How Trauma Makes Us Sick And How We Can Heal

Episode 599 1h 42m


Why are we seeing more chronic disease, stress, obesity, addiction, and so many other states of illness than ever before, despite having the most advanced medical system in the world?

Because we aren’t living in a natural and normal world. We’re actually having normal responses to our abnormal circumstances, many of which create trauma that gets stored in the brain and body.

Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m honored to talk to my dear friend Dr. Gabor Maté about the myth of normal, and why doing the difficult work of uncovering trauma is essential for living our fullest expression of life.

I was excited to have this opportunity to talk to Dr. Maté as I’ve dug into my own trauma like never before over these past few years. I share much of my family history with trauma and we dig into the scientific evidence linking trauma and stress to physical and mental illness.

Addiction, loneliness, and disconnection are some of Dr. Maté’s other specialties, and he explains how they are linked to trauma and other states of dis-ease. Throughout our conversation we discuss the tools, therapies, and resources available to facilitate healing in these areas, in addition to the biology of psychology and how to address it head on.

We are seeing a crisis of separation on individual and social levels, which has escalated our rise of disease in this modern world. I’ve experienced firsthand the power of doing some deep “soul archeology,” or working to change my inner software, and it’s truly some challenging but rewarding work.

Topics Covered

  • Uncovering my personal trauma history


  • Scientific evidence linking trauma and stress to physical and mental illness


  • Social determinants of health


  • Our crisis of separation, disconnection, and loneliness


  • The link between addiction, our profit-driven culture, and trauma


  • The myth of normal


  • Tools, therapies, and resources for your own healing


  • Treating trauma with plant medicines and psychedelics


  • The biology of psychology


  • Gabor’s vision for our society


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Ep. 599 - How Trauma Makes Us Sick And How We Can Heal