Why You Should Stop Eating Most Dairy

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We’ve been told over and over again that dairy is a great source of calcium; that milk makes healthy bones and we should drink it daily. I’m here to tell you that this is not true. Cow’s milk from conventionally raised cattle contains dozens of reproductive hormones, allergenic proteins, antibiotics, chemicals, inflammatory compounds, and growth factors, some of which are known to promote cancer. While humans are the only species that continue to drink milk after weaning, we have no biological requirement for this food. Moreover, the milk we drink today is not what our grandparents drank.

In this episode of my new Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host, Dhru Purohit, about why we should avoid almost all dairy. We also discuss some of the popular myths about dairy, the types of dairy that are okay to eat, and much more.


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Speaker 3: Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy. Dr. Mark Hyman: Bottom line, make sure you immediately quit all industrial dairy. And if you want any dairy, sheep and goat pasture raised is okay, try it out. See how you feel. Dr. Mark Hyman: Hey everybody. It's doctor Mark and welcome to a new series on The Doctor's Farmacy called Masterclass, where we dive deep into popular health topics, including inflammation, autoimmune disease, brain health, sleep, food, and so much more. And today I'm joined by my guest host, my good friend, my business partner, and host of the Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru Purohit himself. And we are going to be talking about the truth about dairy. Is dairy and milk nature's perfect food? Well, you're going..

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Ep. 473 - Why You Should Stop Eating Most Dairy