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5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You

5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You


The current media debate about the benefits (or lack of harm) of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in our diet misses the obvious. The average American increased their consumption of HFCS (mostly from sugar sweetened drinks and processed food) from zero to over 60 pounds per person per year.

During that time period, obesity rates have more than tripled and diabetes incidence has increased more than seven fold. Not perhaps the only cause, but a fact that cannot be ignored.

Doubt and confusion are the currency of deception, and they sow the seeds of complacency. These are used skillfully through massive print and television advertising campaigns by the Corn Refiners Association’s attempt to dispel the “myth” that HFCS is harmful and assert through the opinion of “medical and nutrition experts” that it is no different than cane sugar. It is a “natural” product that is a healthy part of our diet when used in moderation.

Except for one problem. When used in moderation it is a major cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more.

Why is the corn industry spending millions on misinformation campaigns to convince consumers and health care professionals of the safety of their product? Could it be that the food industry comprises 17 percent of our economy?

The Lengths the Corn Industry Will Go To

The goal of the corn industry is to call into question any claim of harm from consuming high fructose corn syrup, and to confuse and deflect by calling their product natural “corn sugar”. That’s like calling tobacco in cigarettes natural herbal medicine.

In the ad, the father tells us:

Like any parent I have questions about the food my daughter eats–-like high fructose corn syrup. So I started looking for answers from medical and nutrition experts, and what I discovered whether it’s corn sugar or cane sugar your body can’t tell the difference. Sugar is sugar. Knowing that makes me feel better about what she eats and that’s one less thing to worry about.”

Physicians are also targeted directly. I received a 12-page color glossy monograph from the Corn Refiners Association reviewing the “science” that HFCS was safe and no different than cane sugar. I assume the other 700,000 physicians in America received the same propaganda at who knows what cost.

In addition to this, I received a special “personal” letter from the Corn Refiner’s Association outlining every mention of the problems with HFCS in our diet–whether in print, blogs, books, radio, or television. They warned me of the errors of my ways and put me on “notice”. For what I am not sure. To think they are tracking this (and me) that closely gives me an Orwellian chill.

New websites like and help “set us straight” about HFCS with quotes from professors of nutrition and medicine and thought leaders from Harvard and other stellar institutions.

Why is the corn industry spending millions on misinformation campaigns to convince consumers and health care professionals of the safety of their product? Could it be that the food industry comprises 17 percent of our economy?

But are these twisted sweet lies or a sweet surprise, as the Corn Refiners Association websites claim?

What the Science Says About HFCS

Let’s examine the science and insert some common sense into the conversation. These facts may indeed come as a sweet surprise. The ads suggest getting your nutrition advice from your doctor (who, unfortunately, probably knows less about nutrition than most grandmothers).

Having studied this for over a decade, and having read, interviewed, or personally talked with most of the “medical and nutrition experts” used to bolster the claim that “corn sugar” and cane sugar are essentially the same, quite a different picture emerges and the role of HFCS in promoting obesity, disease, and death across the globe becomes clear.

Last week over lunch with Dr. Bruce Ames, one of the foremost nutritional scientists in the world, and Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a nutritional biochemist, a student of Linus Pauling, and I reviewed the existing science, and Dr. Ames shared shocking new evidence from his research center on how HFCS can trigger body-wide inflammation and obesity.

Here are 5 reasons you should stay way from any product containing high fructose corn syrup and why it may kill you.  

  1. Sugar in any form causes obesity and disease when consumed in pharmacologic doses.Cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup are indeed both harmful when consumed in pharmacologic doses of 140 pounds per person per year.When one 20 ounce HFCS sweetened soda, sports drink, or tea has 17 teaspoons of sugar (and the average teenager often consumes two drinks a day) we are conducting a largely uncontrolled experiment on the human species.Our hunter gatherer ancestors consumed the equivalent of 20 teaspoons per year, not per day. In this sense, I would agree with the corn industry that sugar is sugar. Quantity matters. But there are some important differences.
  2. HFCS and cane sugar are NOT biochemically identical or processed the same way by the body. High fructose corn syrup is an industrial food product and far from “natural” or a naturally occurring substance. It is extracted from corn stalks through a process so secret that Archer Daniels Midland and Carghill would not allow the investigative journalist Michael Pollan to observe it for his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The sugars are extracted through a chemical enzymatic process resulting in a chemically and biologically novel compound called HFCS. Some basic biochemistry will help you understand this. Regular cane sugar (sucrose) is made of two-sugar molecules bound tightly together– glucose and fructose in equal amounts.The enzymes in your digestive tract must break down the sucrose into glucose and fructose, which are then absorbed into the body. HFCS also consists of glucose and fructose, not in a 50-50 ratio, but a 55-45 fructose to glucose ratio in an unbound form. Fructose is sweeter than glucose. And HFCS is cheaper than sugar because of the government farm bill corn subsidies. Products with HFCS are sweeter and cheaper than products made with cane sugar. This allowed for the average soda size to balloon from 8 ounces to 20 ounces with little financial costs to manufacturers but great human costs of increased obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease.Now back to biochemistry. Since there is there is no chemical bond between them, no digestion is required so they are more rapidly absorbed into your blood stream. Fructose goes right to the liver and triggers lipogenesis (the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol) this is why it is the major cause of liver damage in this country and causes a condition called “fatty liver” which affects 70 million people.The rapidly absorbed glucose triggers big spikes in insulin–our body’s major fat storage hormone. Both these features of HFCS lead to increased metabolic disturbances that drive increases in appetite, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more.But there was one more thing I learned during lunch with Dr. Bruce Ames. Research done by his group at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute found that free fructose from HFCS requires more energy to be absorbed by the gut and soaks up two phosphorous molecules from ATP (our body’s energy source).

    This depletes the energy fuel source, or ATP, in our gut required to maintain the integrity of our intestinal lining. Little “tight junctions” cement each intestinal cell together preventing food and bacteria from “leaking” across the intestinal membrane and triggering an immune reaction and body wide inflammation.

    High doses of free fructose have been proven to literally punch holes in the intestinal lining allowing nasty byproducts of toxic gut bacteria and partially digested food proteins to enter your blood stream and trigger the inflammation that we know is at the root of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and accelerated aging. Naturally occurring fructose in fruit is part of a complex of nutrients and fiber that doesn’t exhibit the same biological effects as the free high fructose doses found in “corn sugar”.

    The takeaway: Cane sugar and the industrially produced, euphemistically named “corn sugar” are not biochemically or physiologically the same.

  3. HFCS contains contaminants including mercury that are not regulated or measured by the FDA. An FDA researcher asked corn producers to ship a barrel of high fructose corn syrup in order to test for contaminants. Her repeated requests were refused until she claimed she represented a newly created soft drink company. She was then promptly shipped a big vat of HFCS that was used as part of the study that showed that HFCS often contains toxic levels of mercury because of chlor-alkali products used in its manufacturing.(i) Poisoned sugar is certainly not “natural”.When HFCS is run through a chemical analyzer or a chromatograph, strange chemical peaks show up that are not glucose or fructose. What are they? Who knows? This certainly calls into question the purity of this processed form of super sugar. The exact nature, effects, and toxicity of these funny compounds have not been fully explained, but shouldn’t we be protected from the presence of untested chemical compounds in our food supply, especially when the contaminated food product comprises up to 15-20 percent of the average American’s daily calorie intake?  
  4. Independent medical and nutrition experts DO NOT support the use of HFCS in our diet, despite the assertions of the corn industry. The corn industry’s happy looking websites and bolster their position that cane sugar and corn sugar are the same by quoting experts, or should we say misquoting … Barry M. Popkin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has published widely on the dangers of sugar-sweetened drinks and their contribution to the obesity epidemic. In a review of HFCS in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,(ii)he explains the mechanism by which the free fructose may contribute to obesity.He states that: “The digestion, absorption, and metabolism of fructose differ from those of glucose. Hepatic metabolism of fructose favors de novo lipogenesis (production of fat in the liver). In addition, unlike glucose, fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion or enhance leptin production. Because insulin and leptin act as key afferent signals in the regulation of food intake and body weight (to control appetite), this suggests that dietary fructose may contribute to increased energy intake and weight gain. Furthermore, calorically sweetened beverages may enhance caloric over-consumption.”He states that HFCS is absorbed more rapidly than regular sugar and that it doesn’t stimulate insulin or leptin production. This prevents you from triggering the body’s signals for being full and may lead to over-consumption of total calories. He concludes by saying that:“… the increase in consumption of HFCS has a temporal relation to the epidemic of obesity, and the overconsumption of HFCS in calorically sweetened beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity.”The corn industry takes his comments out of context to support their position. “All sugar you eat is the same.”

    True pharmacologic doses of any kind of sugar are harmful, but the biochemistry of different kinds of sugar and their respective effects on absorption, appetite, and metabolism are different, and Dr. Popkin knows that.

    David S. Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, and a personal friend, has published extensively on the dangers and the obesogenic properties of sugar-sweetened beverages.

    He was quoted as saying that “high fructose corn syrup is one of the most misunderstood products in the food industry.” When I asked him why he supported the corn industry, he told me he didn’t and that his comments were taken totally out of context.

    Misrepresenting science is one thing, misrepresenting scientists who have been at the forefront of the fight against obesity and high fructose sugar sweetened beverages is quite another.

  5. HFCS is almost always a marker of poor-quality, nutrient-poor disease-creating industrial food products or “food-like substances”. The last reason to avoid products that contain HFCS is that they are a marker for poor-quality, nutritionally-depleted, processed industrial food full of empty calories and artificial ingredients. If you find “high fructose corn syrup” on the label you can be sure it is not a whole, real, fresh food full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Stay away if you want to stay healthy. We still must reduce our overall consumption of sugar, but with this one simple dietary change you can radically reduce your health risks and improve your health.While debate may rage about the biochemistry and physiology of cane sugar versus corn sugar, this is in fact beside the point (despite the finer points of my scientific analysis above). The conversation has been diverted to a simple assertion that cane sugar and corn sugar are not different.

The real issues are only two.

  • We are consuming HFCS and sugar in pharmacologic quantities never before experienced in human history–140 pounds a year versus 20 teaspoons a year 10,000 years ago.
  • High fructose corn syrup is always found in very poor-quality foods that are nutritionally vacuous and filled with all sorts of other disease promoting compounds, fats, salt, chemicals, and even mercury.

These critical ideas should be the heart of the national conversation, not the meaningless confusing ads and statements by the corn industry in the media and online that attempt to assure the public that the biochemistry of real sugar and industrially produced sugar from corn are the same.

Now I’d like to hear from you …

Do you think there is an association between the introduction of HFCS in our diet and the obesity epidemic?

What reason do you think the Corn Refiners Association has for running such ads and publishing websites like those listed in this article?

What do you think of the science presented here and the general effects of HFCS on the American diet?

Please leave your thoughts by adding a comment below—but remember, we can’t offer personal medical advice online, so be sure to limit your comments to those about taking back our health!

To your good health,

Mark Hyman, MD


(i) Dufault, R., LeBlanc, B., Schnoll, R. et al. 2009. Mercury from chlor-alkali plants: Measured concentrations in food product sugar. Environ Health. 26(8):2.

(ii) Bray, G.A., Nielsen, S.J., and B.M. Popkin. 2004. Consumption of high-fructose corn syrup in beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity. Am J Clin Nutr. 79(4):537-43. Review.

Mark Hyman MD is the Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author.

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  • Thank you for a great artical. If any one wants to know I was told I had diabeties, My Dr. wanted to put me on medication, I said no i would work on it my self through diet and excercizing. I did fairly well untill I hit a stand still. I was using a solid creamer in my coffee Which the ingreadents listed as corn syrup solids. And also listed the sugar content as zero!!! I stopped using it and within six months mt A1C went from 6.8 to 5.7 just because of that!! I hopemore people will do there homework as I had to, and read labels somthing I do all the time. Aches and pains are gone energy is up and never again will I consume CORN SYRUP Anything, I will never feed it to another human being either!! thank you for a more detailed artical. Wake up everyone, get HFCS out of your diet.

      • What’s even sicker is that HFCS is a main ingredient in many infant formulas along with non organic dairy and GMO soy.

      • I don’t blame them, step in their shoes and look who they’re up against. The combined economic power of the HFCS supporting companies is enough to hit the economy bad. As a government of a nation, that’s one thing you want to avoid.

      • David, you are so so wrong. Please don’t spread that ungrounded blasphemy in a health related forum. It’s clear you are no public health or economics expert.

        I’m by no means an advocate for HFCS, but to take government action directly against HFCS is a terrible proposition both economically and from a public health standpoint. It would literally destroy the US economy and would exacerbate obesity problems. Let’s be realistic about one thing–HFCS is just a form of sugar and not truly poison from a biochemical standpoint.

        HFCS is not common in other countries like it is in the US. That is for one reason: the US government has long maintained (since 1789) sugar tariffs in attempts to boost domestic sugar production. The 1990 Farm Bill helped render “regular” sugar costs 2-3 times higher in the US than the rest of the world. Taking direct action against HFCS would drive food prices up, reduce GDP, result in a loss of jobs, and lower household incomes on the bottom tier, thereby increasing obesity and diabetes en masse. And if you look at countries like Australia where HFCS does not commonly replace other sugar forms, obesity is worse. Not that that’s statistically significant.

        It might be a good idea to recognize we live in a global economy in 2013 and forget about that restriction, but it’s much more complicated that that. I’m a biomedical engineer, so not qualified to speak on the matter (but for the record I do cancer technology, and have no personal interest in HFCS).

        • Check your facts David. The US still had the highest obesity rates in the world until last year (2013) when Mexico passed the US. Australia is catching up as more and more of the US multi national fast food and cheap food chains open up, but they are still even behind New Zealand which is more closely aligned to the US with its suppliers.

        • Please do your research…there are additives in our food that the major companies are not allowed to use in Europe. Quick example – take a look at a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese here, and one from France – different ingredients. Other countries regulate the food industry and they act in the best interest of their citizens. If there is an ingredient that they can LEAVE OUT which has been proven to negatively effect health, shouldn’t these companies, as responsible citizens themselves, take them out?

          • You are so right. I live in Switzerland now and the food quality is so much better. It’s funny because here when you read labels if it says “made in the USA” you become suspicious.
            It feels so much better living in a country where you trust the Government.

          • Hmm, reminds me of the quality of American cars versus those from other countries. Ha ha ha.

        • Hi David, a few questions occured to me:

          – You are not responding to ANY of Dr.Hyman’s arguments. Maybe you could do that before call his article ‘blasphemous’ and call him ‘clearly not a health expert’

          – Could you explain how exactly action on HFCS would ‘destroy the US economy’ ?
          Sorry, if I can’t follow you, but maybe that is because you are as you say yourself ‘not qualified to speak on that matter’

          It sounds to me like maybe you are not an ‘advocate’ of HFCS, but a lobbyist or paid advocate.

          Dissenting voices in a forum give the impression that there is an actually scientific debate on whether HFCS is healthy or not.
          We all know that there is no debate on this – as it’s clearly unhealthy but of course there are massive industry interests at stake.

        • Why would I trust an economist to care about my health? Citing economic figures just dances around the point that people are being poisoned unwittingly by corporations and we’re being held randsom by them because taking action would “destroy the economy”? This is like the banks too big to fail. David is 100% correct, this industry is sick and insidious, and our lack of action on this is sick. In Risk Assessment, the dose makes the poison, meaning anything could be a poison. HFCS is without a doubt a poison by this definition.

        • I have 2 MPH degrees from 2 diff med schools. Am now a senior. Your health is much more important than money. The myth is that no matter how much money a government has they will waste it, eg in outer space, in wars, foreign aid (if you want people to like your form of gov then take care of your people)… Do your congresspeople represent you in their actions? The private sector and public sector are basically one now.

          • The use of outer space is probably the best investment the government has ever made, it should not even be considered as a possible waste of money. Without it you wouldn’t be able to use the internet, watch TV, communicate with a cell phone, etc.. I think we should spend more money on scientific research to improve the quality of life for the citizens and our understanding of the universe. Whoever said that it’s a waste of money is completely ignorant to the possibilities it encompasses. However, I do agree that the government wastes a significant amount of money on other things.

        • @David West: Something about your post gives me the impression that you are a lobbyist for the corn industry… maybe it’s the way you make various attempts to shift focus from what is important.
          By the way, our government is supposed to be responsible for monitoring & keeping dangerous elements/chemicals such as mercury (in ANY amount) OUT of our food & water. And it most certainly IS sickening that they are not doing so for HFCS (and various other products according to credible sources). The fact that it makes me sick is, of course, my opinion and as such it is neither right nor wrong- but clearly your attack on David was just a mechanist of distraction.
          Your assertion that the entire US economy would be ruined if the gov’t enforced the already established legal protocol on the corn industry- as it should be doing- is utterly absurd!
          My guess as to how that would play out: The price of HFCS would go up to cover the increased expenses involved in manufacturing an uncontaminated product. At that point any intelligent food manufacturer would leave out or substitute the HFCS for something else, the less intelligent ones would raise the cost of their products to compensate for their increased expenses and many consumers would choose a less expensive product.
          Who are all these people that will be losing their jobs due to an increase in regulation enforcement? Being an industrial product manufactured in mass quantities in mainly automated factories, the manufacture of HFCS does not account for a statistically significant number of jobs- certainly not enough to bring about a total failure of the national economy. Get real and take your fear mongering elsewhere please!
          Our national & global economies are extremely complex and have thus far proven to be only somewhat predictable, and much more dynamic & resilient than expected.

          On a different note. I am somewhat surprised and disappointed that there was no mention at all of the fact that most if not all of the corn used to manufacture HFCS is GMO. And although the information available about the long-term effects of GMO consumption on human health & physiology is limited and even more “confused” than on HFCS, I think that the decisions of much of the rest of the industrialized world concerning GMOs (to either ban them or require labeling) speaks volumes and shows that it’s a no-brainer that we need to be much more cautious in our stance towards them. Particularly in light of how & why they have been modified- namely to either allow them to drink up mass quantifies of herbicides without dying or to be their own mass-producers of pesticides. Both instances mean that the entire plant contains large amounts of an established poison of some kind. And that is but one of many disturbing factors about most mainstream GMOs.

          • Absolutely true. The only real advantage – such as it is – in GM crops is their ability to withstand the application of a powerful herbicide which will kill all other vegetation. The other vegetation is natural flora which, albeit, is a nuisance to farmers, has its part to play in the ecology of the planet we live in, providing sustenance to insects and bees.

            Where does the chemical go? Is it absorbed into the ground after it has killed the unwanted vegetation? Does it find its way into the water table? How much of it is absorbed into the crop?

            I recall one of these products being advertised in Europe and it showed the customer spraying at the base of individual plants, and in cross section showing the plant reacting, withering and dying.

            But the chemical isn’t used selectively like that in the real world, is it?

            The idea that you can spray compounds like this onto crops via machinery or by airplane and not have a residue afterwards is stretching the imagination.

            Yesterday I saw the most well known of these herbicides on sale in a special display at the supermarket.
            I wonder if the people putting this stuff into their shopping trolleys have any idea of what they are buying?

        • What drugs are you taking? Seems by the direction of your post that is Must be Crack Cocaine you’re abusing, because you mind is warped. GET OFF OF THE PIPE!!!!

          • “That is must be Crack Cocaine!!!!”
            That made me lol so hard. Thanks for the laugh!

        • Sounds ilike you have an agenda, David West. You jumped down David Crain’s throat like a rabid animal and all he did was ask a simple question. The govermnment should and will destroy the HFCS market without having to pass any laws. Go take your political double talk elsewhere and first and foremost, get off health sites like this. Don’t YOU DARE think anyone is going to believe you or not call you out. We see right through you. You’re the one spewing blasphemy.

        • David, You cleverly waited until the end of your long comment to explain that basically you don’t know what you’re talking about. You forget about the health care costs. Besides, hfcs has not been so pervasive in our foods for very long. The industry can well afford to forego some profit in the interest of our health. Don’t ya think?

      • I also agree. The fact that our gov’t is not doing anything makes me think that they and the medical establishment are cahootz. Its no secret that Diabetes and Obesity has shot up exponentially since HFCS has been introduced in our food supply. The other day I went to get some Bar-b-q sauce and guess what? yep….(.it was in every bottle and brand on the shelf. I just steamed). I watched C-span the other day and they had their 4th congressional hearing related to the Benghazi attack in Libya. How come no congressional hearing as it relates to the overconsumption and use of HFCS in our food supply? Don’t worry I’ll wait for the answer….

      • Because the authorities are all being run by the corporates themselves. The corporates are bigger than the governments so basically they are outside national law, meaning they can create their own international law and get away with anything, all for the sake of making all the corporates lots of lovely money. Yes. It’s sick. And not in a good way.

      • Our government has too much to lose, to take a stand against the corn industry. Check out an independent film called King Corn. It talks all about the subsidies our government pays to corn farmers.
        Now, don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR FARMERS but small farms not huge Agri-businesses disguised as farms.

        • Thank you for posting this trailer. HFCS is so damaging in so many ways. I follow Dr. Robert Lustig and he has incredibly informative lectures on youtube covering the subject. Everyone should be on a candida reducing supplement as this overgrowth is at the heart of lots of diseases in the US. I recommend visiting
          Take a look at Dr. Lustig, he discusses the molecular biology of fructose for those who are interested.

      • The government won’t get involved in stopping these corporate companies because many of them have their feet in industry and make a disgusting amount of money. The 1% is relentless and they do not care about the general public, just their pockets.

    • I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup in my diet, but this Christmas, two friends gave me chocolates with corn syrup, and “natural pear preserves” with high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and sugar. I became sick with the worst cold and body aches in a long time after eating these for over a week. I am still recovering. It is helpful to know that HFCS can create a systemic inflammation. I am throwing these holiday treats in the trash can!

      • That’s too bad. I myself have eaten HFCS without knowing about it. No more… while I have never gotten sick from it, I do know there is a direct correlation between diabetes and eating junk food such as HFCS, food coloring and GMO soy products. Our bodies are not designed to process HFCS and too much of it really causes long-term damage. It is true HFCS is not a direct poison that will cause death in an instant, but people are avoiding the point. The point is that it is an unnatural substance not meant to be consumed on a daily basis. Well, over 50% of products on U.S. grocery store shelves contains these ingredients, even so call whole grain products and protein drinks seen in the “heath” section. Even our hospitals sell food with corn syrup. What gives?

        • Corn syrup, regular corn syrup (not HFCS) is not processed by your body any differently than sugar. The reason HFCS is so bad is that, simplistically stated, it goes right to your liver and destroys it. It isn’t processed by your body the same way sugar, fructose or regular corn syrup is. Even though they are extracted and processed, it is still, chemically, the same as in the raw state. HFCS is made in a lab. For all intents and purposes it’s GMO corn syrup.

    • I’ve been reading alot about HFCS, lately. And how bad it is for our health. But the problems I find is its really hard finding anything at the market that doesn’t have it in it. So what do you do, if you aren’t a good cook and can’t afford a CHEF. And another thing I’ve been reading about is, its also bad for eye site. Great! I think the government is really trying to get rid of all the BOOMERS.

      • Kel,

        Instead of buying foods with HFCS, try substituting stevia or fruit rather than depending on products at the grocery with long lists of ingredients. For example, Jamie Oliver has a handful of salad dressing recipes that are healthy and easy to make. These taste better than anything I’ve bought at a grocery store. Also add spices to vegetables and you can vary the taste without adding a lot of garbage. I don’t consider myself a chef by any means, but you don’t need to be one to make healthy food taste great.

    • Good Day—My name is Bill Kuhns and I am not sure who will be receiving and reading my e-mail,but here is what I think about HFCS.The information consumers need to decide whether something is good for us or not good for us is out there and available but not reaching more than a relative few—relative to the fact that our population is over 300,000,000—and most of us Americans have our minds on other things.People have been trained to be entertained—The emphasis by media and the entertainment industry is mostly on subjects that teach nothing about healthy living—-Movies,YouTube,Pro Sports,Sit Coms—This is what people are thinking about and talking about—The informative books by Dr Hyman and many others are helping educate—but again not reaching enough—Want to know my ideas on how to reach people in a bigger way?

    • You have not covered the fact that corn in USA is genetically modified and the relationship, if any, of GM with the illnesses . There is a strong push being made to introduce GM corn in countries across the world and I would like to access a scientifically reliable article on the link between GM and corn and corn syrup and health problems.

      • Thank you! I thought no-one else noticed that omission…
        Unfortunately you will probably not find the information you seek because the terms of the patents on the GMOs restrict them from being used for any research purposes without the expressed consent of the patent holder.
        This is absolutely outrageous, that shouldn’t even be possible or legally binding in my opinion- especially considering how little we know about GMOs- particularly their long-term effects on ANYTHING! To allow the patent holder to prohibit testing of their product is ludicrous and should in itself be a huge red flag about what they know about their product but are withholding.
        I’m upset by the fact that “life” can even be patented- modified or not! But certainly it is beyond all reason that they are being allowed to obtain patents on naturally occurring genes (which they may have introduced into populations where it was not previously present), and that many of their patents do not follow the same expiration schedules as other patents, and that they can be allowed to claim ownership rights to the offspring/descendants/progeny of the originally modified organisms- even though their resources & labor were not used in their growth!
        This is sheer madness! But admittedly not directly related to the subject at hand. Please excuse my tangent as I believe it does relate to health concerns in a very real way.

    • That’s great for you Sheila. Keep up the good work.
      I wanted to know if there were other names that they use to hide HFCS or Corn Syrup?

    • 2008 American Society for Clinical Nutrition

      Straight talk about high-fructose corn syrup: what it is and what it ain’t1,2,3,4

      John S White

    • From a biochemistry standpoint glucose and fructose are metabolized by the same enzymes. HFCS describes a variety of products containing various mixtures but typically contains slightly more fructose making it sweeter. cane sugar or sucrose is a disacharide containing the same two sugars glucose and fructose. the only real difference in metabolism is the extra step required to break up the disacharide.

      With regards to the concerns about it causing obesity and diabetes its not the sugar source but the overwhelming amounts that we consume that are the real culprits and since more cane sugar is required for the same level of sweetness when compared to HFCS it is likely that the american obesity and diabetes rate would be even higher if our foods used cane sugar as compared to HFCS. At some point we as a people need to consider that its not our food supply that’s making us fat and take responsibility for our actions and choice to over eat. this hysteria over HFCS is not only likely a marketing ploy pushed by the cane sugar producers (thats right the “health food” producers are just as guilty of spreading false information and pushing agendas as any other producer, it is just playing on the fact that the “scientific” name of most things sounds scary to the average person. It actually reminds me of a site about the dangers of DHMO and communities that tried to ban it form their water supply after hearing about it.

      • I agree with you, Jeff, about taking responsibility in how much you consume, HOWEVER, sugars, basically simple carbohydrates, are extremely addictive to many people. Sugar stimulates an increase in activity in the same regions of the brain just as in those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol giving you the same high/satisfied feeling that both addicts claim and scientists have proven this in testing with rats and humans. What we’re basically talking about here is sugar addiction, which the food industry already knows and uses against everyone for the sake of the almighty dollar. With sugar or high fructose corn syrup, people get an intense wanting coupled with disinhibition and the ability to use your willpower goes right out the window. We’ve basically been conditioned since infancy to adore and love sweets and junk food. Yes, with ANY food we should be responsible, but if our body is tricking us (addiction has both biological and behavioral components) into eating/drinking because of cravings, then who’s truly at fault here? I have to disagree with you, but it is the HFCS industry who’s mainly at fault and we both know it.

        I’d swear, from what I read in your comment that you’re probably a lobbyist yourself because I’ve heard this line used by the food industry many times more than I care to know; “It’s not our fault they overeat and can’t control their appetite”, “Eating in moderation is the key. We shouldn’t be blamed.”, blah blah blah.

        Would you ask a cocaine/crack addict to only take in a moderate amount or tell them to stop using altogether as it’s killing them? Regardless of whether it’s killing their bodes and brain over the long or short term…addiction is addiction. I know because when it comes to carbs and things sweet, it’s very hard to resist because it’s not just a matter of will power (which is only part of the equation), it’s what the body and brain are incessantly demanding to have.

        My “cure” is basically a way of eating; high protein/low carbohydrate. It’s NOT a diet as this word has been usurped and twisted by the food industry to play with the heads of the masses. Diet just means what you eat, not how or what you should eat. Eating HP/LC turns the body from a carbohydrate burning (glycolysis) machine into a fat burning (lipolysis) machine. I started Atkins (not promoting him) or the HP/LC way of eating when I first read his book in the late 90’s and read it cover to cover many times (Read and educate yourselves. People explaining it to you won’t help unless you know everything about it yourself). It wasn’t until last year while waiting for my doctor at Bellevue Hospital that my decision to eat a HP/LC lifestyle was confirmed on the waiting room flat screen TV from what I read over a decade ago when everyone was putting down the Atkins-HP/LC way of eating.

        As well, for my interests, I only drink water. I don’t feel the “need” to have a tasty or sugary drink. (Just the thought of living a long and healthy life free from many ailments makes me happy. However, if you feel it’s depriving you of enjoying life, then you’ve just sewn the seeds to your failure because you can still enjoy life without that stuff). What convinced me pretty much to just drink water is this article; . I may be pissing like a race horse, HAHAHAHA, but I feel so good not having cravings for a sweet drink that makes me want to drink or eat more non-nutritious sweets. In fact, I decided after three weeks to just drink water from then on because I was satisfied and feeling no desire to want anything more. Why waste money on buying so many different liquids to drink when water is basically free and you can spend more money on healthy foods? Remember, when your body is craving for something, it’s not necessarily just for food. It needs something it’s lacking. Nature doesn’t give us what we don’t need and doesn’t take away what we require to live.

        High fructose corn syrup may come from a natural source in Nature, but it’s been so twisted and perverted that it’s just not the same thing anymore and to say that the body can’t tell between either is f*****g absurd. Your body knows the difference. That’s just the HFCS industry talk for “It’s alright. Just shut up and ingest what we tell you to buy.”

        Nature made the best machine possible over many millions of years. Who are we to say what Nature made can be fooled. We’re fooling ourselves and doing an injustice to others by spreading that lie. The simplest solution is really the best. If you can’t pronounce it, DON’T BUY IT.

        Am I preaching? If people want to think so, go ahead, but no. I’m hoping to help someone…anyone…who’s looking to change their life for the better. In no way do I condone my way of eating and drinking as a “diet”, so you can just get off it when you lose weight. This is about a commitment to yourself and even to your family if you choose to have them live that way. It’s the best way I know to stay free from depression (which has been pretty much an unwanted lifestyle for a long long time), pre-aging, and, as well, healthy. Limiting my carbohydrate intake has done wonders in alleviating my depression and my perception of life. You may have problems with the kids or spouse doing it, but who doesn’t? I have friends who only allow their children water at dinner or in the home. Whether kids drink soda or something else outside the home is different. You can’t always hold their hands, but when they’re in your presence, you can control that. If anything, just do it for yourself. Teach by creating an example. That’s the best way people and children learn.

        I’m not a dietician, nutritionist, going to medical school, or even selling foods in a health food store. I’m just a man who is determined to take his health into his own hands to live a longer and better life with my nuclear and extended family and friends.

    • Dr. Hyman. I think your analysis of the harmful effects of HFCS on human health is understated. Your article assumes a HFCS ratio of glucose to fructose which is not “naturally” occuring. The initial extracted sugar from the corn stalk is 100% glucose. Literature suggests up to three different enzymatic processes are used to convert about half the glucose to fructose. When consumed in the form available in retail markets, the glucose does not trigger production of insulin while the fructose releases large amounts of insulin. Without going into biochemistry, HFCS produces lethargy, fatigue, and thirst, but the non-converted, free glucose, leaves the consumer of the product containing HFCS feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. Sugar from cane has none of these elements from consumption, save one. A large intake of sucrose may leave you feeling satisfied, but also fatigued and thirsty from the release of a large amount of insulin. Moderation is key.

    • I for one have to say since i have started growing my own food and veggies have lost a weight problem i fought for yrs to lose, ,i do believe the FCS had a lot to do with it, obesity is a problem because we as americans have gotten away from a lot of exercise because of laptops and tv , less exercise out side, less things do do because everything is made so easy. not in doing gardening i am now outside, note in moving more i am losing more weight have more energy since i have started watching the use of FCS, i have noted a difference in the way i feel , i feel HFCS pumps you up so fast then you feel so tied and you have not even moved, i feel it is a poison , our government does not care for the people, they care about their pockets and money, that is so very obvious , even if you were blind you could hear that , AS a person who has been very active and found problems in losing started losing when i stop using, Stay clear of it people , when the government tells you it okay that when you know its not

    • Dear Dr. Hyman,

      I have often wondered if the fact that both my sister and I began to become overweight then obese in adolescence, even tho we were quite active in sports and later, as adults developed Type 2 Diabetes could have any correlation to our being fed a doctor recommended homemade infant formula during the 50’s consisting of Karo corn syrup and evaporated milk.
      I discovered a couple of decades ago that when I eliminated all foods containing corn syrup I no longer had constant hunger cravings. Previously, growing up I hated eating breakfast because it seemed that as soon as I ate in the morning I felt hungry all day long. As a young adult I always chose not to eat breakfast and postponed eating as long as I could because as soon as I ate it seemed that a demon of gluttony invaded me and I fought a losing battle to eat all day.
      Eliminating corn syrup containing foods 15 years or so ago did the trick on hunger issues, but weight loss was extremely difficult. Now I have lost 100+ pounds and diet, with Berberine, some other supplements and acupuncture is controlling the sugar levels. Am in 98 – 117 range daily.
      Is there a possibility that being fed as an infant that corn syrup based formula set my and my sister’s system and metabolism to be predisposed to the hunger issues I grew up with, easy weight gain and difficult weight loss, and later the type 2 diabetes? There is no familial history of diabetes in our family.

    • I haven’t read the replies yet, as there are many, but I have to add my own personal experience here in regards to HFCS. For as long as I can remember, the last 13 years or so, anything I consume with HFCS will get me immediately gut sick. The pain is to a point where I’m avoidant of all products containing HFCS because I actually cannot bear the feeling. I feel like I am indeed “being poisoned” . I actually came upon this article just now because I was researching others’ experiences with this horrible “sugar” and I’m in the middle of said pain right now. Truth be told, sometimes it gets past me, but I really am incredibly diligent. (Much like Gluten, of which I also have developed a very real, painful reaction to) if my body, at 32 years of age, after 1 child and no body trauma, can suddenly develop these reactions after years of being able to eat whatever ketchup I want, whatever fried foods, baked goods, drink soda pop……then there IS something wrong with the junk. And that’s what HFCS is at the end of the day…..JUNK. Sugar isn’t all the same. My body can tell you- it can’t even figure out how to process this garbage! Something to consider.

  • In July 2011 I was hospitalized with Deep VeinThrombosis. At the time I also had diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic depression and a long list of medical problems. While in the hospital, my diet was strictly controlled, I had surgery on both legs and 35 days later was finally discharged but I had lost over 50 lbs.

    Now, almost two years later, I have lost over 150 pounds, I do not drink any carbonated beverages sweetened or diet, I am very careful to read food labels and I will not consume anything with HFCS. My diabetes is gone, my blood pressure is normal and though my legs were permanently damaged by the DVT, the loss of weight has helped them greatly. I will share your essay on HFCS with my friends and family and urge them to curb their addiction to sweetened beverages and other food products with HFCS. Thank you for writing.

    • Congratulations! You’ve discovered the Holy Grail of Truth About Sweeteners – ALL of them. Including Aspartame in Diet Drinks, Foods, Gums, Vitamins, Medications, etc. Prior to Testifying at the Senate Hearings on Aspartame Safety in Washington, Nov. 3, 1987, I sat in a closed meeting with an International Consumer Advocate, who knew why I was there. He said: “We are addicting our children to Sweet Taste. In all forms – causing them to crave heightened levels of sweetness in their lives.” Think about it. I’ve since made a concentrated study of what happens in the digestive system when ‘sweet taste’ is perceived in the mouth. And, how the brain is affected. Our bodies were not created to indulge in any treats that are sweeter than those found in Nature: an Apple; Oranges; Honey; Maple sap; bananas…you get the picture. All drinks now are technically Sugarfree! But, ALL are ‘sugary-tasting’ even Diet Drinks. Aspartame, in testing, makes people fatter. In India, it’s used in cattle feed to “Fatten” cattle. It’s called Sweetos w/Neotame. In today’s world, we must Prioritize Our Poisons. Which means we should be terrified of Aspartame, but not as much by Sugar. And, HFCS falls somewhere in the middle. Coca Cola is already stepping up as our ‘salvation,’ by cutting back their regular soda ads on TV to Kids…replacing them, instead with *healthy* Diet Drinks with (neurotoxic) Aspartame sweeteners. It’s a slippery slope we don’t want to go down. Thank you, Dr. Hyman for your common sense approach to Nutrition. I hope you might rethink the way you’ve presented all sweeteners as being created equal. (HFCS/refined cane sugars/corn syrup/etc.) BTW, I definitely want to see Aspartame and HFCS off the market, make no mistake about that! Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion here. — Respectfully, Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard/author Deadly Deception Story of Aspartame – Founder Aspartame Consumer Safety Network & Pilot Hotline since 1987

      • Hi Ms. Stoddard,

        I am a lay person doing research on the effects of sucrose on the body. In this article, I took away that the author is concluding that all sweetners are NOT created equal. It seems he is saying that: A) corn syrup and HFCS can be used interchangeably, B) that corn syrup is NOT equal to refined cane sugar as it is processed differently in our bodies, and that C) either way, they both are linked to obesity and diseases, for one reason, because they are consumed in exponentially greater quantities than ever before in our history as a species. Could you possibly clarify what you mean when you suggest that Dr. Hyman presented them as being “created equally.”I would greatly appreciate it as I am trying to get an understanding of as many perspectives on this topic as I can. Thanks, -Réshanda

      • Yes, and this also includes name-brand “fruit” juices and jams and jellies, which list HFCS as a major ingredient.

      • Thanks for all your hard work and for your insight and the reminder about aspartame! I’ll have to make an additional tweet to my existing, (“Goal for 2014: HFCS is the crack cocaine of sugars. We need to stop subsidizing it!”), and post one regarding aspartame.

  • This explains so much. I’ve had excessive weight gain, crazy high appetite, and more or less nonstop bloody diarrhea since I was about 15 years old. (I’m 30 now) To the point that 4 GI specialists, 9 colonoscopies, and a lot of “I dunno, its probably stress.” I stopped consuming anything with corn syrup in it at all, and suddenly I’m normal, and not constantly ravenously hungry.

    Long story short, thank you very much for breaking the science down for me. I’ll share this with my friends and family.

    • Thomas, have you been check for Fructose Malabsorption? My doctors had the same issue and kept saying it was IBS. I cut out fructose and now everything is normal, again!

    • You are so right! I am an RN and I have or had UC thanks to HFCS. It took me 14 years to pinpoint exactly what was the reason for having UC. Longer stays in Europe helped me figure out that indeed it is HFCS that caues inflammation ane ulcers in my large intestine. I am being very careful in checking out the labels and also avoiding juices from concentrates, and it pays off. I have no symptoms , it is like I never had UC before:-) 🙂

  • I agree with everything you say and I try to avoid HFCS, but it sure is hard
    to avoid it. You lost a little credability when you did not include how much mercury was found…is it above or below the “safe” amount in a serving of
    “food-like0Products”? If it is way below the “safe” limit, did you leave it out
    because you underestimate your readers intlligence. If so you may be
    correct. … and do not judge my intellligenc on my spelling… I’m dyslexic
    and am tired of waisting so mucy time correcting spelling.

    Sorry this sounds so negitive. I’m just bummed out on the inability to
    get our government to get this junk out of our food.

    • The reason the doctor did not give the amount of mercury in the HFCS is because mercury is toxic at ALL levels! There is no known level at which mercury does not damage the body. It is one of the most toxic substances known to man. Remember that when you hear people talking about putting thimerosol/mercury into vaccines…

      • Actually the form of mercury should have been mentioned as it is more important than the quantity.
        DD, maybe you need to look around you a bit more – if you want zero mercury intake you need to stop eating a LOT of foods.
        Mercury is in a lot of NATURAL food – particularly fish, with some of highest levels found in shark (flake), ray, swordfish, barramundi, gemfish, orange roughy, ling and southern bluefin tuna.
        The form that the mercury is in is very important, not just the amount – pure elemental mercury is actually quite harmless whereas the organic forms are the most dangerous, particularly methyl-mercury.
        Methyl-mercury in fish mainly comes from mercury in ocean sediment that is transformed into methyl-mercury by microorganisms – YES that’s right! Methyl-mercury is produced by a naturally occurring microorganisms from naturally occurring mercury in the ocean sediment!

        • I thought the mercury in fish and the oceans was from pollution due to manufacturing. Thank you for this information. I will read more about it.

    • I’m 53, I’m 30lbs overweight at 220. Was told I had fatty Liver and Trygeicerides wer about 235 them to 350. and Type II Diabetes. I’ve been hooked on Sodas for years. Doctor said to lose weight. Saw an article about HFCS being tied to Hign Tryglicerides ans fatty Liver. So I stopped drinking Sodas and strangly enough my Triglycerides dropped to normal in 3 months and no more fatty Liver. Did not lose a lot of weight. My Doctor said whatever you are doing keep it up.
      Why are Doctors not educated adout this information? It just boggles my mind to think that they spend tons of money and years in colleged highly educated and yet dont have this information. It’s just not right.
      Then I was told later I had type II Diabetes. Went on Meds for that with really bad side effects. Found a Diabetes reversay program through Juicing Vegetables.
      No longer on that Medication eigher and Diabetes is no more.
      We need to take our own health into our own hands expecting Doctors to take care of us through Meds. I’m not saying Meds are bad as a whole. But in my instances eating right and stopping sodas and eating dead processed foods has cured me. Not all Doctors are unimformed for sure. But all the ones I’ve had are all the same not giving critical information to me. I had to hear it from people who eat natural diets which ar many times thought to be Radicals when in fact they are in many times eating like my grand Parents did. Natural Whols Foods. It was normal back then. Fast food did not exist.

  • Great article! I enjoyed the points that you make here but I feel one really big one has been overlooked. That the majority of the corn being used to make corn syrup is GMO corn. These days I try to avoid products containing corn but it is extremely difficult because it is in everything! Just the thought of it gives me the willies… A thick syrup of genetically modified organisums Yuck! It astounds me that this is deemed “safe”

  • I’m just a bit confused on the fructose.

    Could you compare the fructose in fruit juices, balsamic vinegar, other sweeteners (honey, agave, maple syrup, molasses)? Do they have effects on fat production by the liver or gut problems similar to HFCS?

    And you’re saying that whole fruit does not cause those two problems because the fiber and other contents slow down digestion?

    • Hi Harriet,

      All forms of fructose, once absorbed by the stomach, go directly to the liver where they trigger fat production and triglycerides and lead to the process that encourages insulin resistance and diabesity. So Dr Hyman suggests avoiding all processed forms of sugars and moderate intake of those found in fruit. Berries, apples, pears, melons etc. are best! Stay away from juices, dried fruit and added sweeteners such as those you listed! For more personalized nutrition advice, Dr Hyman’s nutrition coaching team would be happy to work with you on an individual level to help you reach your goals. To work with the nutrition coaching team please go to: OR call (800) 892-1443 to get started.

      • I am diabetic since 20 years and take insulin twice a day+ medicine too. But My sugers are still very high. I stated taking Fluctos based sweetners 10 years back and very rarly take direct suger. I have low energy, stomach upsets and many other health problems. Could it be that sweetner be a parner in this. Please advise and reach out.

        • Yes, your sweetener is a huge part of your problem. Maybe more so than HFCS. Look up “aspartame” dangers and do more research on it. A good substitute for the artificial sweeteners you use may be Organic Agave nectar, which is purely from the agave plant. It is low glycemic that is 100% naturally derived from a plant.

          • J

            You do realize that all agave nectar contains more fructose than HFCS? HFCS is low glycemic too, all fructose is. The agave marketing companies just trot “Low GI!” out to make it seem healthy. People have known about this for years, I don’t understand why HFCS is demonized and agave is touted as some kind of miracle sweetener. They’re both awful for you.

    • I just drank half a brisk iced tea before coming across this article and now I am going to dispose the rest. I am surprised at how much information is on the internet about HFCS, that I never knew about. I only looked it up because my bio professor who is also my adviser and leader of sustainability on campus, Rider University, once talked about knowing what goes into your body and checking ingredients in foods or drinks before consuming them . It was the second ingredient after water. This is definitely the last time I have consumed this product. I have a friend who claims that Brisk Iced Tea is his favorite, i will do my best to educate him about HFCS, and hopefully he will understand the effects of this. I recommend this film..”FED UP” it is a film about the industries and government and how we as individuals and as a society are being affected. The government is unable to take this harmful substances out the system, if the government could do this them why did I still drink a beverage containing HFCS, it is 2015 and most people are not educated about these important things. I am grateful to my professor Dr. Laura Hyatt of Rider University, Biology De for educating what we eat.

      Below is a short poem i wrote while consuming a diet Pepsi(not recently years ago)

      To drink or not to drink?
      Is this a good drink, I think?
      About to drink, just at the brink
      So it’s diet what’s the stink?

      After reading this article this poem need adjustments.

      To drink or not to drink?
      Is this a good drink, I think?
      About to drink, just at the brink
      So it’s diet what’s the stink?
      There is the stink
      This poison to drink?
      Whats wrong with us
      Is this how we think?
      Nature we remake
      Poisonous are our fruit drinks
      To quench my thirst
      Water I’ll have, water it had always been
      Instead of soft drinks.

  • I agree with Leah; I’m interested in just how much mercury they have found in this stuff. Even if any level of mercury is harmful, an added source that is trivial compared to the “background level” in the environment is much less of a concern than one that could double or triple a person’s total mercury consumption. Of course, I try to avoid HFCS anyway, because of the health risks and because it make most things taste like stale apple juice. But it’s good to know every threat associated with it.

  • About a year ago I was sent this video:

    And since then I have informed anyone that will listen about this poison. It is nearly impossible to find cookies, ice cream, bread, yogurt, cereals, hot dogs, etc, etc, etc wit out HFCS, and I continually write letters to Kellogs, Craft, Kiebler, Hood (chocolate milk) etc, that I will no longer buy any of their products. Sometimes they answer most times they don’t even bother.

    Lately I have been seeing thing like :”less that 5% HFCS” less that 5% of what? whole wait of the product? amount of sugars?

    Kiebler told me that they had over 25 cookies without it, I was unable to find 1 of those cookies in Market Basket!!!!

    Also you must be careful in Whole foods because they use High Glucose Syrup, and Glucose Syrup which is the HFCS of the Europeans and just as bad for you.

    I now make most cookies and cakes and Ice cream at home, since it seems that manufactures do not want to give up on this extra cheap sweetener. They don’t seem to grasp the idea, that most people do not mind paying extra for quality.

    • When more people speak up, the more pressure companies will experience to make the changes we all want. The food babe is the voice for many of us who want to eat healthier food.

    • Manuel, I just want to say THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT VIDEO!!!!!!

      It truly was an eyeopener even more than my eyes are open already!!!! He clarified much for me and I am sharing this with friends. This guy is my new hero!! I will certainly be checking out other videos of his as well!

      Thanks again. I so appreciate you for sharing this and for the information Dr. Ludwig provided.

  • Nothing wrong with genetically modified foods – a large proportion of the worlds population would have starved over 20 years ago if foods such as GM wheat hadn’t been developed to keep up with the global food requirements!
    If eating “Natural” or “live” foods instead of “junk” or “Dead” foods like our ancestors is better, and these relatively recent artificial substances are so terrible, then why hasn’t the average human lifespan dropped to reflect it?

    • Of course, the “industry” has to get in on this. GMO is safe????????? Put down the crack pipe and educate yourself. The world was never starving, that was a huge lie too. We have plenty of food, we just waste too much of it.

    • While GM foods have been wonderful for hunger issues it is a double edge sword. For a great deal of people these GMO’s cause alot of issues. I had been miserable for the last 12years constantly having severe stomach issues and inflammation. When I recently went to more clean pure foods my problems went away. So I guess you have to weigh the positives and the negatives. For me and my body GMO’s make a difference. Science can be wonderful but not always the exact fix we need. Just my experience.

    • SBB- There has been a huge lifespan drop. GMO is the cause of many diseases such as brain related diseases, all types of cancers, obesity, diabetes. We lose brain cells and studies that have lasted so long as 10 years show memory loss among the other named problems. We as a people are not as sharp as we used to be. GMO foods kills you slowly. It is something that scientist says will show result in 10-15 years and not overnight, but the results are very damaging. Studies show children who eat organic foods vs. GMO are better behaved, listen, less emotional, and do not have or rarely have food allergies…just to name a few!!! I have just scratched the surface.

    • That’s simple SBB. With new advances in pharmaceuticals, the human race can easily offset the negative effects of bad diets and suspicious ingredients 🙂

      • I have long been severely troubled by almost immediate diarrhea after eating. Reading about HFCS corn syrup) made me aware of the problems caused by this cheap cane or beet sugar substitute found in many many foods. I do not drink sodas, eat ice cream or any desserts unless I can read the ingredients on the labels and I am generally problem free. My gastroenterologist said that my diet should be mainly meat, rice, potatoes,and bananas. This sounded awful but I am careful to eat fruits and veggies that are not high in fructose like apples, peaches and pears. I try to read labels on everything I eat, hard to do when eating out, but the relief from worry is worth it. Sodium nitrate in ham, bacon and sausage is a problem too. I avoid it when eating out and buy organic meats for at home. Be careful. The commercial world has no care for peoples’ health. It is only concerned about profit. You must be your own watchman. Go to the store and read labels! It is shocking to see how many foods are contaminated with chemicals. If you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it.

    • Right..

      How healthy is the average human throughout their lifespan now, that are exposed to all the chemicals in our “food” these days, such as HFCS? GMO foods, we still don’t have all the information on.. sure it may keep you from starving, but who knows what kind of cancer or disease you will end up with. I’d rather live a healthy life for a shorter period of time than trying to stay alive in such a state of physical (and emotional) stress.

  • I have been hearing this from kids and believe it or not my chyropratictor for a long time. It all comes down to the almighty dollar. Imagine what they would loose if the truth got out to everyone. Thanks for the great and informative artycle.

  • As long as the government artificially keeps the price of cane sugar high, HFCS will have this kind of huge economic advantage. There are two sugar prices in the world…U.S. and ex-U.S. , truly a crime that negatively impacts our health. Clearly the corn lobby has far more power than any sucrose producing association.

  • Thank you for your article. I have avoided all products containing HFCS for many years. It is a sure way to avoid poor quality foods. I also keep honey bees and lately have read that HFCS may be one of the culprits in Colony Collapse, a major problem in the USA. Many of the big time beekeeping operations feed HFCS to their bees to cut costs and it is causing problems with poor nutrition and lower resistance to p[pesticides. HFCS is not good for any living thing. It is made using genetically engineered bacteria to break down the molecules in corn starch into single molecules which make syrup. It is an unstable compound that has no place in a nutritional diet. It is a powerful Corn lobby that keeps such a dangerous substance in the diet of our children and now honey bees. Two living things who will eat any sweet substance provided to them. It is sad so many people are not yet aware of the danger. Thank you for your effort to help people learn better ways to improve their health.

  • First, thank you for the straight forward article. I will be forwarding it to my friends. I have two small children 6 and 4, I have been paying attention to hfcs for a long time. I never bring anything into my home that contains it. Yes they still get some because it is almost impossible to avoid if you do not supply your own food. The amount that children are consuming is staggering. I am always trying to tell other parents about it and they look at me like I am a weirdo. People think if they are not giving their kids soda then its not a problem. I read labels and it seems like almost everything for kids has it. I researched this topic on my own but why aren’t pediatricians warning parents? I believe more people would take notice if they were. It truly horrified me how much I see little kids consuming. I read a study about lab rats loosing memory after consuming hfcs over two weeks!

  • Thank you for such a nice article, it’s pleasant. As I have experience tasting bad and good food due to indicated ingredients, feelings, and evidences- I rather stay with good nutritional foods than with other foods that are potentially harmful to your health. Because when you eat fruits, vegetables, meats, etc; you feel like you have good nutrition-of course when you know what you’re eating and drinking as well as having the sensation of feeling good. Therefore, you will even see signs of good health when you have a nice glowing texture of beautiful skin. But when your body consumes corn syrup, modified corn starch, bad fats, you feel that as if you like the other food better because IT IS WHAT THE BODY FEELS as an effect. If you feel that your body is compromised with bad nutrition and you even see evidence of you being obese, feeling strange in the body, and even other negative effects such as acne, it might not just be genetic but it could be sign of digesting foods bad for your health.

  • I am inclined I might be pre-diabetic, and that the corn syrup is to blame. This year, after about 10 years of eating too much junk, fast food, sugar, and HFCS, I started have periods of feeling weak and shaky, and I noticed anything with HFCS would bring it on a couple hours. I am only about 20 lbs overweight, and I run, but I can’t seem to get rid of those stubborn pounds. Had pizza last night, and don’t feel so good right now, only to discover the Little Ceasers Pizza has HFCS in it. I am taking vitamins daily in the morning.

    I think all of us should go cold turkey on HFCS and sue these a”‘s for what they put in our food.

  • The easiest 10 lbs I have ever lost happened when I stopped eating (as best as is possible) foods with HFCS. I did not exercise or change eating habits – I just began omitting anything with HFCS ingredients. As stated in some of the replies above – It is very difficult to find foods without HFCS – especially some of my favorites – but it can be done. The interesting thing – and I am assuming coincidental – within about 8 weeks of changing my diet I ended up in surgery because of Diverticulitis – fortunately a mild rupture if I can use that definition – but major surgery none-the-less. Now, I am more conscious of the foods going into my body and, I am becoming much more active. I have dropped over 40lbs and lost 4 inches on my waist since May. I have not stopped eating sugars but regulate and minimize. I do love fruit drinks for example and currently dilute the healthier drinks I buy by 30 – 50%. There is some benefit to this as I wean away from fruit drinks and I save money. I find that I have also become more sensitized to the lowered amount of sugar in the diluted beverages as well and there are times when my dilution will almost be 75% of filtered water to 25% juice. Thank you for the article and to everyone who wrote positive, constructive feedback – I am learning a lot from all of you!

  • Thanks so much. I have been frustrated trying to find useful info – intuitively I know but I want to tell others. It’s wrong that we have such powerful Lobbying interests in our nation. It is OUT OF CONTROL. “got milk” – that’s another one that kills me.

    Great example of Crony Capitalism: Farm Bill Corn Subsidies! Really??

    And here we are dying. Great. We need to take responsibility and become active and informed!

  • HFCS is a real worry in the food chain. I am vegan so avoid this stuff anyways however what i’m seeing of my friends and family is horrendous consumption of “fake” foods like HFCS.
    But people seem to be inherently stupid and there is 80% of the population who will believe anything they are told.
    It frustrates me know end when I see friends and family getting sicker and sicker and they just laugh at my food choice ………..
    First ingredients listed on food labels are largest quantity to lowest quantity, i’m trying to teach my step son but I have to work against the powers that be

  • I suffered from IBS for 30 years. Imagine my surprise when I was tested for food allergies and discovered I was allergic to most of my favorite foods! One of my mild allergies was corn. I can eat it in small doses, but HFCS is concentrated and sets me off with inflammation and constant cramping and diarrhea. I eliminated my allergens from my diet and lost 20lbs in 2 months.
    When you start reading food labels to stay away from allergens, it becomes increasingly clear what our obesity problem is stemming from in this country. Just try to find products that have no HFCS or corn syrup or corn sugar in them. Truly eye opening!

  • Having trouble responding. Website is not respondiing. I agree that HFCS is awful, avoid it whenever possible. But it is hard to get around. It is so ubiquitous.

  • Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this web site.

  • Thank you Dr Hyman, I through my half full pop away after reading this. I will now stop drinking Arizona green tea as well as it has HFCS, and I’ll NEVER EAT CORN AGAIN!

  • Thank you for this article about HFCS. I have been a vegan for about 3 years and have eliminated highly processed food like substances from my diet about 5 years ago. As a vegan, I rarely get to snack on things when I am at events.However, if I do I know immediately if it contains HFCS. I get a headache almost immediately. And eliminating anything that contains corn that is not organic has become my next step to improve my health. No more GMOs in my diet!!

  • Doctor,

    You are correct, the debate misses the point, but so do you and many other Americans. The one key thing left out of the debate that could have prevented the rise in obesity and still could reverse it is personal responsibility. Obesity is not caused by HFCS or cane sugar. It is caused by a lack of self control and laziness on the part of the people shoveling and dumping all these crappy foods down their throats in quantities vastly exceeding the requirements of a normal diet. Each and every person has a choice of whether to eat a nutritionally well-balanced that is calorifically suited to their needs. Exercise is also key to health. Most Type 2 diabetics wouldn’t be if they if they did those two things. If everyone did them, then obesity would be rare. Many Americans CHOOSE not to do this. So, they effective CHOOSE to be obese and diabetic. Quit blaming all the things that are not the problem.

  • I am so glad to read your informative article-I have in the last month or so stopped using heavy cream in my coffee and switched to low fat coffee creamer(non-dairy).My last doctors appointment showed that I had gained 8 pounds! I was really stumped as to why this happened, as I have not changed my diet or exercise routine.Thank you ! I will go back to heavy cream(it is better anyway!)Hopefully this will help me rid myself of these unwanted pounds!

  • Thank you for this article. My husband and I just started learning about the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis both inside and outside of our bodies earlier this year. Just since March, 2013 we have seen huge improvements in our health and eliminating HFCS is a big reason!
    By avoiding HFCS and MSG in all their forms and labels, I have lost over 55 lbs so far. I went from being extremely overweight to almost ideal weight (according to BMI measures). I have felt improvement in my body as a whole as well…less aches and pains, better digestion, more energy, no heartburn (i used to experience it multiple times a day!), I had a physical done before we started and plan to go in again a year after. I had high cholesterol and was a risk for developing diabetes and of course was overweight. I can’t wait to see the improvements!
    We as a society have been relying on the FDA to regulate our foods and have blindly trusted them to keep harmful chemicals out of them…this is not true. Now when it comes to cleaning your body and home…that is hardly regulated at all! Of the over 80,000 chemicals created in the last 50 years, only about 200 have been tested for safety for humans and animals.
    We have gone back to basics, so to speak, by going to natural, whole foods and eliminating chemicals in our bodies and home whenever possible and we will never go back to the highly processed chemically enhanced junk we used too eat/use!

  • Interesting that this is 17 % GDP and Medical Care is 16 %. Nearly half of US economy. Very hard to convince people to really want to change their habits to create better health

  • I have to say I absolutely loved your article and the use of facts was superb. Looking forward to more !

  • Can I simply say what a comfort to uncover somebody who actually knows
    what they are discussing on the web. You definitely know how to bring a problem to light
    and make it important. More people should read this and understand this side of the story.
    It’s surprising you’re not more popular since you certainly have the

  • Its really quite simple, if you consume un natural (artificial foods), you suffer, but if you consume wholesome organic, natural foods, you are successful,
    thrive & generally have a happy long livelihood.
    This action is working for me.!

  • I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I only took the meds for 3 weeks. and went on a no sugar or high fructose corn syrup diet for one year. and I’m no longer diabetic. My father did the same after finding out how I did it. and he is also no longer diabetic. He had been type two for a couple of years. Now all I do is make sure Whatever I eat does not include ingredients like HFCS or corn solids. and also I eat very little sugar.

  • Migraine like headaches? High dextrose corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are connected to headaches and migraines. For years I have suffered from on and off headaches, migraines and what I thought were sinus headaches. After starting a food diary, I narrowed it down to HDCS and HFCS as the headache triggers.

    Thanks for writing this article. People need to know the dangers of HDCS and HFCS and that so many food companies like General Mills are using high dextrose corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. (One bite of a General Foods Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola Bar containing high dextrose corn syrup will give me a severe migraine like headache.) They should have large warning labels or enough consumer backlash to stop using HDCS and HFCS.

  • Thank you for a clearly written account of why HFCS is used and its potential problems.
    I live in the U.K. and was very interested to hear the reasons for the American food inductry using HFCS in food products. The high price of imported sugars, raised by import tariffs, is something I had not understood.
    However, we are seeing a lot of products in Europe with ‘Glucose-Fructose Syrup’ (our name for HFCS) in them. Presumably our food manufacturers don’t have to pay ‘American’ prices for sugar, so why are they using HFCS? The only reason that I can think of is that it is cheaper for the manufacturers. Where are they sourcing their HFCS? I wonder if it is the American Corn Industry? If you guys are using less of the stuff now than you were 20 years ago, there will probably be excess capacity in the USA looking for a new market……

  • Listed in the “advantages” of using HFCS are “more stable” and “longer shelf life”. But what do these things really mean..? They mean that even SLIMY MOLD and BACTERIA do not want to eat it!

    • No, “more stable” and “longer shelf life” means that the water content is so low that there isn’t enough WATER for spoilage microorganisms to survive in that environment. A longer shelf life keeps your food cheaper because companies can make more at once and it has longer to sell rather than starting up the whole production for a small batch more often.

  • I believe it’s population control is all. Why is their rat poison (sodium flouride) in our drinking water? Why is aspartame (which comes from literally the feces of ecoli and is a neurotoxin the same as flouride)? I see no other reason than population controlled.

  • Thanks for such an informative article. I live in the UK and for the last few years have suffered migraines and IBS (which I have controlled somewhat with probiotic yoghurt) and more worryingly I had extreme fatigue at work which would come on some afternoons and leave me unable to concentrate for a couple of hours and wanting to just put my head down on the desk and sleep. This fatigue got so bad recently causing me to have to go to bed if at home or wanting to cry if at work, that I feared pre diabetes. I therefore did loads of internet research and finally concluded it must be the HFCS. I”‘ve cut them out for five weeks now and not had any fatigue or a migraine during that time. Thanks again for this information. I’ve also just coincidentally watched the US award winning documentary Food Inc from 2008 _ very interesting!!!!!!

  • Hello, I live in Colombia and I’ve been stuck with acne for over 10 years and I haven’t figured out whether it’s related to food or genes but after reading such and interesting and eye-opening article along with your meaningful feedback and stories, I think I’m going go through one of those rebooting experiences that use leafy greens. I’m very scatterbrained and that’s why it’s difficult to put together a nice and consistent diet for the next weeks or months but I hope I can keep up, juice a lot and I’ll go back to post my results…. thank you all.

  • Dr. Hyman,
    Thank you so much for your article and the clear and consise way you have helped me understand the dangers of HFCS. I have been a migraine sufferer for 20+ years, most recently on high doses of Lamictal and Keppra as preventatives and taking about 9 100 mg imatrex in 3 weeks for acute migraine. I have recently completed 30 days of a Daniel Fast (veggies, fruits, nuts, nut butters and small amount of oil) and i have been migraine free for 30 days. I am off all of the medications noted above. Now the embarrassing part, I am also a medical care provider (FNP) and I never in a million years would have linked my migraines with food. Of course, the usual suspects I did, alcohol and MSG, but never sugar or HFCS. I am now trying to add back a few foods and I believe sugar to be a trigger. You have helped in my quest to understand what I need to do. Thank you.

  • I thank my friend for sending me this article. I honestly did not know there was such a difference in the HFCS. I will read all the labels from now on.
    I do not drink sodas but now I see I have to read the labels on everything.

  • I am 6 ft and around 185 -190 pounds. After 20 years in the military I found other work. I did not continue to exercise like I had while in the service. I retired in 2000 at 185#. I gained about 5# per year after retirement until I hit about 234#. At that time I went in to the doctor for an problem unrelated to weight. Of course, they always take you blood pressure and pulse before you see the doctor.
    The doctor said I had high blood pressure and asked for me to come in 5 more times for further blood pressure readings. He also said that it was genetic and I would have to go on meds for the rest of my life; I was about 48 years old at that time. My reply was that I needed to exercise and lose weight. And I was right! Of course, I did get a blood pressure machine to use at home because high blood pressure is a serious thing not to be taken lightly. Had I not gotten the results I needed I would have gone the medication route; however, if I can avoid unnatural treatments or treating the symptoms rather than the problem, I will.
    I yo-yo’d three times while working to lose weight. The easiest way to lose weight was to make a change in my eating and drinking habits. It must be a lifetime change. I started by substituting high calorie foods and drinks with low calorie foods and drinks.
    The real key to losing weight was going to non-processed foods. I was diagnosed with gall stones and had to go on a no fat diet to lessen the occurance of the attacks caused by them. That same year I found a tumor on my arm, which luckily turned out to be benign, that also caused me to go natural with my food intake after reading more about natural health. Also, this reduced the amount of pimples significantly. If you are having acne problems, take a serious look at what you are ingesting. Remember, garbage in garbage out.
    I have maintained my current weight since 2011; however, if I stray from my diet I easily increase in weight by up to 10 pounds in a short period of time. So, once again I say it is a lifetime change in eating behavior.
    Great article, very well written.

  • Dr. Hyman,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for exposing the evil corruption of companies that clearly know full-well what they are doing.

    You are such a credible and trust-worthy source and I love your books!

    Thanks for all you do to make up for what the FDA should be doing.

    You clearly have a passion for making a difference!


  • I’ll try and keep this simple. I think we are fucked, as in literally fucked by the acronym of “fuck”: fornication under consent of the king. Christians are NOT on our side. Even if Christianity’s social-sciences are vaguely pure like a mere star on mere space, but not a negotiating Earth. As long as those niggas praise Jesus, it doesn’t matter how fat they are. If one of them so serving wants to lose weight, he has their support, as long as a majority of them are not champion, but reluctantly champion. It’s reluctant, simply because it spikes human-emotion to have further compromise. By having HFCS in the drinks, people face a much greater difficulty in resisting the spiritual-sized conflict you’d blame demons on, if you had something to hide. In retrospect, the ones willing to die for nothing, or servile Christians, will be on the look out for deviants. The HFCS’s effect blends GREATLY with people not caring about diet and SUPPORTING dark euphemisms for greater conflict like the 9/11 attacks. Therefore, conformists are the MAJOR wave of attack. I nearly can’t believe I CAN’T say THEY are the white horse of death! LOL I LOVE IT, but who understands what I am saying with a great reading level?

    I just think we’re fucked, and if you want to die peacefully in any way, practice being healthy in secret, because those niggas, including Christians, will eat you alive. They’re always funny at first, like the little dinosaurs on Lost World: Jurassic Park, but they catch up on you like mosquitoes or running away from pigs in a locked mud-hole. G damn, I hate life. sometimes, I wish knowing things would get you killed, but no one kills you. It’s all about torture lol.

  • Great post Dr. Hyman! Thank you for sharing the insight. I am all new to this fight against bad food, only after I got sick I began to research on it. Only now I understand how important is to actually prevent a disease. Corn Syrup was in about 20 types of foods in my kitchen and fridge! It is scary right now that all that was inside me for such a long time and what worst can happen to me next?

  • the corn fructose people don’t know about the food industry or the health industry, and additionally, the health industry doesn’t study food, and the food industry doesn’t study health.

    Buying food at an Ameican Market is scary.

    People should consider Alaskan Wild Caught frozen fish, organic vegetables and fruits, and walk away from all the
    boxed and canned foods at the market, so they can live well and a lot, lot longer.
    John Lovins

  • Thank you for this excellent article. Several years ago I suspected the HFCS was the cause of almost all American huge health problems. I researched on the internet and found two studies by universities decrying the use of HFCS in our food. I have been avoiding it as much as possible ever since. I read labels constantly.

    I understand Canada and Mexico outlaw the use of HFCS.

    The food and soft drink industry is aware of the dangers. Just today Pepsi announced they were in the process of producing a Pepsi with sugar instead of HFCS. I know excess sugar is just as bad but does not have all these other terrible side effects. At least the body can process it.

  • I’m an avid label reader and I had always generally avoided HFCS, but when my 11 year old daughter learned about it being bad, she started checking all the labels in the house, I was shocked to find out that it was in things I never would have suspected like bagels, hot dog buns, and salad dressing.

    Anyway, I’m wondering if you find just “fructose” or just “corn syrup” on the label, is that OK, or are those by themselves bad too?


  • Hi,
    I would like to thank oyu for this article! Whenever i eat high fructose corn syrup, i get the worst of migraines, and this article actually made my mom realize that high fructose corn syrup is actually what causes my migraines!

  • I thought I was being careful to avoid hfcs. Then I checked my coffee creamer. They sure hide it in clever places. Got rid of the creamer after so many years. People trusted the processed food industry and what have we gotten for our trust besides epidemics of cancer, obesity and heart disease?

  • I tell people the dangers of HFCS all the time and encourage them to eat healthy but it’s like an addiction. Many people are addicted to poor foods because of poor weak minds and lack of faith. It can get very deep and spiritual when it comes to addiction. It’s just like asking a person to stop smoking cigarettes and inform him/her about cigarettes with information that THEY ALREADY KNOW. It’s like they just CANNOT stop. And that’s how it seems with food also. AT LEAST 80 percent of grocery stores contain foods with HFCS and then there are the ORGANICS… It costs a little more but it’s worth it. Between me and you, I feel a conspiracy. I absolutely loved the information and I hope you don’t mind but I want to post this page to my facebook profile. I’M SURE NO ONE WILL LOOK AT IT ANYWAY because NO ONE I KNOW PAYS ATTENTION TO HEALTH. The thought of no one caring is outrageous.

  • My chiropractor (also a health food nut) says…Peanuts have become quite famous…almost no one had a peanut allergy 100 years ago. Something has happened that has made peanuts quite famous for creating allergies. Peanut allergies have evolved at about the same time as HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) has been around…are they related?
    HFCS contributes to holes in your intestine called the Leaky Gut Syndrome. The holes are large enough to let larger molecules of peanuts directly into your blood stream. It’s by this method that more foods seem to cause allergies and other diagnosed entities in patients now more than ever before.

    I’m wondering, Dr Hyman, have you heard this and is there science to back it up?

  • Thank you for this brilliant article! I have just finished reading ‘Sweet Poision – Why Sugar Makes Us Fat’ by David Gillespie and the information contained in this book relating to Fructose is overwhelmingly disturbing. Almost everything packaged and canned contains Fructose and / or table sugar & ‘natural HEALTHY’ sugars like Honey (which it turns out is NOT HEALTHY for humans to consume!). I have done my first two weeks on a no sugar diet and going cold turkey was not easy! The headaches due to withdrawal were terrible. After reading this book I vow to NEVER AGAIN eat ANYTHING that contains Fructose. I have always checked labels on foods to check ingredients before I’ve bought them – but I have decided to banish sugar from my diet as much as I can in the form of processed foods and stick to fruit. I never knew of the dangers of fructose. Even lots of protein bars for people who look after their diets like me contain fructose! I have never been a soft drink fan so I’m hoping I havent consumed enough of this dangerous sugar to give me a heart attack, cancer or stroke in future.- The dangers of this sugar need to be available for the entire public! Unless you have an interest in quitting sugar & read books like this the public arent aware of the dangers in Fructose. Poeple know sugarary things lead to weight gain but I bet bet not even half of the worlds population are aware of any of the dangers in consuming fructose. I am going to warn all my family and friends of the dangers of consuming fructose and hope they like me will stop buying products that contain this dangerous sugar.

  • I work at a school. What is passed off as healthy food would amaze you! If more parents ate lunch with their child at school, they would pack them a lunch! Even if the lunch was free! Which they now mostly are. All children at our school get breakfast free, every day is it a choice of common sugary cereal, juice milk and yogurt or cheese. If they knew their child ate Trixs everyday, they might feed them before they come to school. Well, a small handful of parents would. I hope.

  • Yesterday, my 11 year old grandson had a science report. He chose to bring to the attention of his classmates how acid can erode. When I picked him up at school, he had a 2 liter bottle of Coke, to show that Coke can shine a copper penny. I asked him why did he bring such a big bottle to school, since it had to be heavy in his backpack. His response, I don’t know. I also explained to him how acid can take the enamel out of his teeth but I don’t think he was really listening. The day before, he took his older brother’s Mountain Dew and I tried to explain about the sugar but more so about the highest content of caffeine out of all the sodas. Yeah! That’s why it’s the greatest!

  • Finally another physician that agrees with me. Three years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes requiring 40 units of insulin to control daily. I tried to lose weight but no matter how little I consumed the weight did not budge. So I then began examining the ingredients in my food and found that just about everything I consumed had corn syrup or HCFS in it. Even sausage had HCFS. It didn’t make sense to me why this was in just about every food product I had in my house. So I experimented with myself and only ate foods that did not have HCFS, maltodextrin or wheat in it. Within 30 days I lost 40 lbs and sugar levels dropped to normal. I no longer need insulin or any other sugar lowering drug. I look and feel much better. As far as I,m concerned the american public is being poisoned and this knowledge must be more exposed. I am now recommending my diabetic and obese patients to avoid these substances and will observe what results I get. Keep up the good work because this is real.

  • While I must admit the science talked about in this article is a bit beyond me, there are certainly some alarming trends in our food. Doing some grocery shopping last week, I decided it had been a long time since I had tried a hotdog and was craving one. So I go over and there were like ten brands of hotdogs. All but three of these brands contained HFCS. One of the remaining three contained sugar. The other two were free of sugars. Now one really has to ask why in the world would a sweetner be placed in a meat product.

  • Maybe I’m retarded but this seems to be more of an article about not consuming too much of any sugar. I read this after reading the wiki page on HFCS, which I went to after reading a yogurt article which stated HFCS is articfial (I thought it was natural like beet sugar, I was wrong).

    This page states “HFCS contains contaminants including mercury that are not regulated or measured by the FDA.” While the wikipedia page stated that some sames contained mercury while most didn’t. But yes, the FDA should require HFCS produces to use a production method that doesn’t contain mercury. (I eat sushi, so I’m sure I get plenty of mercury anyways).

    This page also states “Regular cane sugar (sucrose) is made of two-sugar molecules bound tightly together– glucose and fructose in equal amounts.” While the wikipedia entry states the bond is weak. Either way, went this bond is broken in your stomach, you still have basicaly the same 2 chemicals in your body, so “High doses of free fructose have been proven to literally punch holes in the intestinal lining” it doesn’t matter if all that fructose came from sucrose or HFCS, your intestinal lining is still going to get damaged.

    I suspect most people reading this article (and zero that will read the comments, mine more so) will have found the info they were looking for. If you want to find the devil, you’ll find him.

    I read this article with an open mind. I know sugar or any substance in too high of a dose isn’t healthy but I still don’t see why HFCS is any worse than sugar. It doesn’t matter if the 3lbs of peanut M&M’s or Redvines I eat in a day are made with pure sugar cane sugar or HFCS, it’s not a healthy choice, but it tastes so good!

    • Brennen, I agree with you. If you want to find the devil, you will find one. As a chemist, I can tell you, it is the sodas and excessive high calorie diet coupled with no exercise which is killing people. Dr. mark should have demonized the sodas with any sugar, not cherry picked the HFCS. Again, most corn syrup are like table sugar, but cheaper. Fructose being twice sweeter, need less meaning add less calorie per se and hence better. Dr. Mark is also an entrepreneur and trying to promote his brand of diet. In my opinion any sugar consumed excessively is bad and stored as glycogen. follow the middle path.

  • going into a grocery store for me now feels like a war zone where i am avoiding bullets, mines, and bombs. having only learned about gmo’s for about 6 months and i am suspect about every item on the shelf there. i have been reading food labels since 1972 initially to avoid preservatives in foods. then i learned about corn syrup about 15 years ago. then i was smug about the public’s growing disfavor with corn syrup. but now sugar does not mean sugar, it simply means gmo sugar since 90% of sugar is gmo beet sugar so there has really been no true advancement in quelling the deleterious use of these sweeteners. the same giant food corporations that formerly profited from the economies of corn syrup have only switched gears and now just substitute cheap gmo sugar for corn syrup. so our battle is with these giant food allied with the giant agricultural corporations allied with the national grocers association. the only financial defense to this war on the consumer is to stop shopping at conventional grocery stores and support stores that primarily sell either wholesome foods and/or organic brands with a genuine philosophy of real food with non-gmo labeling because it has gotten to the point that a vast amount of food in the grocery store is gmo. so, as contributors in this forum have already said, no more corn syrup in our food and no gmo sugar in our food and no more sugar of any type in our food. hit these companies where it hurts–on their quarterly and annual earnings statements–with a consumer embargo and stop buying their chemically processed artificial foods that are endangering our health!

  • Anything man made is NOT good for you, so I am not surprised at all. I will totally remove HFCS out of my diet. I’ve read other articles stating the same thing about HFCS causing multiple problems to a persons health. Once you know better, hopefully one will do better. I will.

  • This was probably the worst article I’ve ever read in my life. Really showed a lack of understanding of basic science and an active attempt to deceive the reader. I guess the quote at the beginning (“If you can’t convince them, confuse them”) was your goal for this article. I would be afraid for my life if you were my doctor. Just to let you know, honey (which is found in nature) has just about the exact same ratio of fructose:glucose as HFCS. And 50:50 of table sugar compared to 55:45 in HFCS is a negligible difference. What’s wrong with you?

  • i have been dealing with stomach pains,digestive problems.bloating, unable to urinate as i should. my doc said all the blood test look fine.
    so i went to another doc. he said the same thing and put me on Tamsolusin for enlarged prostate. it helped, but it didnt fix the problem. so 6 months later i cut out all my soft drinks. within one day, i was peeing like i race horse.within a week, no bloat, going to the bathroom like i should, energy is high. im sleeping better. not as much fluid on my legs. i do believe it is the soft drinks causing this. its the only change i have made. i will never drink another. good luck everyone, in the twisted corrupt country we call home.

  • I have long been unimpressed with the chemical/biological links between obesity and sugar. I am simply unconvinced but remain open for better arguments.

    That said, there is definitely a link between sugar and obesity, and it’s quite simple really. It’s psychological. Added sugar to prepared foods makes them taste better, and when it tastes better, we eat more of it. Simple as that.

    I greatly reduced sugar from my diet and lost a bunch of weight. While the sugar reduction was correlated with the weight loss, it was not the cause. The cause was eating less volume and mass.

  • Solution: Subsidized corn needs to go. I have a feeling that will be an issue in future elections as people become more aware about HFCS.

    Americans want cheap food. But in my opinion you either pay now or pay later. Choose to spend a little more on healthy unprocessed foods now, or spend even more on medical bills later. The later also being an early/unpleasant deathbed.

  • I worry when I hear the leap of correlation being presented as evidence of causation. It makes me question the validity of any other “evidence” presented as scientific fact. Of course, everyone wants to oversimplify what is going on here, but back when soda was sweetened with cane sugar it was expensive. If you told my grandparents that one day soda could be purchased for a fraction of the price of water, they would say you were crazy. So, the subsidized corn industry leads to subsidizing the consumption of HFCS-sweetened beverages at artificially deflated prices so people over-consume it. I propose this correlation (ridiculously cheap soda and the obesity rates skyrocketing) is more likely the causal relationship. Granted, the “culprit” may be the same in my mind but the relationship is a little more complex.

  • From :

    Sugar is healthier than high fructose corn syrup.

    High fructose corn syrup is nearly identical in composition to table sugar

    By this logic, we should start making carbonated refreshments with carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide. They are “nearly identical in composition”.

  • Forget reports, studies and statistics. Look around in the real world. Remember when Americans were thin? Old photos of relatives who ate from their own farms were not obese like people today who drink soda by the liter along with fast foods and too many cheap convenience foods. I stopped drinking soda and fruit drinks as a way to save money since food costs were going up with no raise in my paycheck.

    To my surprise I started losing weight just by drinking water instead of HFCS drinks. Also my Blood Pressure improved. This was after just a month. Just try it yourself. Cut out the HFCS and you will see real improvement in your weight and health.

  • Hello my family member! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include almost all significant infos.
    I’d like to see extra posts like this .

  • i appreciate the info on hfcs,however i am not in complete agreement with everything that this article said or didn’t say.specifically according to my research and study the human brain does not reckonize hfcs as being natural thus it does not process it as being natural.meaning that when hfcs is ingested the brain does not send an enzymatic signal to the pancreas to produce insulin to regulate the blood sugar,so the blood sugar stays spiked. whereas when cane sugar is ingested the brain reckonizes it as being natural and sends the enzymatic signal to the pancreas to regulate the blood sugar.i am not a doctor but i don’t believe that one has to be a doctor to understand the workings of the human body. nobody on any websites in my opinion are telling people about the omissions by the brain when hfcs is ingested.

  • Where there is smoke there is usually fire. This controversy reminds me of the back and forth that took place when smoking cigarettes was healthy & glamorous. I don’t eat hfcs unless I don’t know I am eating it. I pay pretty close attention to what I eat. I spend more time in the vegetable section at the grocery store than the rest of the store combined and I read the labels anywhere else.

  • Wow, Thank you for this I always wondered about this “mystery syrup” now I know. Thank you for having the courage speak the truth. 🙂

  • Would gmo contamination also be a concern about HFCS? Most of the corn in America comes from GE seed as far as I know.


  • An excellent article. The thing that I wonder is: If HFCS is as good as the manufacturers claim, why do they give it a different name in different countries? –

    In the UK it’s called Fructose Glucose Syrup, and quite often the “Fructose” appears at the end of one line on the ingredients list, and the “glucose syrup” on the next. You need a magnifying glass to see that there isn’t a comma between them.

    I would be very interested to see a correlation chart showing by year, the consumption of HFCS against the incidence of Type 2 diabetes, and would not be at all surprised to see a very good correlation, with an offset of about five to ten years. – Of course I expect the same for Aspartame.

    I also have a suspicion that HFCS is an appetite enhancer, and will encourage people to eat and drink more.

    According to my research two of the safest sweeteners are xylitol and stevia: – Any thoughts on those two?.

  • And another thought: We’ve been blanket bombed in the UK with “Five a day”: We must have five portions of fruit and vegetables every day: – Presumably if fructose is so bad for us, we’ll be warned not to eat Fruit quite soon, and to avoid fruit juices completely

  • Hmmmm. You do realize that Wikipedia is NOT researched and shall we say NOT certified accurate? That anyone can post or change a post on there. An eleven year old can edit the info? You need to find at least 3 different and diverse certified sources that can back up what is said.
    We all know putting artificial foods of any kind into our bodies is not healthy.
    Three years ago my husband had extremely high cholesterol and we decided to make changes.
    We started only eating food that had a face on it, on weekends. Started eating non processed foods, and consuming high quantities of fruits and veggies.
    Contrary to popular myth, our grocery bill dropped to about half of what is was.
    My husbands cholesterol dropped over 300 points in four months.
    But this was the shock, I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had it for 12 years. My symptoms went away. I have had no further damage to my joints, I no longer take any medications and my fatigue is almost gone!
    I am not saying for anybody else to stop their medications, but my doctors fully supported my decision.
    I am now a firm believer in using our foods to heal our bodies! I hope all of you will do so too.

    • Hi Tony,
      Thank you for sharing your story. We’re so glad to hear that you’ve discovered the power of real food!
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

  • Just on the way home – thought I’d pick up some juice – a bottle of Clamato looked good – first ingredient? You guessed it! High Fructose Corn syrup – needless to say I didn’t buy – I no longer buy any product that has HFCS in it – man it feels good to have a low BMI and a spring to the step. Criminal how the USA is being “poisoned” by vested interests. Interesting that the corn syrup subsidies all started with the embargo of Cuban sugar – I’d say Catro won! LOL

    BTW just back from France – the turnstiles on the metro are termed “American Filters” cause the average bubble person from the USA just can’t fit – amazing!

    • I guess the over 11% of obese French people like Gerard Depardieu just use their Parkour skills to get through those “American filters”?

  • just like the hunter, eat berries, vegties, chicken,fish,lean ground turkey, seeds, nuts,and exercise.
    within no time you’ll lose weight have more energy, and above all not get sick by over 70%.

    No process foods frozen dinners thats all you need to know. Cut all that crap by half you’ll feel better, and bring down that level as low as your able to.

    I went from 186 to 145 in 8 months and will never go back to where it used to be. now its been 3.5 yrs now and im the same weight.
    We all know what crap is. It is your choice to put or don’t into our bodies.

    • Thank you for sharing PJ!

      Most people have no idea what they are actually putting in their bodies when they eat the processed foods or frozen foods that you mentioned. It may be a hard habit to break…but if you stick with it, results will be fantastic. Every chance you eat is a chance to nourish your body. You are walking proof of that! Great job!!!

  • WOW!!! Thank you for this article. I knew how bad HFCS was but there are some stuff in your article I did not know. Thank you again for the info.

  • Thank you Dr.Hyman, for sharing your wonderful information and research with us!!! I appreciate you standing for what is right and trying to get the information out to as many people as possible! Hopefully people will pass it on to as many people as possible! And through everyone continuing to do that, it will get out to a lot more people.

    The last 2 months, I’ve been looking into finding the correct information on getting back to great health. The only sugar I’m using on a very limited basis is Xylitol from birch trees. I was over 250 pounds. I’ve very recently started eating right and exercising. I’m already at 237 pounds! I feel much better, I have more energy, I no longer have diarrhea, bloating, discomfort or mucus. I can think more clearly. I’m expecting the blood pressure to normalize, the arthritis to stop destroying my bones, the acid reflux to go and the hot flashes to disappear. As well as the rest of the excess weight.

    Thanks to you, and others like you, we can all work on getting healthy!

  • Hello…LOVED this article!! SO TRUE!!! Dr. Hymans book Blood Sugar solution was one of the FIRST Books my NATUROPATHIC Doctor recommended I get when I first went to her! Since doing our best to get rid of ,man made foods and sugars, my huband’s tryglicerides CONSIDERABLY dropped as well as 25 pounds!! I also lost weight and so far so good living “clean” and making our own foods…keeping it simple…taking daily walks I have also stayed off any drugs for pre diabetes!!! LEARN WHAT YOU ARE EATING AND YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!! You may be able to get off most medications too!! My husband was almost “killed” with high dose statins and not ONE MD Ever told him to STOP EATING the foods that caused the problem in the first place!! Unhealthy carbs are killing this country! AND by the way…there is much proof that cancer cells LOVE any kind of sugar! Think about it!!! Health really does begin with a fork and spoon! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TEAM HYMAN! America needs to know!

  • Dr. Hyman you are correct in everything you say and print. The 10 Day Detox Book is awesome and one truly feels 1000% better when sugar ( of all types – corn, beet, cane etc….) are eliminated from your diet. Your whole body feels the change…it has more energy, it’s systems all work much better, high blood pressure goes away and stays away, people become non-diabetic, and the list goes on….. You are wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!!!

  • Wonderful Article!!!! Have you heard of Dr. Robert Lustig and his research on Fructose? I read his book Fat Chance: Beating the odds against sugar, obesity, processed food, and disease, right before I read your book The Blood Sugar Solution. You both outline the problem beautifully and your book is a wonderful solution. I’m happy more and more people are starting to view HFCS as a horrible substance. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Great article, the only thing that lets it down is that in today’s newsletter you say we are consuming 150 pounds of sugar a year, then this article you say more than 60, then later in the same article 140. How much are we consuming? Would be good to know the facts.

  • High fructose corn syrup is the one ingredient I try to never eat, thanks to your advice. I hope America will wake up and take back our food. We don’t eat any refined sugar at our house, and feel so much better!

  • All I can say is that SOMETHING is causing our nation to be overweight. I am 58. When I was a kid, almost all kids were wirey and skinny; but healthy. Now I look at children in Middle School…no playground, no P.E., and most have a fat roll around the middle of their body..even the “skinny” ones! Something is causing our nation to plump out and obviously it is not fat in our diet as we have been taught for years that butter, whole milk, lard, etc cause you to be fat. The government could care less about our health. Do you think they want you to live a long time and be healthy? Pay out social security and no need for health care or heath care workers? Look at the people that would put out of work if we were to discover HFCS was the cause of many diseases? People think scientists are way out there with this information. I would trust them over our government any day. I would rather not consume it, than take a chance and find out that is why I am dying some day.

  • If anyone has read about Agenda 21 , then you will understand why this remains the silent killer

  • Article was great — but omitted one important fact… HFCS does not trigger the body’s “full” response. So the craving is never satisfied and the urge/desire to continue to consume never ceases. It is totally and completely addicting.

  • So are you saying that HFCS can cause a leaking gut but that regular cane sugar in the same dose would not?

  • Thank you for all your work – research and web site especially.

    I’ve battled my weight all my life (62 years) and have always had a sweet tooth, but not until HFCS was showing up in all the foods did my weight get so totally out of control – and I cook maybe half of my own meals.

    I’ve almost totally eliminated trans fats and HFCS is next. I’ll have to return to baking my own cookies and keep them in the freezer for a snack attack (please don’t ask me to live 100% without cookies! I do a semi-health oatmeal one that usually takes care of my sweet tooth.)

    I trust these food corporations today as much as trust the tobacco industry. It is obvious that profit is god and health is not much of a concern, if it is one at all.

    And my stomach literally turns when I think of how many chemicals, petroleum products and creepy additives are in our foods today, even the animals we eat (antibiotics), and in almost every product we use for our body care. It makes you wonder how people ever survived before modern corporate foods?!

    I recently wrote to my favorite ice cream manufacturer and told them I will no longer be buying their product since they switched from sugar to HFCS. I do read labels – even for foods I’ve been using for years. And it’s easy to give feedback to companies via the wonderful web!

    Peace to all. And here’s to good health.

  • THANK YOU! we need to start asking more questions about where our food comes from and not be so trusting that we are getting nutrias food. I have been an avid reader on the subject and have learned so much, but am also starting to question where our food comes from. It seems like all the industry cares about is how much they will profit at the expense of our health and lives. It seems like HFCS is in everything now, we really to read labels.

  • I don’t know why, but when I stopped drinking soda, all my “numbers” reversed. All of them, including glucose levels. I couldn’t believe it. Neither could my doctor, but he was overjoyed. One thing rarely mentioned is the effect on gums and teeth. I’ve had so-called “deep pockets” all my adult life (always a joke with my dentist which pockets he was talking about), but after quitting soda and other HFCS sources, they steadily improved until my gums are now pretty much back to normal, to the surprise of my dentist!

  • great article, sad most of the population is not aware of this! I have been off of high fructose corn syrup for five years since I cleaned up my diet, but have not totally kicked the sugar habit yet!

  • HFCS is bad bad stuff. Despite the lies told by the corn lobby, it’s not “the same as cane sugar.” It’s chemically modified poison that’s cheaper than sugar because of artificial constraints set by the corn lobby and the government.

    Avoiding HFCS entirely is not easy, but some simple changes can be made by everyone — easy enough and visible enough to perhaps make THEM take notice.

    First and foremost: learn to drink water with your meals! Consider soda and other HFCS beverages to be a treat or a snack rather than a beverage to accompany a meal. That much sugar is good for no one. If you have kids, set an example for them and encourage them to do the same. My 14 year old son actively avoids HFCS beverages at the dinner table and cheerfully fills the water glasses. My 9 year old daughter has been a bit of a challenge; at this point she’ll only take the water if we don’t give her a choice, but it’s an ongoing process. 🙂

    Second: don’t rush through the grocery store. When purchasing items like bread, look at the ingredients, and choose products that don’t contain HFCS.

    And if you’re going to write to food and beverage manufacturers about this topic, don’t send them a private message; use social media like Twitter or Google+ to send the message where it’s visible to everyone. That gets their attention.

  • One more thing. What’s happening to all the bees? Remember when no one could figure out what was causing “colony collapse disorder?” (Yeah, there were a few people who tried to blame global warming, but they’re a bunch of kooks anyway.) Well, it turns out that a few years ago, the beekeepers found a way to harvest more honey than they otherwise would be able to, by replacing some of it with HFCS. Basically they took nearly all of the honey, and left behind HFCS for the bees to survive on.

    And of course we all know what happened next: the bees died.

    Be like a Bee! Eat honey and thrive, or eat HFCS and die.

  • Yesterday I went to a friends and she offered me a drink. It was v8 splash strawberry lemonade. I quickly scanned the front and it said “No added sugar” and so I said yes and drank a large glass of it. Exactly one hour later, I noticed that I was shakey and ravenously hungry. I hadn’t felt like that in so long, I wondered what was up. When I got to my computer and looked up what is in the v8 splash drink, advertised as 3 fruit juices, the second ingredient after water is HFCS!!!! I pretty much drank a glass of HFCS along with some red dye. It’s was enough to make me sick, which it did.

  • I read this article a year ago and decided to cut high fructose corn syrup from my diet. I have lost close to 50 pounds in large part due to this one move and feel far better now. It has been a life changing experience.

    Exercise, and a healthier overall diet are essential, and the first thing on anyone’s list who wants to get trimmer and healthier should be cutting this stuff from their diet.

    • December 16, 2014

      Dear Dr. Hyman,

      I appreciate your valid fact finding article on High Corn Fructose Syrup. Since the new York Times Exposed the FDA in September of 2009 with the article / The FDA admits its role in Politics – there has been a need for a new paradigm of leadership and accountability to help stabilize this nation and protect its people.

      Thank you,

      Leonard J. Warrick

  • As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and yes, Dr. Hyman was a guest speaker for my class, I can emphatically convey he is the real deal with a large body of work behind him validating his knowledge, experience and authority on all food based arguments. This article sheds valuable new light on the very real dangers of consuming HFCS. Reading labels may be a laborious task but never has it been more necessary. For those of you new to this concept – try avoiding the center aisles in any grocery store (unless you are lucky enough to live near Whole Foods). Stick to the outer aisles where you will find real food (produce, meat, fish, eggs) and zip in the center aisles to get your olive oil, grains and nuts before you zip out again to the register!

  • The facts about the serious health problems caused by HFCS are indisputable, and have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Who in their right mind would ever trust any “research” backed by the National Corn Growers Association or the Corn Refiners Association on the subject of HFCS? That is tantamount to trusting Exxon/Mobile-backed research on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

    They (the NCGA), must think we’re all idiots.

  • People who have cancer, adults and children, should be given an extensive questionnaire that may help prevent more cancer. Adults may be given the child’s questionnaire to answer for the child. The answers to the questionnaires would be filed into a huge database to help compile data and statistics from the answers. The compiled data would be available on the internet for people to see. A computer could be programmed to compile statistics from the data. The questionnaire data statistics may help show possible cancer causes. *** Types of questionnaire questions must be varied and expansive in scope. For example types of questionnaire questions: (1) What is your occupation, ( and spouse occupation )( for a child ask parents occupation.)
    (2) How many hours each week do you drive ( or are a passenger ) in a motor vehicle.
    ( same question for a child.)
    ETC… ( ABOUT 100 – 200 types of questions should be asked of different types… )
    ( many people should be involved in the creation of the types of questions asked on the questionnaire… )

  • Back in…95 or so, I was in a supermarket cereal isle in Illinois. I heard a man say, “I have to get one without high fructose corn syrup. My heart Dr. said I have to avoid it ever since my heart attack.” (Or very close to those words.)
    I looked at my Presidents Choice cereal, Ancient Grains ingredients – no HFCS!
    Ever since then I have made an effort to avoid it…but sometimes while traveling, it’s tempting to buy a drink with it in it to break up the monotony of the trip. Thankfully now, there are more choices out there for people who want to avoid HFCS.
    Thank you for this article. I wish more people would demand that companies change their products and go back to making more simple, manufactured foods. Time will tell.

  • Nice response in return of this issue with real arguments and telling the whole thing about that.

  • The over consumption of HFCS among our Children should be a major alarm for the Children’s well being and the United States. Due to increased health insurance cost the time will soon come for business’s to decide on employment based upon one’s current health condition and future health. This will open the window for increased work visa’s for individuals from other country’s who have better health and will work for less that will compound the situation. What will also be greatly affected is the self-esteem of our Children now, resulting in less belief in their dreams which could change the world for the better. We need to accept the fact that if a substance we put in our mouth comes from a machine it is not food but a poor substance that takes life and dreams. As Dr. Myron Wentz has stated: We are living too short, and dying too long. As our population ages the golden years are becoming the tunnel of ill health and countless medications. The reality is that some of our Children will experience this before they are 45 years old.

    • The over consumption of HFCS among our Children should be a major alarm for the Children’s well being and the United States. Due to increased health insurance cost the time will soon come for business’s to decide on employment based upon one’s current health condition and future health. This will open the window for increased work visa’s for individuals from other country’s who have better health and will work for less that will compound the situation. What will also be greatly affected is the self-esteem of our Children now, resulting in less belief in their dreams which could change the world for the better. We need to accept the fact that if a substance we put in our mouth comes from a machine it is not food but a poor substance that takes life and dreams. As Dr. Myron Wentz has stated: We are living too short, and dying too long. As our population ages the golden years are becoming the tunnel of ill health and countless medications. The reality is that some of our Children will experience this before they are 45 years old.

      • Hi Bill ~ Lately I just figured out why I can’t lose weight, even with exercise everyday. For the past 7 days, I eliminated HFCS and sugary sweets with morning coffee, and I’ve already dropped 9 pounds. In years past I’ve exercised everyday for 90 mins, and although I did firm up, no weight loss. It’s only been one week and I’m determined to find out what the scale will say after 30 days. I’ll check back and let you know!! Celeste

  • I had become obese and was on my way to being diabetic and even after I got a job where I was on my feet constantly moving and changing my diet, the weight was a struggle to lose. My doctor suggested I read about HFC and cut it out of my diet altogether, so I did just that, our home has been HFC free for a year and what a difference. A year later I lost 112 pounds, my blood sugar is great, my cholesterol level is great. I weigh the same now I did in high school and I eat a lot more than I used to just to keep from losing even more weight. My kids were not overweight but they have a lot more energy and now want to play outside all the time. I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but I truly believe that HFC is killing us.

  • One other reason for the popular existence of HFCS is the set of trade laws that artificially inflate our sugar prices. First, imported cane and beet sugars pay a tariff, and second there is a limit on the imports. This is regulation of the supply and demand by the Federal Government, and enables (contributes?) to the success of ADM, Cargill, and others that are making money hand over fist in the production of HFCS.

    Our government subsidies of corn were never intended to generate sweeteners. The regulations were written and agreed upon to foster an alternative energy source for gasoline products. Today, we have 10% ethanol in our gasoline tanks, when it is entirely possible to double that amount. Americans drive roughly 2.5 trillion miles a year on our highways. Using an average 30 miles per gallon, that amounts to 83 million gallons of fuel. Another 10% in ethanol would use 8.3 million gallons of ethanol and save that much in gasoline production. At 2.8 gallons ethanol per bushel of corn, that’s just under three million bushels of corn that are being headed in the wrong direction.

    Finally, I would like to know how the brain reacts to being fooled by the 55/45 ratio. I have long believed that anything artificially sweetened does not satisfy the appetite for sweetness if the brain cannot get the results that are expected. It just craves more, without ever being satisfied.

  • All corn is GMO’d Once the Atom Bomb was invented (1939)–that’s atoms, protons, neutrons weaponized– everything else gradually becomes weaponized: water; food; air, medicine ; technology, man-made virus….

  • lol The false claim that sugars cause obesity. Laying blame on foods is not going to make it true. The truth and I think any one who has any common sense will agree it is not the sugar it’s self it is over doing it with sugar, fatty foods, as well as a lack of exercising that are the cause of at least half of the obesity out there. There are some who truly can’t loose the weight so I do exclude those. The human body does not gain weight because of sugar or fat so long as you do not eat a lot of it. If you eat a lot of fat be prepared to do extra exercise to work it off unless you are lucky enough to have a high metabolizem.

    • The trouble is much of the American diet is loaded with hidden sugar, unless you prepare your own food from scratch. Since I’ve eliminated eating something sweet with morning coffee, and soda with HFCS, weight loss has been extraordinarily easy (9lbs in 7 days!).

  • My husband and daughter both have very bad reactions to high fructose corn syrup in any dosage. Both end up with no ability to concentrate or do any type of work. They become frustrated and then scared and then they cry uncontrollably because they’re scared and lost. It’s a horrible thing to see. There are thoughts of suicide and death due to wanting to escape the lost feeling. There’s no ability to cope and no ability to figure out why it’s happening until it’s over several hours later. Then a person looks back ashamed of how they acted even though it wasn’t their fault and that prolongs the suffering and shame. My husband used to go through this for weeks and months. We would never know who he would be.

    We cut out the hfc and they are fine and have no breakdowns.

    My oldest daughter has Type One Diabetes. She get horrible stomach aches due to hfc and feels sick for at least 24 hours. She knows it was hfc and goes back to the day before to figure out what she ate and then question the college food service about it. It’s always hfc.

    Our bodies weren’t made to eat this stuff, but it’s cheap and easy to get and consume. It’s especially sad when a ‘fruit’ juice has water as the first ingredient and hfc as the second ingredient and a teenager thinks it’s healthy for her and drinks it without thinking to look at the ingredients. That just happened today. What an awful afternoon and evening. She just cried herself to sleep. A 17 year old high school senior crying herself to sleep because she had high fructose corn syrup! Sick and sad. In my opinion, the hfc in Everfresh Peach Plum Pear isn’t so great for ya when it causes someone to literally lose their ability to function and wants to kill themself.

  • Thank You for a very informative article. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, by taking a glucose tolerant test, when I was 17. My orders were to eat some protein in foods every three hours to keep my blood sugar stable. I worked hard to keep the routine because I have experienced many times the symptons of an unstable blood sugar level and it would be horrible and keep worsening until I ate some protein. Growing up in the late sixties and early seventies, my mom would give us many sugary foods. She did not know how bad sugar was for you and I enjoyed the wonderful taste. I believe this is the main reason that I developed hypoglycemia. I researched the disease by reading two books: Sugar Blues and Hypoglycemia and You. Sugar Blues opened my eyes to the damages of sugar to the body andhow it’s in many things you would not expect. Toothpaste, cigarettes, condiments, etc. I hope for everybody’s sake that they will become more aware about what they put in their bodies. Too much sugar consumption is a growing epidemic with deadly outcomes.

  • Thanks, Dr. H. and all who commented. I have been trying to find others online who were having medical problems due to ingesting GMO foods. I may have been having other problems due to regular hfcs or corn syrup but they were never severe enough to learn that. I am 69 years old and have consumed regular formulate cokes my entire life. Then all at once I started having severe problems with my eyes and sores in my nose, including broken skin at edge of my nostrils. No medicines i used would heal this or even make it better. I thought it might be from allergy to dairy products and cut those out. I periodically cut off coke consumption when I notice an increase, but always go back to drinking them at some point. So I stopped cokes at the same time as dairy. My nose immediately got well, within days, and I saw a definite improvement in my eyes. Then I started back on cokes. Immediately regressed. Stopped cokes. Better. Drank about 1 ounce of coke. Immediate problems. Looking at ingredisnt list, I decided hfcs had to be the problem. I started reading all labels better. I was already doing this because I had discovered in 2006 that I could not digest soy products. What was a relatively easy thing to avoid in 2006 has now become immpossible in commercially produced food. There is at least 1 to 3 soy ingredient in every box, bottle, jar, and can on the grocery store shelf. Now I am finding the same problem with hfcs. Mustard, ketsup, mayonnaise, all major brands of fruit juices, foods that would seem to have no need for that ingredient. Since the nose and eye thing was a completely new development, I absolutely believe that it is hfcs made from GMO corn. I now wonder if I cannot eat soy or I cannot eat GMO soy? And forget there ever being a law requiring labeling of GMO uses in our food. Think about the way corn is grown (windblown contamination of nearby crops) and how it is harvested and taken to food manufacturers. There is virtually no way that anyone could guarantee a particular batch of corn syrup did not contain some GMO. Therefore, manufacturers would open themselves up to massive lawsuits if they used non-gmo labels. No, I am very afraid that the situation has gone too far. Our government and the FDA failed to stop the GMO movement when it started and I don’t believe they can at this point. Their only option is to fill the media with reports that no harm can come to those who ingest it and that people like me are crazy. They have not yet realized that they too eat the same foods we do. Don’t they? I can tell you that if I had not accidentally discovered what was causing it, I would be blind right now, even though I was seeing my eye doctor on average every three months and he was convinced i only had dry-eye syndrome. But that is just my opinion. Thank you for reading this far.

  • I have been trying to do a lot of reading on nutrition and what is not good for you that we eat everyday. I did enjoy this article and it will add to my knowledge. For that I am thankful. My quest started with the dangers of diet sodas and now I am learning more and more about HFCS. Once I bought a product that was Lite. In the list of ingredients was HFCS so I went back to the regular stuff. My problem is that you read everything as to why it is not good for you to why it is ok. As far as I am concerned you can talk about it until you are tired of talking. Some people do not listen, do not care or everything better for you cost more. Trust me I understand the confusion.

  • Every time my spouse consumes HFCS she gets ill. Try as we may to avoid the bad chemical it has become even more difficult.

    The government has allowed new common names for the material.

    This makes it harder to avoid. Can someone in our government please stand up for the American people?


  • Thank you for a wonderful article.
    I have been looking for this information for a while that actually made sense.
    Great research!

    –Anna Morari

  • Hi Thank you for this interesting and informative article
    I come from New Zealand and i believe we are the most fattest most ,overweight and unhealthy people in the world. Children as young as 5 are having to have major operations to remove all their rotten teeth at a huge cost paid for by the taxpayer.

    While the processed food and drink companies(most USA) reap more and more profit peddling this poison to the unsuspecting masses

    The mother is ingesting high quantities of sugar or HFCS while pregnant . The baby food is full of it.then the child is force fed it and given it to placate him or her Then after years of abuse of this stuff the adults are given a cocktail of drugs to keep them alive while still consuming this stuff .When is this madness going to stop

    No amount of exercise will counter a bad diet and the only thing that will change the mindset of people is articles like this that educate and inform
    Thank You again and best regards to all in the USA from Christchurch New Zealand
    Doug Williams

  • THANK YOU!! This is yet another great article of which we need more!! About two years ago I began to leave sugars, flours– in fact ALL chemicals out of my diet and my excess weight began to come off. I recently learned that sugar is a chemical and in fact ALL foods that have been altered from the natural way God provides through Mother Nature is considered to be a chemical. I was surprised to hear that, but my Medical Doctor’s nurse confirmed it- said she had know it for a long time. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Anybody that thinks HFCS and sugar are even remotely the same has not had a Mexican Coca-Cola. Try one-they’re the ones with the glass bottle and the added “nutrition facts” sticker. You won’t want gringo Coke anymore. You can actually taste the kola nut in the Mexican version. HFCS sucks, there is no doubt.

  • Weight loss has never been so easy after eliminating HFCS out of my daily diet. It’s been 7 days, no soda or any foods that contain HFCS, and I’ve dropped 9 pounds already (even with no exercise). In years past I’ve done the treadmill every day and while I firmed up, I could never lose any weight. It makes sense now why. Eliminate HFCS and watch your excess poundage drop away.

  • I am not a doctor or scientist but for almost 30 years I suffered with IBS-D which became very severe the last 3 years. After doing an elimination diet found that removing HFCS from my diet all but cured my symptoms. Sugar does not cause any of these symptoms and I lost 23 pounds and no drugs were involved. That is science you can’t argue with or explain away.

  • I am so glad I found this article. I was drinking iced coffee from DD for so long..I “thought” I was choosing the best option…decaf, no sugar, skim milk and carmel syrup….but I would notice that I would get heart palpitations, my sugar spiked and dropped and I was gaining weight especially in the middle….I checked and found out that HFCS is the sweetner in the carmel. After not drinking it for 4 days I actually feel better! More energy…stomach much flatter..I will be removing everything in my house with HFCS in it…..I am GF so I already make most desserts homemade…and I buy VERY little packaged foods for my family….we also dont eat fast food except the occasional Chick-fil-a. …as soon as we stop saying “its in everything” and start making our own homemade products..which really are pretty easy to do…that is when we will take back our country and our health.

    • Kudos!
      I cannot stand when I hear someone use the copout, in a winey tone ….
      “But it’s in everything”
      Not true! It’s NOT in everything!
      It is a matter of doing our homework!
      God bless you one and all, especially you Doctor, I myself am studying to be a Dr.
      and I can tell you that this is one person who will never tell their patients to eat that stuff.
      You cannot offer enough money to someone to tell the masses to eat poison!
      No matter who is pushing it. God save America and the American Farmer, for he knows not what lies ahead in some cases with all of this. So you think those subsidies are going to last?
      What if your health fails for this? Then what? Better to raise something that doesn’t hurt the people,
      Go organic!

  • Hello Dr. Hyman,

    Many will scoff at my comment… but would you believe me if I told you… I believe my daily consumption of HFCS, in the form of coca-cola was the root cause of my 24 year battle with severe depression and anxiety. I’m convinced the health risks associated with HFSC will broaden to include mental health disorders. I feel compelled to tell my story. I can’t be the only one.

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss in greater detail.

    Regards Nick

  • While it’s true that sugar in any form is bad for the body, it’s not true that there is no difference between HFCS and regular (unprocessed) cane sugar. HFCS cannot be processed by your body and builds up, causing things like dementia/Alzheimers in addition to a whole slew of other health issues.

  • No question there is a difference between HFCS and sugar cane. What is fascinating is that the obesity epidemic really “took off” around 1980. HFCS was first produced and patented in 1960 but the process used arsonate so it went no where. The Japanese between 1975-1980 used a xylose isomerase process that more “safely” converted corn syrup to HFCS. HFCS did not appear in the US diet until 1977 comprising about 5% of the total sugar content. By 1980 is was up to 10% and just 5 years later 30%. Why the dramatic increase? I hypothesize it was because of Hurricane Allen!! This powerful category 5 hurricane literally wiped out all the sugar cane in the Caribbean. Companies in the US had to scrabble to find an alternative sugar source (remember the NEW coke!!). They clearly took a huge liking to HFCS because it was easy to produce and CHEAPER than sugar cane. I suspect the federal government ramped up the subsidies on corn even more during this time period which made it impossible for Caribbean companies producing sugar cane to compete in the US anymore. This along with the ability to go from a 12 oz soda to a 64 oz soda at the SAME price fueled the obesity epidemic even more. Mark, I appreciate your comments!! Thank you. Dr. Lardinois

  • Thank you for this information about corn syrup and how it can contribute to obesity and diabetes conditions. It’s important to share this type of information as it can make a significant difference when you have health conditions such as these. CAA Health & Dental has a great article entitled “Canadians live longer and spend more on health care, but are we healthier?” that states: An estimated 9.2% of Canadian adults have diabetes, just slightly ahead of the two worst nations, the U.S. (10.3%) and Mexico (10.8%). See full article:

  • It is obvious from your findings that the use of HFCS has caused much of the obesity issues in our country. When fructose enters the blood stream unabated and doesn’t trigger the bodies own natural responses with insulin and/or the feelings of being full, our bodies cannot counter act the effects. I have type 2 Diabetes. I’ve had it for 14 years. My blood sugars are admittedly poorly controlled and just reading this article, I can see where I personally have made wrong food choices! I will attempt to be more vigilant in the future, but there are so many people out there putting HFCS soda drinks in their kids bottles and sippy cups. It’s cheap and a quick way to shut the kid up when you’re in a supermarket. It’s going to take a long time to get this information ingrained into the hearts and minds of the general populace. Here’s hoping your article doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

  • “The real issues are only two.” Wrong, the real issue is just one. Lobbies. Lobbies are the root of many problems in modern democracies, cause with their millions of campaign donations they completely influence what certain administrations, such as the FDA do and do not investigate.

    In a normal democracy, the FDA would have had a deep look at the contents of HFCS, the extra substances found in it, the effect of it on the body, and the potential relation to population’s declining health. They would not only investigate, they would also publish and explain the benefits and dangers.

    Who would consume HFCS when the FDA clearly explains it is only used because it is cheaper for the producers to create higher profit margins, and a serious health threat for you, the consumer?

  • Great article. I stay away from processed foods for the mosmost part. I’m trying to get my partner on board with lable reading so he stops inadvertently purchasing products with hfcs. It’s in nearly ALL processed foods, including things you would never think to look, especially in savory processed foods. This article will be a good reference

  • I recently saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, about a year. He lost half his body size. He was 350 pounds and is now 175. I was shocked. I asked what if he had surgery or something. He said no and that he adopted a new lifestyle, “if I can’t read it, I don’t eat it,” especially high fructose corn syrup, no more coke or DR. Pepper. So, I decided to cut coke and other soft drinks first, and I feel so much better with noticeably higher energy, and have lost a few pounds. So now, I’m making a trip to the grocery with a new plan, to read EVERYTHING. I loved the article and I do believe they are trying to dupe us for money. And no, our doctors never say anything about this stuff, except “you need to lose weight.” However, they offer no concrete way of helping. Unless there is a pill to sell or a procedure needed, we are on our own. So, I’m off to the grocery today to fend for myself. Thank you for the article though. It confirms I’m on the right track.

  • I would have LOVED to read this whole article, but I got almost half way through it and a pop up appeared. When that happened and I closed it, it sent me back to the top of this page. I’m getting really fed up with websites doing this. Hard to read the content when this crap happens.

  • OK. Eliminate all HFCS. Then what? I don’t know if I agree with the science presented or the conclusions drawn from it concerning HFCS vs. cane sugar. I do think that people like the sweetness and convenience added by HFCS. Replace it all with sugar, effectively bringing sugar consumption to that of HFCS? Regulate sugar content of all foods? Eliminate fruit juices? Eliminate sugar? Then eliminate fruit itself? Why did humans of the past eat so little sugars? I think it is because they didn’t have access to them.

  • stop eating crap

    C -carbonated junk
    R – refined sugars
    A – artificial anything
    P -processed foods

    veggies and fruit – lean meat – eat like a caveman!!

  • I have been avoiding HFCS since 2005, I felt it was bad then and still think so now. I have one or two sodas a month and I only buy the coca-cola bottled in Mexico…they still use cane sugar, not HFCS. I’ve been reading labels for many years now, not only avoiding HFCS but long lists of chemicals and stuff that simply is not FOOD. Y’all can eat whatever you want, but I feel better eating real, nutritious food and not being a lab rat for Big Food.

  • The reason that I feel the government isn’t going to take action on these corn companies is because they are the ones funding/paying them for corn. If you guys don’t remember not so long ago the government used to and still does pay farmers and growers a set amount of money for each corn crop they plant. So due to that a lot of farmers started making corn because it is beneficial for their business. But what ended up happening is that there became a lot of corn and nothing to do with it. So they want me to find a way to use this corn so that it doesn’t get wasted. They basically trying to innovate and find things to do with corn which is also why animals that naturally don’t eat corn, today they do. And then we SU menswear the next animals to find something to do with this corn so they developed and found a way to make corn sugar. Hence high fructose corn syrup. So blame the government because they are the ones who technically are responsible, and today they do still pay people for their corn that they grow on their farms.

  • It’s funny, when I was a kid I never even heard of HFCS, but now it’s so prevalent in foods that those brands who avoid it proudly state as such on the label: “No High Fructose Corn Syrup!”. It’s not terribly hard to avoid- I have found products ranging from breakfast cereals to ketchup to cookies to chocolate syrups that are made with plain sugar only. My wife and I have been avoiding it for several years. You just have to be vigilant– After all, it’s your body! My only concern is, at the age of 53, how much damage (if any) have I already done to my body during my “non-vigilant” youth? After a lifetime as an avid carnivore, I recently gave up red meat. I have read that the damage from years of red meat consumption can be reversed in time.. I’m also hoping that the effects of years of eating chemical-laden foods (including not just HFCS, but also partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, which I also now avoid like the plague) can also be reversed by continued vigilance and label-reading at the grocery store. I’m assuming that “better late than never” is applicable here! In any case, I feel as though I’ve “woken up”, in a sense. I hope others do as well, and realize that the “Burger, Fries and a Coke” tradition of American eating may be fun for a while, but it literally translates to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and will kill many of us before our time.

  • what I don’t understand is whether or not HFCS is really that bad for you in controlled dosages. As an example, if I have one or two carbonated soft drinks a week or I happen to have some type of an Asian sauce that has HFCS in it how detrimental to your health is that. I mean honestly I would think any type of an additive ingredients that you consume that is a hundred and fifty pounds a year probably is starting to border on not being good for you. I do agree that the types of foods that have HFCS in them are not healthy but then I also look at it on the flip side if you’re only eating the healthiest foods possible and historically you tended to eat poorly then I think you quickly fall off of that diet and resort back to eating all the bad things I think the issue here is one of moderation cutting out as much as possible of some of the bad foods like HFCS but knowing fully that it’s going to be virtually impossible for you to completely change your diet.

  • Thanks for the great article. For a year I cut saturated fat from my diet with pretty good results. Then the facts came out that I can eat some, hooray! I lost some weight and overall felt better. Then I took HFCS out of my diet and lost weight and felt so much better dramatically and quickly. The difference is amazing!

  • hello! I simply came on the internet to look up corn syrup and i came across your article. i enjoyed reading it! i have a 19 month old running around me so i’m sure i didn’t get the whole article! i was wondering if high fructose corn syrup is the same thing as corn syrup! if its HFCS does that mean its higher than a 55-45? its so hard to find any food product with out either of those things. I”m really trying to push my family into a clean eating life style, so any help would be MUCH appreciated! thanks!

  • Good comments – I’m 70 yrs old – I pretty well follow the guidelines promulgated – no sugary drinks (juice or pop), keep carbs low, no artificial sweeteners – and if high fructose is on the label – just say no (amazing the ways they sneak it in: “corn syrup” “glucose/fructose” etc.) – BTW just checked a brand of spaghetti sauce – first ingredient – sugar – what!??

    I’m just back from a month hiking and eating) in Europe to hear that yet another of my contemporaries has died (heart – younger than me) food-wise he was “mainstream” – lots of carbs, drank pop, tried to reduce by using diet drinks – his weight and health just got worse and worse – now he’s gone. There are others too – I feel sad (and blessed) but I also avoid the foods that “poisoned” my buddies.