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What Is Hyper-Local Food?

What Is Hyper-Local Food?



Imagine getting the freshest basil, lettuce, and tomatoes for your favorite salad, right in your own neighborhood, no matter where you live or what time of year it is. 

With urban farming, this is the future we can all look forward to. It’s changing our food system for the better by reducing transportation (a leading cause of climate change) and allowing us to access fresher, more nutritious food. It’s also disrupting social issues by making fresh produce available in areas called food deserts, where convenience stores were previously the only place within many miles to shop. 

This week on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m joined by Tobias Peggs to talk about the amazing impacts urban farming is already having and what we can expect to see as this practice grows. 

Tobias is co-founder and CEO of Square Roots, the Brooklyn-based urban farming company known for changing the way people think about growing local food and training the country’s future generations of farmers. Previously, he led Aviary, a mobile photo editing company as its CEO until its acquisition by Adobe, and was also CEO at OneRiot, a social media analytics company, acquired by Walmart. Tobias grew up in England and has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Cardiff University.

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Here are more of the details from this episode (video/audio): 

  • How Square Roots grows food all year long (3:48 / 7:33) 
  • The length of time the average apple travels to get to the supermarket (6:00 / 9:45)
  • How Square Roots measures the nutritional levels of its produce and brings hyper-local produce to food desserts (8:18 / 12:03) 
  • The Next-Gen Farmer Training Program and why it is important to reduce entry barriers to farming (10:55 / 14:35)
  • How indoor farming impacts the environment (16:55 / 20:40)
  • Soil’s role in promoting phytonutrients and polyphenols in produce and how this is replicated in controlled-climate agriculture (26:58 / 30:43)
  • The types of produce Square Roots grows (35:19 / 39:04)
  • The degree to which Square Roots receives USDA and governmental support (39:38  / 43:23)
  • Square Roots partnership with Gordon Food Service (42:56 / 46:31)
  • Addressing food waste (47:36 / 51:21)

Find Square Roots online at https://squarerootsgrow.com/ and follow them online on Facebook @squarerootsgrow, on Instagram @squarerootsgrowand on Twitter @squarerootsgrow. Follow Tobias on Facebook @tobiaspeggs, on Instagram @tobiaspeggs, and on Twitter @tobiaspeggs.

I hope you’ll tune in to learn about this exciting new way to eat hyper-locally. 

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

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