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A New Way to Treat PTSD, Concussions, and Traumatic Brain Injuries with Dr. Erik Won

Download MP3 On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru, talks to Dr. Erik Won, the President of Wave Neuroscience, Inc; a biotechnology company that has innovated a breakthrough technology called Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT). This technology utilizes computational neuroanalytics and brain imaging to customize treatment protocols with the aim of restoring optimal neurological function. […]

How to End Mental Illness

      There’s a certain stigma around mental illness, one that can, unfortunately, keep people from feeling empowered that they can change their brain health and get the care they truly need.  But think about it—would we ever shame someone with cancer, autoimmunity, or dementia for needing help? Of course not.  Unfortunately, the past methods […]

A Big Win for Functional Medicine

Often, when I tell people I’m a Functional Medicine doctor they ask, “A what kind of doctor?” It might be a new phrase to some, but it’s the future of medicine, available right now. In the many years I’ve been practicing Functional Medicine, I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve seen recover from chronic […]

Why We’re So Lonely and How to Create Deeper, More Meaningful Friendships with Dhru Purohit and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Download MP3 For much of human history, friendship was about survival. No one, no matter how strong or independent they were, could live life alone.⁣ So we invested in our village, in our community in our tribe and developed friendships because we needed to. It was a part of our existence.⁣ Today, most of us […]

How to Find the Real Cause of Your Disease and How to Fix It

      So many Functional Medicine practitioners like myself have gone through their own healing crisis. For me, it was a total brain and body breakdown 30 years ago due to mercury poisoning from when I lived in China. For my good friend and fellow Functional Medicine doctor Elizabeth Boham, it was triple-negative breast cancer […]

Cultivating Self-Love for Better Health

It might sound too good to be true, but there are so many tools available that can help us discover a deeper appreciation for our lives and the unique things that make us, us.  In our busy age of “Do more and be more,” it’s easy to feel like we just aren’t enough, or that […]

A Functional Medicine Approach to Treating and Healing Acne with Dr. Robin Berzin

Download MP3 Our skin is a reflection of what’s going on with our health beneath the surface. Acne and other skin problems are signals that something is off in our body. Conventional medicine deals with symptoms, so their solutions for acne include lathering on potions and lotions, popping and pricking pimples and taking antibiotics or […]

Shop Local + Special Giveaway

Would you like the opportunity to have a 1-hour health consult with me? I’m doing a very special giveaway for supporting your local bookstore!  If you head over to your local bookstore and take a picture with my new book, Food: What the Heck Should I Cook? you can enter in a chance to with […]

Is Self-Love Medicine?

      It might sound too good to be true, but there are tools waiting within all of us, that can improve everything from depression to addiction, anxiety, discontent, or numerous other unbeneficial feelings or states of dis-ease. We just have to open ourselves up to them and be willing to dig deeper. Tapping into […]

A New Way to Eat Local

Eating locally produced food is one huge way to up-level your diet, and do so much more in the process.  I’m talking about supporting your local economy by buying from nearby farmers, growers, and producers and getting to know where your food is coming from; cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions from long-haul transportation and […]

The Surprising Relationship Between Mold and Dirt

Our homes are places we look to for health, well-being, and protection from the elements. We want them to feel safe and nourishing, allowing us to relax and make happy memories with our families.  That’s why it’s so upsetting to find mold, dirt, or other pathogens inside our homes. When I discovered toxic black mold […]

Discover Where You are on The Inflammation Spectrum and Reclaim Your Health with Dr. Will Cole

Download MP3 When you look into just about every health problem that we face in the world today—anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmune conditions—they are all inflammatory in nature or have an inflammatory component. But inflammation starts brewing in the body long before these diseases become noticeable, not to […]