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Coming To Terms With The New Reality Of COVID-19

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We’re all going through this era of coronavirus—separately but together.

I feel like humanity is taking one big existential breath; it’s a pause for us all to think about our previous normal lives, our currently abnormal lives, and how we want to reinvent life when this whole thing is over. 

And I know many of us have become confused by the different news outlets sharing different information. When it comes to deciding who is a reliable source, I know Katie Couric is always someone I can trust. I’m honored to have her chat with me for this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy

Katie and I dive into what it’s like to be collectively creating a new normal. She is always on the ground, talking to people during our most urgent crises, and this pandemic is no exception. Katie shares what she’s been hearing from a variety of different sources, from ER docs to psychologists and CEOs trying to save companies, about the challenges and bright spots they’re all experiencing during this time. 

We get into the topic of divisiveness in the media and trying to differentiate fact from fiction. Digital targeting, fear tactics, and political interests all play a part in the news we’re exposed to and Katie gives us her personal insights on navigating journalism from an honest place. 

I always enjoy talking to my good friend Katie Couric and I’m grateful we could stay in touch and share our conversation with you while we’re all staying in at home. I hope you’ll tune in to hear her grounded perspective on staying healthy during this time and seeking the real facts within the news stream.

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*For context, this conversation was recorded on 3/31/20.

Topics Covered

  • The unprecedented nature of COVID-19

    (2:30 / 6:16)

  • Why now is not the time to turn to comfort foods

    (6:00 / 9:46)

  • What Katie has been hearing from healthcare providers, psychologists, business leaders, and others she has been interviewing during the coronavirus crisis

    (8:17 / 12:03)

  • The U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic

    (11:30 / 15:16)

  • The devastating disruption to standard autopsy, grieving, and burial practices in COVID-19 deaths

    (17:40 / 21:26)

  • Staying informed without obsessing over, or over-consuming, news updates

    (18:55 / 22:41)

  • Finding power and a sense of control by focusing on where you can be of service

    (21:20 / 25:06)

  • What our society will look like post-COVID-19 given our intense divisiveness, partisanship, current leadership, and media landscape

    (26:15 / 30:01)

  • Practices to manage and cope with our current reality

    (37:46 / 41:32)

  • Restoring national unity through leadership and empathy

    (44:56 / 48:42)

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Ep. - Coming To Terms With The New Reality Of COVID-19