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The Broken Brain Podcast – Fa...

           Download MP3 Have you ever thought about how our organs are able to stay in place, exactly where they need to be? There is a stretchy […]

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  • 10/18

Should we tax junk food?

The outside influence that industrial food and agriculture lobbyists have on our policies encourages a food system that engenders disease. For example, in the 2016 election, the American Beverage Association […]

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  • 10/17

Practicing Awareness to Live Your B...

           Download MP3 What kind of person would you be if you were calmer, more centered, kinder, and relaxed? Do you think you would feel better about […]

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  • 10/11

The Awakened Family

Years ago when I was getting remarried, and my daughter protested, I told her that it was my life, and it was my decision. At another point, years ago, I […]

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  • 10/10

The Broken Brain Podcast – Cu...

             Download MP3 You may take great care of your body, but do you take care of your mind? Do you sit with feelings when they arise […]

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  • 10/5

Why cholesterol may not be the caus...

Cholesterol has become so confusing. The reality is, most of us have little understanding about the cholesterol levels in our blood and the whole topic is much more complicated than […]

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  • 10/3

The Broken Brain Podcast – Wi...

           Download MP3 We talk about the topic of food often—it gets a lot of airplay, but shouldn’t it? We eat three, sometimes more, times a day […]

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  • 9/27

Should we all avoid gluten?

Twenty years ago, most people didn’t know anything about gluten. People didn’t even know how to spell gluten. Now gluten-free diets have become all the rage. But are celiacs the […]

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  • 9/26

The Broken Brain Podcast – Vi...

           Download MP3 Have you ever wondered how vision plays a role in the health of our bodies and our brains? Problems with our eyes can give […]

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  • 9/21

Disruptive Solutions to Our Health ...

My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is a tireless advocate for expanding access to early childhood education, improving the health and well-being of Americans across the […]

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  • 9/19

The Broken Brain Podcast – De...

           Download MP3 Trauma comes in several forms and may be felt and held deeply in many different parts of the body. Whether it’s trauma experienced in […]

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  • 9/14

A Personal Conversation with Dr. Oz

Creating a movement often means meeting resistance, and it also means persisting. My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Oz, has changed the way that we […]

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  • 9/12