Are Cows The Cause Or Cure For Climate Change?

Episode 126 1h 1m


If you’re confused about meat and its relationship with the climate, human health, and animal welfare, this is the podcast for you.

These topics have been extremely conflated and many have turned to veganism as an answer. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. And a black and white approach to diet can be dangerous not only for our individual nutritional needs, but it can slow much-needed progress when it comes to truly supporting and protecting our environment.

There’s no doubt that factory farming should be illegal, but that is a far cry from stating that all meat is bad. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy I’m thrilled to sit down with Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf to talk about the nuances of regeneratively raised meat and how it can reverse climate change, support better health for those that eat it, and provide natural and caring conditions for the animals it involves.

As Robb, Diana, and I jump into our conversation, we recognize how far removed we’ve become from food production and death in general and how that relates to consuming meat. But death is part of the food chain, even if you’re vegan. Even when growing organic vegetables there is a loss of life that can’t be avoided. Robb and Diana share some fascinating research and insights on the different aspects of the food chain and why regenerative methods are so beneficial overall.

One of the most common arguments against cows as a food source is the release of methane. We talk about the methane differences between conventionally raised cattle and those that are holistically managed and raised on grass, as well as some interesting facts about methane from other natural populations of species, from shellfish to moose. Methane is unfortunately a huge problem when it comes to conventional animal feeding operations, but when it comes to regenerative-beef, it’s a different story.

Robb and Diana also share why and how regenerative agriculture is indeed a scalable practice that can feed the world. We don’t have a food production problem, we have a food distribution problem. With better planning and management we can feed people and take care of the planet at the same time.

I hope you’ll tune in to hear more about one of the most important topics of our time.

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Ep. 126 - Are Cows The Cause Or Cure For Climate Change?