How To Use Nutrients To Support Our Brain Health

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Your brain is an organ that’s connected to everything else happening in your body. Most of us never learn how to manage our energy and bodies. Instead, we use drugs like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to self-medicate and manage our energy and moods. We don’t connect our behaviors and choices with how we feel. Many of us get too little good food, nutrients, light, air, water, rest, sleep, rhythm, exercise, community, love, meaning, and purpose.

We’re exposed to far too much poor-quality food, stress, toxins, and allergens. But even if you manage all those things correctly, you still might not be getting the right amount of certain nutrients that support your brain and body. That’s where supplements come in.

In today’s episode in my series I’m calling Health Bites, I am talking about how to heal our broken brains with the right nutrients. The brain is resilient and can recover and heal when given the right conditions.


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Narrator: Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Pharmacy. Dr. Mark Hyman: When your gut's unhappy and inflamed, your brain's going to be unhappy and inflamed. The key is optimizing your digestion, getting rid of food sensitivities, healing gut inflammation, getting rid of SIBO, SIFO bacterial and fungal overgrowth, and making sure you take a good probiotic. Hey everyone and welcome to The Doctor's Pharmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman, and this is a place for conversations that matter. And if you ever wondered how to optimize your brain health with nutrients, this is the podcast for you. And today we're featuring a new little segment of The Doctor's Pharmacy called Health Bites where I teach you how to upgrade your health in short little nuggets of wisdom. So what..

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Ep. 607 - How To Use Nutrients To Support Our Brain Health