Addressing The Root Cause Of Heart Disease

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Insulin resistance is a main driver of cardiovascular disease that we don’t hear enough about. Paying attention to our sugar and starch intake, eating plenty of healthy fats and vegetables, and getting enough exercise can all dramatically improve our insulin sensitivity and reduce our risk of heart disease and other metabolic issues.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring in-depth episodes from my Longevity Roadmap docu-series on the podcast. This week, we’re talking all about heart health. I’m joined by a few of my amazing colleagues from The Ultrawellness Center, Dr. Todd LePine, Dr. Elizabeth Boham, and Dr. George Papanicolaou. Throughout this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to know about preventing and treating cardiovascular disease from a functional perspective, from innovative testing to at-home lifestyle changes.

Heart health is so much more than cholesterol. We’ll explain what markers are the most meaningful for understanding your level of cardiovascular health, when it’s time to dig deeper, and what kinds of options exist for medications and supplements.

There’s a lot of confusion about heart health and cholesterol. In this episode, we hope to give you a clear path towards taking charge of your own cardiovascular health one step at a time.


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Topics Covered

  • Why cardiovascular disease is not just about heart health


  • The true role of cholesterol in cardiovascular disease


  • What causes inflammation?


  • Are statin drugs effective for prevention of heart disease?


  • Habits to prevent heart disease


  • The dangers of insulin resistance


  • The importance of LDL cholesterol particle size


  • What is insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome?


  • Markers of inflammation


  • Four behaviors that reduce your risk of disease


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Dr. Mark Hyman (00:10): The biggest killer in the world is heart disease. But our traditional approach is pretty misguided and addresses the symptoms, not the causes. High blood, pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, don't just happen out of the blue they're signs of imbalance of underlying dysfunction. That can be fixed. Todd Lepine, MD (00:31): We've all been told, "Why are we seeing more cardiovasculars?" The number one killer worldwide is cardiovascular disease. And cardiovascular disease is not just about the heart. It's about the whole vascular system, the whole endothelial symptoms. The heart is the pump that pumps out to the arteries, goes to the smaller arterials, then goes to the veins and it goes through the capillaries and then back through the lymphatic system. And that..

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Ep. 544 - Addressing The Root Cause Of Heart Disease