How Mindset And Community Are Key To Realizing Your Dreams

Episode 530 1h 1m
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Our greatest tool for learning and growing is each other. It might be easy to think that means we should surround ourselves with people who only share our specific interests or professions. But, we may actually gain the most from those we least expect to connect with. I’ve been so blessed to cross paths with many inspiring people in my life who have influenced how I pursue my passions in both work and my personal life. Today, I’m so excited to talk to Jeff Rosenthal, who has been a catalyst for me to collaborate with many others. I loved sitting down with Jeff to discuss the magic that can happen when people open up to sharing and learning from one another. I’ve been honored to be a part of his Summit idea festivals and have had some truly profound conversations during these events, while forming lifelong friendships. Community is a concept I’ve become increasingly fascinated with over the years. Not only are positive relationships with others proven to improve our health and longevity, but they’re also an essential resource in turning our dreams into reality. We can’t do life alone. Jeff and I discuss the power of tapping into the knowledge of others with a variety of backgrounds, and why building community creates the optimal environment for this process. Jeff shares his experience of organizing thousands of talks and events that bring all different kinds of people together on equal footing. The main criteria for these gatherings is mindset. As Jeff puts it, they strive to bring together people with such an eagerness to create change and innovation that it’s an affliction. This type of thinking is a true example of creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Topics Covered

  • The two types of people who are “afflicted by ambition”


  • How Jeff and his colleagues at Summit approach their events


  • The science of altruism and winning at the game of giving


  • Applying the mindset of possibility to creating Summit events


  • Jeff and colleague’s unique approach to purchasing a mountain


  • The secrets to bringing fun to Summit events


  • The #1 metric Summit considers as a measure of success


  • My life changing experience at a Summit event


  • The power of community and how to build it for ourselves


  • Reimagining our world and dreaming big


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Ep. 530 - How Mindset And Community Are Key To Realizing Your Dreams