Need Help Finding the Right Supplements?

Need Help Finding the Right Supplements?
FOR BOTH PRACTITIONER AND PATIENT, the task of identifying the right vitamins and other supplements can be confusing, and even overwhelming. In 20 years of clinical practice in integrative and functional medicine, Mark Hyman, MD has found the best-quality therapeutic-grade nutraceuticals offering maximum bioavailability. He offers them to other practitioners, his own patients, and other consumers in these ways:
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS: A turn-key solution for health practitioners wishing to offer a full, customizable online functional-medicine formulary to their patients, based on the one Dr. Hyman's own patients use. Try Vitamin Portfolio.
  • FOR DR. HYMAN'S PATIENTS: The Healthy Living Store is the source for those supplements that your practitioner at The UltraWellness Center has prescribed. Visit it now.
  • FOR OTHER INDIVIDUAL CONSUMERS seeking high-quality supplements: A number of the key products that Dr. Hyman recommends are also available without a professional referral here. (COMING SOON.)
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