge was a product called Immunocal. It meets all the requirements that Dr. Hyman mentions in his article on Glutathione. Immunocal has been proven safe to use long term for any age group and doesn’t conflict with any kind of medication. I am so grateful that I found the product since I have been asthma free now for 15 years.

    Kyle Kralik

    • Hi Patricia,

      Whey powder can help towards this goal if you are not sensitive to dairy.

      For more personalized nutrition advice, Dr Hyman’s nutrition coaching team would be happy to work with you on an individual level to help you reach your goals. To work with the nutrition coaching team please go to: OR call (800) 892-1443 to get started.

  • You should be a part of a contest for one of
    the finest websites online. I most certainly will highly recommend this blog!

  • Hi
    I use Max International products. They are all certified by the B.S.C.G, N.S.F and Max One is approved by Health Canada. Max products are proven to raise your glutathione levels 276% in two months.
    Our products do not contain glutathione they help the body make its own glutathione. Our newest generation of a glutathione accelerator is Cellgevity powered by RiboCeine.
    These products are amazing.

  • I have been using the product called sunrq-3 which has spirulina, fucoidan, NAC, ALA, green tea, grape seed, vitamin c, and more. I’ve done some research on a few of these and they also help our body increase glutathione. After 7 months of taking this supplement I have not caught a cold or flu, I no longer wake up with stuffy nose (which i believe is from the smog), and I don’t feel sluggish after working long hours. So it really feels like my body is removing the toxins inside.

  • I use the Glutathione patch made by LifeWave 300% more effective than pills or lotions. Glutathione Patches help your own body make Glutathione.

    Lifewave: acupuncture without the needles.

  • First, thank you for such a wonderful informative site. My partner and I have been promoting the Non Transdermal Lifewave patches for many years and now have many thousands of medical professionals and individuals in our personal group. One of the most important patches would appear to be the Glutathione patch that we find capable of raising Glutathione levels by an average of 300% in 24 hours. The effect of raising this level is incredible. The patches have already been shown to improve 8 of our vital organs in clinical studies and the relief from severe conditions and ageing problems is simply amazing. The Lifewave patch is recognised as one of the safest, simple, economical, effective and easiest products to use and is already accepted by a Ministry of Health. Because there are no substances induced or injected into the body there are no harmful side effects. The Lifewve product is also one of the few alternative products that has a host of reputable clinical studies, trials and peer reports. We are not here just to promote a product but to let people know that when suffering with severe medical problems or even just wanting that return to that wonderful feeling of wellness there is something to consider. Bob Harding.

  • Dr. Hyman, Have you ever heard of, or investigated a product called Protandim? It will increase your natural Glutathione by 300% in 120 days. It will also reduce mammals oxidative stress by an average of 40% in just 30 days; 100% of the time. I would like to hear your thoughts on that product if you would be so kind.

    I will look forward to your response.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Gale Shaw
    210 277-8091

  • I am wondering if Glutathione will help with a stroke? I had a right-sided stroke in Sept. 2010. MY speech and memory is fine. But have muscle problems; such as stiffness,
    some numbness, tingling, heaviness in right hand and arm. Can not walk alone without
    support, walks very slowly, can stand, balance is not good, fear of falling, some dizziness,
    some nerve shakiness in right leg, that knocks me off balance. Some pain in lower back,
    if standing up more then ten minutes. To get around or to be more independent, I USE a power chair. Just A LOT that I cannot do any more. I am a female and now almost 68 years old. I am not on any prescriptions. Only natural supplements. Such as Garlic caps,
    Natto, Standard Process whole foods supplements, cod liver oil caps., ZIGSAW magnesium tabs, occassionly; and a herb for my hair, which is shedding a lot. Try to eat healthy. Need to lose weight; can’t move as much as I NEED TO. Blood pressure varies, is up to 154/76 today. Not diabetic.

    • The symptoms including stroke are similar to mine. I was misdiagnosed for years and thought to be crazy but turns out I have Myotonic Dystrophy. There are also several other diseases that can cause those symptoms including the myotonia (stiffness). Worth checking into.

  • I use I-glutathione 500mg from vitamin world everyday on the top that I also take vitamin C,E & D along with questions are is this ok to take all the vitamins at the same time? what kind of Glutathione pills would you recommend?Thank you for this website its very helpful.

  • hey!

    i have a thyroid problem since i went through radio therapy and my thyroid got zapped
    i was diagnosed 3 years later with hypothyroidism and started taking Euthyroxin 100mg per day

    my doctor only gives me vit D once a week

    i still feel tired and down, also i gained almost 15kilos

    Had Hugdkens Lymphoma went through Chemo then Radio therapy after

    im 26 years old

    ive been on a strict diet and exercise but i barely lose any weight and feel tired all the time

    my doctor keeps increasing the dose for the thyroid but i researched alot and stumbled on this Glutathione

    will it interfere with the medication i take? and will it help me feel more active

    Also, where can i find the product to research more

    thank you..

    • Hi Amy,
      Thank you for your interest In Dr. Hyman’s work. Unfortunately he cannot provide you personalized medical advice in this forum. In order to provide you the proper care you need we hope you will seek the attention of a local qualified Functional Med practitioner soon. To locate a doctor near you who practices functional medicine like Dr. Hyman, go to and scroll down to where it says “locate a practitioner” and enter your location. Progress accordingly from there.

      You can also make an appointment to be a patient at Dr.Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. Please go to:
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

  • Dear Dr Hyman,

    I am self study master nutrition Student, I have heard lots about gluthatione whitening capsule or injectable supplement from our the Asian society. I have an interest to do the research as part of my graduation thesis on this matter and willing to try the product for myself to see the pros, cont, and any other side effect! Perhaps your clinic can help me with the research trial?!


  • Warning, Tylenol depletes the body of Glutathione!! Especially dangerous for children.

  • Whey has oxidized cholesterol forms + IGF-1 which contribute to insulin resistance ( dr.Loren Cordain of Paleo Diet ) .root cause of many chronic degenerative disease .So per-diabetic or Diabetics cannot take whey ?

    • Hi Terry. That is a the complete opposite of what causes Diabetes. Stress on the liver a dn reduction in the body’s own ability to produce ample levels of Glutathione and subsequesntly IGF-1 is what leads to the stress on the Pancreas and utlimatelty cause Diabetes. The cure… increase Liver function by 20% (hence higher IGF-1 levels) and Diabetes will dissapear from the human body.

      Bad LDL Cholesterol and the lack of Choline in our diest leads to an excess of fatty lipids that surround the cells and make them almost impossible to permeate a cell wall. Hence insulin resistance.


  • Nature Rich has perfected a healthy liposome of phosphatidylcholine to contain vitamin c and glutathione so that you can take it orally and your stomach won’t break it down before it can get into your blood stream.

  • Is it true that glutathione is broken down by stomach acid and rendered useless? someone trying to peddle their concoction to in increase glutathione has made , they say oral glutathione is useless. What do you say to their claims?

    • Eva you are correct. To get around that problem, take lipisomal glutathione. Just Google it and you will get lots of info. FYI most liposomal glutathione is made from soy so if you are allergic to soy there are a few companies I found that make it from sunflower oil. I find you should start at a low dose and increase as it can actually cause a detox reaction it works so well. Make sure the product is made so that the liposomes are under 400 nanometers. That makes sure the absorption works well.

  • Thank you Dr, for your in depth information regarding glutathione, it s cool that your not focusing
    on shoving a sales pitch down our throat, which only makes me want to find out if indeed you are selling anything that may help our health which is the best gift from God anyone can have. i will carefully browse your website to see what else you offer thank you again.

  • hi, thanks for an informative video on glutathiamine.

    regarding sulphur, i read that sulphur is detrimental hypo-hypothyroid?
    so how does glutathione fit with that please?

    thanks so much.

  • Immunocal is an unremarkable undenatured whey protein isolate that is sold via multi-level marketing.

    Its manufacturer, Immunotec Inc., sponsored studies specifically tailored to get it approved as a “medical food” and reimbursed by health plans. That is why it is listed in the PDR.

    Since no other undenatured whey protein isolates were in the studies, Immunocal came out the winner.

    Additional supporting “documentation” coming from Immunotec about Immunocal’s superiority is speciously argued.

    Unlike other reputable manufacturers of undenatured whey protein isolates, Immunotec Inc. will not release the amino acid profile of Immunocal. If you contact them about this (and I recommend you do this if you doubt what I’m saying), you will be met with evasions.

    My rule of thumb is: Never buy a supplement if you don’t know what’s in it.

    One can only conclude that Immunocal is merely an overpriced and overentitled version of an ordinary undenatured whey protein isolate.

    There are many similar high-quality products available; one is from NOW Foods, for example, and is far less expensive. If you want assurance of purity, you might want Metagenics Biopure — at about a third of the cost of Immunocal.

    • Sorry, please do some research before stating comments about Immunocal. (1) Immunocal was ‘founded’ by a research doctor at world renowmed MdGill University in Canada, (2) it was/is the first natural formula that is PROVEN to help your body develope it’s OWN glutathione levels, naturally. (3) It is not only recognized by Health Canada, but also in the USA is recognized by MediCare/MediCaide and many insurance companies. No other so-called glutathione precursers pr supplements can match Immunocal for realistic glutathione production that is measurable and fact based with numerous world wide patents. To label Immunocal as an over priced whey isolite just proves that you have no idea of what is going on, nor, about the product itself. Sure, by NOW product or metagenic, as you suggested, but, you will not have any glutathione increase.

      • Hello Peter,
        Just wanted to let you know that my low glutathione level came right up to the normal range within 1 month of taking Vital Whey Natural, a non-denatured whey protein product. I take 1 scoop per day. My before and after levels were tested by using the Nutreval nutrition test by Genova Diagnostics. I am under the care of a functional medicine MD in Maryland. For me, nothing else I tried, including high sulfur veggies and NAC did that for me, including IV and oral liposomal glutathione. I feel much better, but still struggle with gut issues after a lifetime of low methylation (I am compound heterozygous for MTHFR) and most probably low glutathione and toxicity. I did all the “right” things re diet, exercise, whole foods ect. But at age 54 I began to crash regardless of my efforts. I will never again be without my whey protein. I wish I had known about it sooner. I”m sure Immunocal is a great product, but I don’t think it is the only one that will be of benefit. Btw, I tested sensitive to whey on Alcal test, and getting started was rough… But getting glutathione up now seems to have helped with this particular food sensitivity. Everyone is different, but VItal Whey Natural was and is a lifesaver for me!
        Best to you!

  • Hello,
    I am tapering Klonopin, and wonder if any of these suggestions will benefit me..
    I go through much distress during withdrawal .. Also, withdrawing from this class of medications, leaves the CNS in a hypersensitive state.. Considering this, is it a good idea to even attempt any of these suggestions?

    Also, further up in this forum, Dr. Hyman stated that he takes a good multivitamin .. With so many out there, which one does he recommend ?
    Thank you,
    Regards, Anoushka

    • Hello Anoushka,
      Thank you for your interest In Dr. Hyman’s work. Unfortunately he cannot provide you personalized medical advice in this forum. In order to provide you the proper care you need we hope you will seek the attention of a local qualified Functional Med practitioner soon. To locate a doctor near you who practices functional medicine like Dr. Hyman, go to and scroll down to where it says “locate a practitioner” and enter your location. Progress accordingly from there.

      You can also make an appointment to be a patient at Dr.Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. Please go to: Nutritional supplements that Dr. Hyman recommends are in the Healthy Live Store at
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

  • Dear Sir,

    It is safe to use glutathione injection? What kind of brand glutathione product injection name which is already secure to use? Can you recommend me some of the glutathione product?

  • hi. ive been diagnosed before with erythema nodosum and got treated already. Since I have a genetic history of auto-immune disease it is possible that it may re-occur again to me. Now, i am planning to enhance my skin by administering glutathione injection. I was just worried about because I dont know if it will bring side effect on me since my body might not suitable to receive it because of my previous condition or it may trigger the occurence of the said condition again. Can you plese give me advice whether i will continue or not the said glutathione injection..
    Hoping for your kind response.

    • Hello Amor,
      Thank you for your interest In Dr. Hyman’s work. Unfortunately he cannot provide you personalized medical advice in this forum. In order to provide you the proper care you need we hope you will seek the attention of a local qualified Functional Med practitioner soon. To locate a doctor near you who practices functional medicine like Dr. Hyman, go to and scroll down to where it says “locate a practitioner” and enter your location. Progress accordingly from there.
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

  • Dr. Hyman,
    I found out that I don’t naturally produce glutathione from taking several blood tests. I had Asperger’s Syndrome as an adolescent and have been gluten free and using a glutathione cream for a year or so. I am no longer on the autism spectrum. I am wondering if you know of any way for me to produce glutathione, without having to absorb it daily? I am curious if there are any clinical trials or possible solutions I could participate in, which would help my body produce it.


    • Adam,
      What glutithione cream have you been using successfully? Happy for you that it has helped!

  • i have some major issues with previous heart attacks, high bp and cholesterol, etc. I’ve been visiting a wonderful holistic MD who’s helped me tremendously. I do eat a lot of sulfur rich veggies and found that my labs wouldn’t budge…. until I started 2,000 ml infusion of Glutathione on a weekly or now bi-weekly basis. ALL my labs are perfect and i could not be happier! <3

  • Just now learning about glutathiaone. Can we just take sulfur? I give the yellow powder to my horses… I’ve seen remarkable hair, hoof and health changes since using it. Is there a downside to taking sulfur or MSM? Won’t that help with our glutathiaone levels?

  • My husband & I were introduced to Max International products, which has changed our lives along with changing in our way of life, our glutathione levels were boosted. These products are BSCG Certified Drug Free and ground breaking. Our entire family takes these products and have seen wonderful results.

  • Hi, I’m dreaming to have white skin since high school but I’m afraid to try products like glutathiaone. Is it really safe for me? I’m already 30 yrs.of age.

  • I have been taking IV glutathione periodicly for 2 years. I have lupus, which has been in remission for 7 years, but have some flare ups. My joints and muscles were so painful , until I took the Glutathione. It also gives me extra energy! I feel high on life now.

  • this is my reason for why children have autism, they have depleted all glutathine, within the whom, there mother was toxic with yeast or what not, this is why there are different degrees of autism, and then there brain can no longer detox because no glutathione left, therefore the reason people think a vaccine is causing the autism is because that this tipping point their little body and brain can not detox the vaccine and therefore autism is noticed right after the vaccine, so i dont think the vaccine per se causes the autism, but the body is at is toxic filling point and can not detox any more

    this is it people just get your kid that has autism to increase glutathione and i believe you will notice differences

    also why we have alzheimers, after a lifetime the brain can not detox anymore used it all up

    • April—I agree with you, but if you will go one step further with a DNA test–detoxigenomic–you will find a gene that is responsible for producing glutathione absent in the liver. In 1978 I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. This test confirmed that diagnosis. I believe that doctors could use this test to confirm the ‘environmental’ factors of autism. I think that they will find that autism is chemical sensitivity.

  • I have been following you for some time and appreciate your views on nutrition.

    Personally, I try to make a Glutathione / Sulfur Salad once a day. Post some fruit for breakfast is best, for me. I am vegan and was not aware of the B6 / B9 / B12 requirement but will now take my multi-vitamin with the Salad too.

    I agree wholly that Glutathione deficiency is a main cause of disease but I too think that Glycogen levels are also important. Particularly, they need to be boost before bedtime and first in the morning. As I understand, Honey and fruit is the way to access this Glycogen and I eat a lot of fruit. I find Honey too sweet but too try and include it.

    Thank you so much for your site… I think you have excellent wisdom and will continue to follow.

    Kind regards.

  • Thank you so much for this article yes we need glutathione in our body and i got mine in enhancedgluta I’m 31 years of old now but because of luxxe white and luxxe renew I look younger than my age. Thank you enhancedgluta for this product. 100% recommend.

  • Hi Dr. Hymann,

    I finally found your website. I have heard a lot about you. I love learning more about glutathione and between yourself and Rob Keller it has been fantastic understanding how much we really need this.

    Once again, thankyou for all your information.


  • Hi Rizza i try the luxxe white from enhancedgluta dot com and it’s very good thanks for the recommendation for two weeks i see the result and i less my smoking habit best product

  • Please do respond on Protandim.I have a friend trying to sell it to me,but I’ve read so much negative concerning the research and the company promoting it. I would so much like to know what respected holistic MD’s think of it.

  • try Max GXL- The Glutathione Accelerator. MaxGXL can dramatically RAISE our body’s supply of glutathione, and It has the necessary NUTRIENTS that can be readily absorbed by the cells which will allow our own body to manufacture increased levels of GLUTATHIONE in the CELLULAR LEVEL. There are 75 Diseases/ Disorders Associated With Low Glutathione Levels, so we really need to take a breakthrough product, and its Max GXL.

  • Hi Dr Hyman
    You are a wealth of information. I enjoy reading your articles.
    Two years ago I was dying and my daughter was headed down the same path.
    Doctors were completely useless to us. They had no idea what was causing our bodies to completely rebel. Through tons of research and trial and error I finally discovered our problem is the inability to break down oxalates.
    I’ve recently discovered the importance of glutathione for our recovery. Unfortunately many of the foods that support glutathione production are high oxalate. Will taking l-glutamine help with our glutathione production?
    Best regards- Shiloh